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Top 11 Best NATA Coaching Institute in Delhi

NATA is the “National Aptitude Test in Architecture”. The National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture conducts the NATA examination. The National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture is said to be the Council of Architecture in India, which is located in New Delhi, otherwise known as the Capital of India.

The NATA examination can be defined as the admission test especially for undergraduate students who are planning to get into the architecture courses in various engineering colleges. 

Best NATA Coaching in Delhi

It should be realized that the NATA examination is becoming more and more competitive each year and if the respected students don’t work hard in honing their skills, they will never be able to compete with the best candidates out there.

And that’s why students require assistance through competent coaching centers, who will help them get prepared for the test. With that being said, we are sharing the names of the top NATA coaching centers in Delhi in which students can easily enroll without any challenges. So, without further ado, let’s get into the list of colleges. 

Best NATA Coaching in Delhi

Best NATA Coaching in Delhi

The following are the name of the best NATA coaching centers in Delhi. It’s advised that students should go through this in its entirety and then make the final decision. 

Pahal Design

Pahal Design

Pahal Design or known as Pahal Design Edu. Pvt. Ltd is said to be one of the pioneers when it comes to coaching students for the NATA exam. Besides the NATA, exams the organization also provides coaching classes for competitive entrance examinations such as UCEED, NIFT, NID, JEE ARCH, and the likes. The center was established in the year 1999 and the founder was Kiran Singh.

If the student has the rightful creative spark, then he or she should definitely go and discover himself or herself at Pahal Design. As of the year 2020, the organization has over 36 centers established all over India, in the hopes of teaching more students for the NATA exams. Moreover, more than 10,000 students have already been selected into top fine arts & design colleges in India and abroad. 

Contact Info

Address: Mayfair Garden / RBI Colony, G-8, 2nd Floor, Nearest Metro Station Hauz-Khas Gate No-3, G Block Market, Delhi – 110016

Phone: 8800226864

Email: [email protected]

Architecture Design Academy

Architecture Design Academy

ADA or Architecture Design Academy is a very popular NATA coaching center located in Delhi. It should be realized that the coaching platform has a total of four centers across all of Delhi city. The places where the centers are established are – Inder Puri, Uttam Nagar, South Extension II, and Laxmi Nagar. Apart from that, there are 12 other centers located across India. Apart from NATA coaching, the center also specializes in JEE Mains coaching classes. 

Contact Info

Address: FD-4, 3rd Floor, Pitampura, Near Pitampura Metro Station, Delhi – 110088

Phone: 9312166762

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Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio

Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio

Students must know that the Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio is one of the premier design institutes in India. It was founded way back in the year 2005 and its head office is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The organization has more than 34 centers on its own all over India and some of the centers are located in cities such as Kolkata, Delhi & NCR, Jaipur, Vadodara, Chandigarh, and so on.

This institute has one of the best records when it comes to student results and therefore can become a key factor when choosing this institute for NATA exam preparation. 

Contact Info

Address: Rajendra place, Delhi – 110027

Phone: 9913700910

Email: [email protected]

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Target Design Academy

This is a NATA coaching center located in Delhi that also provides support to students who are coming from varying other fields of studies such as NIFT (fashion) and NID (design).

It should be perceived by students that the organization has only one center in Delhi and that itself is located in South Extension II of Delhi city. The coaching center has a near-perfect user rating and offers a brilliant coaching experience for most undergraduates out there. 

Contact Info

Address: South Extension Part- 2, Delhi – 110049

Phone: 9818081949

Email: [email protected]

Steps to Architecture

In case students are looking for one of the best NATA coaching centers in Delhi along with affordable fee structures, then this should be their ideal choice. Students must learn that the organization has only one center located in Delhi and that is established at Paschim Vihar.

The results of the coaching center for the last five years have been pretty fantastic and therefore students can enroll in the center without any worries.

Contact Info

Address: Paschim Vihar, Near Shagun Jewellers, Delhi – 110063

Phone: 9718481010

Email: [email protected]

Creative Career

Creative Career is a fairly popular NATA coaching center in Delhi. However, students must note that there is only one center located in India and that is in Delhi. There are no supplementary coaching centers for this organization and the center is established at Hauz Khas, Delhi.

It should be perceived that the faculty of this coaching center is extremely friendly and implements highly innovative kinds of teaching measures so that students could grasp the subject matter quickly. Apart from that, regular mock tests are undertaken, and doubt clearing sessions are also held. 

Contact Info

Address: Hauz Khas Metro Station, Delhi – 110067

Phone: 011 – 41407511

Email: [email protected]

Nata Study Centre

The Nata Study Centre located in Delhi only specializes in the teaching of students for the NATA exam and nothing else. Students must learn that the organization has only one coaching centers located in Dwarka, Delhi. Apart from that, it has two more centers located across India. Student results have been pretty good over the last couple of years and the overall satisfaction from students as well as parents has been great too. 

Contact Info

Address: Dwarka, Sector 7, Delhi – 110075

Phone: 9899373775

Email: [email protected]

Archo Architecture Classes

Archo Architecture Classes was established by Shivam Kaushik and the main goal of the coaching center was to teach young students from the very beginning of their careers regarding architecture & designs.

As a result, students who tend to study from this center end up in reputed colleges around India and abroad. The center deals with students coming from the background of fine arts, architecture, fashion designing, and so on.

The center has expert faculties in place, and interactive study sessions are carried out for all of the students. Innovative measures are carried out to solve textbook problems, and proper understanding of the subject matter is also imparted to the students. 

Contact Info

Address: Laxmi Nagar (Near Laxmi Nagar Metro Station), Delhi – 110092

Phone: 9899708406

Email: [email protected]

IMade Creative Studio

This coaching institute has been made exclusively for art, and design coaching classes, and therefore students are helped by mentors of this college to get into top-tier architectural colleges not only in India but abroad. The experienced faculty helps students obtain good marks in the NATA exams, thereby ensuring better-ranking placements.

The teachers also teach students regarding visual arts and contemporary fine arts, which help the students execute their precise thoughts. From basics to actual real-life applications – everything is taught here. Students from the fashion industry can join this coaching center too. 

Contact Info

Address: Nearest Metro Station Nirman Vihar, Delhi – 110092

Phone: 9818494593

Email: [email protected]

Teachwell Institute

The Teachwell Institute is a reputed NATA coaching center in Delhi, which also provides teaching resources for students coming from sections such as NIFT, NID along with post-graduate students too.

The organization is said to have five different centers in Delhi and they are located in – Mukherjee Nagar, Rohini, Pitampura, Janakpuri, and Patel Nagar. Apart from that, the organization also has established seven centers across India. 

Contact Info

Address: Rohini, Delhi – 110085

Phone: 9015557890

Email: [email protected]

Trendz Academy

If students are looking for a versatile coaching center in Delhi that not only teaches students regarding NATA exams but also about NID and NIFT, then this organization is a worthy choice.

It should be realized that the organization has established almost five centers in Delhi, and they are located in Gujranwala Town, Anand Vihar, Kalkaji, Swasthya Vihar, and Pitampura. Besides, the organization also has eight other coaching centers established throughout India. 

Contact Info

Address: Kalkaji, Near Kalkaji Police Station, Delhi – 110019

Phone: 9811035589

Email: [email protected]

How to choose best NATA Coaching in Delhi

How to choose best NATA Coaching in Delhi

The following set of factors must be considered when choosing the best  NATA coaching center in Delhi:

  • Study Material

Study material forms one of the major factors to consider before selecting the ideal coaching center for NATA exam preparation. This is because, without good study resources, students will not be able to prepare themselves for the exam in the correct manner.

Study materials are very crucial when students self-study after attending classes, which is why it should be precise & comprehensive. Moreover, the study material should also have enough practice problems to solve along with recommended solutions. 

  • Quality Of Faculty

The teachers create the face of the coaching center on which students can depend upon, and if that is not present, then the quality of teaching will never be up to standards. Therefore, any reputed coaching center out there should have top-notch faculties who can understand the mentality as well as the needs of the student.

As a result, there will be a better understanding between the student & teacher, leading to a better relationship. This will help the student to clear his or her doubts easily while also enjoying the subject-matter. Furthermore, the faculty should have enough experience of teaching students for the NATA course.

  • Fees

Course fees form an important part of the NATA curriculum because not all students have the means to pay high amounts of money for the coaching classes. Therefore, students should discuss with their parents the maximum budget they are allowed to spend and then only look at the available options out there. There are multiple coaching centers out there that provide facilities to pay the fees in either installments or one-time lump sum payment. 

  • Travelling Distance

Students should always prefer to pick a coaching center that is near to their home because that will save them time which would be rather be spent on traveling. The time saved can be then used for other purposes, if necessary. Furthermore, there will fewer chances of feeling tired if the student doesn’t have to travel much. 



Even though there have been multiple success stories of candidates who have cracked the NATA exam without even opting for a coaching class, it should be perceived that joining a coaching class will help in improving the chances. Students should know that being in a highly competitive environment with like-minded students will greatly assist in boosting their overall confidence while also the exam preparation.

Therefore, if any student wants to do extensive NATA exam preparation, there’s simply no substitute other than enrolling in a coaching center. 

Moreover, students should be wary of the fact that the better the coaching opportunities, the higher will be the chances for success in the NATA examination.

Therefore, it’s recommended to choose the ideal center based on the course fees, faculty experience, study materials, travel distance, and also other factors as mentioned above. We hope you reach greater heights bypassing the NATA exam with flying colors. 


Is coaching necessary for Nata?

No. Students should always learn that coaching is not compulsory for passing the NATA exam. But, if any student wants to get the best possible results for his or her career, then enrolling in coaching is highly recommended. 

Is the NATA exam difficult?

Yes. The NATA is difficult as well as highly competitive. But with the ideal coaching support, students can pass it effortlessly. 

How can I self-study for NATA?

Self-studying for the NATA exam is easy as the student needs to first chalk down a routine or time table for the studies. Once done, relevant study materials, as well as practice books, must be bought. These books should be studied thoroughly. After covering the entirety of the syllabus, students should appear for mock tests before the actual exams. 

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