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Full form of CGPA

CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average. The official governmental body UGC (University grants commission) has set some pre-designed measures to introduce efficient grading in the higher education system of India.

Stepping out of the world of conventional marks system, the higher education institutions in India have adopted a grading system to bring uniformity and efficient assessment of students based on their performance.

CGPA is one such measure vividly used for the grading system in central, state, deemed to be universities of India for all undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, diplomas, and other certificate programmes.

As the name suggests, Cumulative Grade Point Average – here, the literal meaning of cumulative is ‘made up of all the accumulated parts’ and hence CGPA is basically the average of all the accumulated grade points acquired by the student based on his/her performance over all the pre-defined set semesters in a degree.

It’s a ratio quantity which is expressed up to two (2) decimal places.

Brief History about CGPA

The whole concept of CGPA comes from the western countries like the United States. At first, this concept of measure of performance was introduced in universities and college degrees.

Later it was introduced by CBSE (Central board of secondary education) in 2009-2010 for grading till class 10th. The CGPA system was followed till 2016 and was discontinued thereafter bringing back the percentage system.

Difference between CGPA and GPA?

The Indian education system uses CGPA and GPA frequently while assembling the assessments of students studying in higher institutions of the country.

Both the measures are used to calculate the performance of a student in the particular course taken.

Let’s have a look at the major difference between GPA and CGPA

  1. The major difference that separates the two terms is that GPA is a measure which is used to calculate performance of a student in a single semester or unit While the CGPA as the name suggests cumulative grade point average is a measure which is used to calculate performance of a student in all the semester or units in the given course.
  2. The GPA considers a short period of time i.e., one unit or one semester to be calculated while when it comes to calculating the CGPA, a longer period of time is considered i.e., performance of the student in all the semesters or units in his/her degree. It basically includes the average sum of all the semester performances by a student in a given interval of degree.
  3. Formula for GPA goes as, GPA = Total No of Credit Points divided by Total Credits whereas formula for CGPA is CGPA = sum of (credit x GPA) of all semesters divided by total no of credits in all the semesters.

How to Calculate CGPA?

CGPA being one of the most common ways of evaluation in India, it is essential to know how to calculate it.

Here we illustrate an example which showcases how to calculate CGPA step by step.

CGPA Calculation at University degree level:

Step1: The accumulation of GPA of each semester over a course of degree is taken into account.

For example: The GPA for semester 1 of a student having six subjects is calculated as follows:



Letter Denotation of credit

Grade Point

Total Credit Points

Subject 1




Subject 2





Subject 3

3 4




Subject 4




Subject 5

3 4




Subject 6





Step 2: Now calculate the GPA for semester 1 using the formula:

GPA = Total No of Credit Points divided by Total Credits

I.e., the GPA (1st semester) = 200/24 = 8.33

Step3: Similarly Calculate GPA for all the semesters over the course of the degree.

Semesters Credit GPA
Semester 1 24 8.33
Semester 2 20 6.95
Semester 3 25 8.36
Semester 4 22 8.27
Semester 5 25 8.28
Semester 6 26 8.30

Step 4: Now, calculate CGPA for all the six semesters of the degree using the formula:

CGPA = sum of (credit x GPA) of all six semesters divided by total no of credits in all the semesters

I.e., CGPA= 24×8.33 + 20×6.95 + 25×8.36 + 22×8.27 +25×8.28 + 26×8.30 / 142 = 8.11

Hence the CGPA = 8.11

CGPA Calculation at Secondary Level

Step1: Accumulate grade points for main 5 subjects.

Subjects Grade Points
Subject 1 8
Subject 2 9
Subject 3 8
Subject 4 8
Subject 5 9

Step 2: Add up all the grade points

I.e., 8+9+8+8+9 = 42

Step3: Now divide the sum of all the grade points by total no subjects

I.e., 42/5 = 8.4

Step4: Hence, the CGPA = 8.4

  • The grade point table for secondary level is as follows:
Grade Grade Points
A1 10
A2 9
B1 8
B2 7
C1 6
C2 5
D1 4
E Fail
  • The grade point table for higher degree level is:-
Letter Denotation of grade Grade Points
O (Outstanding) 10
A+(Excellent) 9
A(Very Good) 8
B+(Good) 7
B(Above Average) 6
C(Average) 5
Pass (P) 4
Fail (F) 0

How to Convert CGPA into marks?

Step1: Convert the CGPA into Percentage first.

I.e., Multiply the Obtained CGPA by 9.5 and get the Percentage.

Suppose the CGPA=8.4

Then Overall Percentage (%) obtained = 8.4×9.5 = 79.8%

Step2: To obtain total marks, multiply the Percentage/100 with total maximum marks of all the subjects

I.e., if Percentage – 79.8%

Then total marks obtained = 79.8/100 x 500 = 399