Top 11 Best NEET Test Series- Free and Paid

Best neet test series

There’s no denying that students who aspire for a medical career in their lives for the NEET examination. NEET, otherwise known as National Eligibility-cum Examination Test, is the premier exam through which students get into medical colleges in India.

The exam is currently conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency). Students must note that the NEET exams are conducted twice per year – once in the January/February season and the other one during the May/June season. 

neet test series

If students want to increase their chances of getting into one of the top medical colleges in India and thereby pass the NEET exam with flying colors, then it’s suggested that they should attempt various kinds of NEET test series & mock tests. Experts in the field say that students should be practicing at least one mock test per day to be able to get accustomed to the rules & regulations of the exam.

Moreover, practicing mock tests also assists in developing time management skills for the student. Therefore, if students are looking to opt for both free as well as paid NEET test series, then the following set of options will be able to help them greatly. So, without further ado, let’s get down into the list.

Best NEET Test Series– Free and Paid

Test series by Embibe (FREE)


In case NEET aspirants are looking for free test series for the NEET exams, then this option would be the best for them. Each mock test that is taken by Embibe has been segregated into different subject matters, which helps students to know the strength & weaknesses of each subject.

These mock tests are compiled with the questions that are taken from previous years, which will help the student to learn about exam trends. The questions that are provided in the Embibe test series are similar to the questions that are asked in the NEET exam regarding the overall time allotment, difficulty level, type or range of questions that are asked, and so on. 

Features of the test series

  • The difficulty level is the same as seen in the NEET exams.
  • Students will be able to know the trends of the previous year’s NEET exams.
  • Mock tests are taken based on every subject matter.
  • The mock tests are conducted free of cost. 

Test series by Vedantu (FREE)


It has been already mentioned by toppers that one of the best ways to prepare for the NEET exam would be to attempt mock tests regularly. Keeping the same in perspective, Vedantu has also released a free mock test that can be taken online by NEET aspirants.

The mock test will cover the updated syllabus of the NEET exam subjects such as Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Students can easily obtain a genuine exam feeling when opting for Vedantu’s free online NEET mock test.

Taking such a test in advance will help the student get accustomed to a computer-based test such as this. The test will also show a true reflection of the student’s preparation efforts and the results can be obtained in a matter of just a few minutes.

Features of the test series

  • Helps the student to practice before the exams.
  • Mock tests are made in-line with the updated syllabus.
  • Results are provided instantly.
  • Shows the overall preparation level of the student before the exams. 

Test series by Exambazaar (FREE)


If students only want to attempt the previous year’s questions online, then Exambazaar will be the best place to do the same. This is because the platform covers the previous 15 years’ question papers, which contain around 2620 questions – overall spanning across 45 hours of overall test time.

It will take students a minimum of 15 days to complete the same if the student solves one per day. One of the main USP of the NEET exam is that it’s fully online, which also serves the purpose because this mock test will also be held online via a computer website portal.

Results are also provided pretty fast so that students will know their overall preparation level.

Features of the test series

  • The test is free to use.
  • Offers a total of more than 2500 questions along with 45 hours of test time.
  • The test is taken online, and the results are provided almost instantly.
  • Questions of the last 15-year medical exam are covered.

Test series by Etoos (FREE)


Talking about another platform, Etoos India also provides NEET test series as well as sample papers to all of its aspirants. The test series that is held by Etoos contains all the relevant questions that are extremely important for the NEET exams. The platform provides all the questions as well as the solutions in PDF format to the students so that students can easily download them and practice on their own.

The questions that are provided in the test series have been set by a team of expert faculty and are also solved by the same people. The test series is provided free of cost, and the respected student will only need to log into the website by creating a new account.

Features of the test series

  • Students can download the questions and solutions, and thereby solve on their own.
  • Easy to obtain the test series as students will only need to make an account on the Etoos website.
  • Offers relevant questions that are provided by a team of expert faculty. 

Test series by Grade Up (FREE)


Grade Up has been providing its services traditionally in the government space exams and has now moved onto providing free NEET mock tests as well. The test series is based upon the latest NEET exam syllabus, and the pattern that is followed for the exam is similar as well.

Students must note that the platform only provides free test series before the NEET exam occurs every year. For instance, the NEET exam generally happens in June, so that test series will be valid for usage up to May of that year.

Apart from this test series, the platform offers free NEET quiz sessions, AIIMS quiz, and JIPMER quiz sessions as well. Moreover, students can also practice subject-wise questions such as from Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

Features of the test series

  • Offers various kinds of quiz programs apart from the regular test series.
  • Follows the current exam pattern.
  • Free test series is provided every year for students before the NEET exam.
  • Subject-wise practice questions for NEET are also available freely.

Test series by Youth4Work (FREE)


In case students are looking to get NEET mock tests that are full-length and are also subject-wise, then there’s no better contender than Youth4Work. The mock tests are not only taken subject-wise, that is for Biology, Physics, and Chemistry, but also as a general whole syllabus for the NEET exam.

The questions that are asked in this test series are created by NEET experts and thereby contain previous year NEET questions as well. The NEET test series is free to use for anyone out there.

However, the platform limits the number of free tests. So, if any student wants to practice mock tests regularly and that too in larger amounts, then that student has to upgrade his or her plan to the ‘paid’ tier. 

Features of the test series

  • The test is provided subject-wise.
  • The updated syllabus is used for the test series.
  • Previous year NEET questions are also provided to the students.
  • Paid plans are also available. 

Test series by Allen Career Institute (PAID)


There’s no denying that Allen Career Institute has always been a premier name when it comes to IIT training in Kota, Rajasthan. And that same expertise is now extended towards the NEET aspirants as well.

The platform provides online NEET test series and the same test has already been used by NEET toppers in the previous years as well. Students must know that the questions are set at the same standards as the actual NEET exam and the platform supports real-time analysis and testing.

This allows students to be able to evaluate their performance along with their peers throughout India. Using this feature students will know their progress and thereby proceed to work harder as a result. 

Features of the test series

  • Students will be able to compare their results nationwide.
  • The platform has already been used by NEET toppers previously.
  • The test series is based on the current syllabus. 
  • Real-time testing as well as performance analysis feature is provided to the students.

Test series by Aakash (PAID)


Ask any NEET aspirant out there and he or she will know about Aakash Institute. Aakash has been a household name in the medical examination world for almost many years now and that’s why this online test is perfect for those serious NEET aspirants out there. This test series by Aakash is almost a staple for most NEET toppers and the test can be taken in both online as well as offline modes.

But since, due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, students are suggested to take the test online only. Students who are currently studying in class 12 or have already passed class 12 (doing a repeat year) will be eligible for the exam.

Students will be taken tests both on the entire syllabus as well as part-wise syllabus so that a complete understanding of one’s performance could be obtained. 

Features of the test series

  • The test will be offline and online. 
  • Students who are in class 12th or have already passed 12th can appear for the test series.
  • Tests are taken part-wise and full syllabus for the student’s convenience. 

Test series by Entrance Prime (PAID)


This is the sole initiative done by AGM Career Point that is based in Kota along with the AIPMT division of Bansal Classes’ ex-head. The collaboration has been a massive success and therefore has already helped many NEET aspirants out there.

The platform provides a multi-dimensional NEET test series along with result analysis that puts relevance on the accuracy & speed of the student. Moreover, the student who appears for such a test also offers an AIR or All India Ranking between the other students who have appeared for the test.

This feature helps the student to know his or her performance. Students who want to get into this paid mock test series can also obtain a free demo mock test beforehand, which will help in the decision making.

Features of the test series

  • Offers a free demo mock test.
  • Provides analysis of the speed and accuracy of the student taking the test.
  • Offers an AIR for the appearing students.
  • Created by experienced experts who have already been in this field. 

Test series by TCY Online (PAID)


For students who are looking to opt for a comprehensive mock test series at a lower cost, then this option might be suitable for them. The platform offers questions across 250+ topics that are present in the NEET syllabus.

Apart from that more than 300 test papers are provided to students to get ready for their class 12 board exams as well. This means that students not only get NEET test series but also board exams test series (in case the student hasn’t passed class 12 yet).

The test has been created with the NEET syllabus in mind and after students get enrolled in the program, they get an in-depth analysis of their performance – both state-level & national-level. Moreover, personalized recommendations and feedbacks are also offered to each student.

Features of the test series

  • Offers NEET as well as board exam test series.
  • Provides in-depth analysis of each student’s performance.
  • Personalized recommendations & feedbacks are offered for student betterment.
  • Test series is made in-line with the NEET syllabus. 

Test series by Career Orbits (PAID)


If students are looking for test series that are fully solved and are provided in an online mode, then this option would be the most appropriate for them.

The question papers are set keeping in mind the NEET syllabus along with the subject-wise separation. Apart from this paid test series, the platform also offers NEET courses, question banks, subject-wise courses, and the like. This means that students will be able to obtain an in-depth NEET preparation from this platform. 

Features of the test series

  • Test series is created according to the NEET syllabus.
  • Subject-wise separation for the mock tests is offered.
  • Offers all kinds of study resources apart from the test series.
  • Questions are provided with solved answers. 

How to select the best NEET test series?

How to select the best NEET test series?

Students should be following the below-mentioned parameters when choosing the best NEET test series for their use case scenarios:


Before choosing a particular test series platform, students must research their choices. The best way to go about this would be to look up genuine user reviews for the same, through which it can be known whether the test series is worthy enough to take up. Otherwise, it can lead to wastage of time & money. Students can also ask around the previous year’s ex-students who have to take the NEET exam already. Personal research in this day & age is very much important and vital.


Budget is an important factor when choosing the relevant test series. This is because not every student out there will have the purchasing power to buy all sorts of mock test series out there. Therefore, it’s important to factor in the price or cost from the beginning. Since we have listed both free as well as paid alternatives, students can opt for either according to their needs.


Features form an important part of the test series. This is because features differentiate one test series from another. For example, one type of mock test offers real-time performance analysis while the other one doesn’t. Therefore, students should look into the features provided by a specific platform before finally deciding. 

Some of the must-needed features are – questions along with solutions, real-time performance analysis, and subject-wise practice questions. Students should also note that lower costing test series might not have all the desired features, for which they can always upgrade their plans. Otherwise, if the features suit the student who is in need, then he or she can go ahead with the same.


neet test series

There’s no doubt that the NEET exam is very difficult to crack. With over 13 lac aspirants appearing every year, it becomes harder and harder each year to get a seat at one of the most prestigious medical colleges in India. This is the reason why students should opt for such an in-depth test series that will help them prepare for the future. With more practice, students will be able to get a stronghold over the main three subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

Apart from that, students should also be ready to work hard for the exam because the test series will only help the student perform the final preparation before the exams. So, students should be ready with all the subject-matter knowledge first before appearing for the mock test exams.

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