We have compiled the List of Top IAS Coaching Institute in Patna. Find The Best IAS Coaching in Patna with Review, Fees, Contact Details.

Drishtikon IAS


DRISTIKON IAS is a dedicated organization that only prepares candidates for union- and state-level civil services exams. With a history spanning around 20 years and more than 5,000 students, including top rankers in both the UPSC and PCS, we train...

Aditya-GMC IAS Academy


In Patna, one of the first civil service academies was established, it is called Aditya GMC IAS Academy. The most well-known institution in India and the best IAS coaching in India, Aditya GMC IAS Academy in Patna helps candidates prepare...

Dhyeya IAS Patna


The aim of the academy is to develop & nurture a competitive attitude amongst students. Their strategy is to assist the aspirants to frame an accurate and separate strategy and plan at every level of examination, i.e., preliminary, main, and Interview. Classroom...

Decode Concepts Patna


The concepts are easily accessible at the Decode concepts institute. For an IAS exam, there is a must need for decoding some hard concepts easily. The faculty is enriched enough to provide you with the same. The pass percentage is about...

Dhananjay Teaching center Patna


DTC is known for its excellence in the total number of selections. The selection rate was reaching to 78% last year. Students are very fond of DTC for this supremacy. One can get a top-rated education with maximum facilities. Now, the...

The Pillar’s Institute Patna


The main aim of the Pillar’s Institute is to make students eligible for the civil services in India. It is making Patna proud in every sense. It has a core material package included for the students and comes up with a...

Dr. J L Chaudhary Center Patna


Dr. J L Chaudhary center is the oldest institute in Patna started by DR. J L himself. He is not from an IAS background and always wanted to open a platform for IAS aspirants. The fee structure is also less with...

Impact Classes Patna


The impact classes are having a positive impact on the studies of the students. This is also one of the prominent classes of Patna specially set up for IAS coaching. The number of students is limited with a limited number of...

VIT Nic Campus Patna


Here, this institute is famous because of the facilities it provides. VIT Nic campus is also recruiting some of the best faculty at its place. The students are getting complete exposure to top-class education under firmed facilities. The firmed facilities include...

Tigers Competition Point Patna


TCP point is not only to specific IAS but also to some other competitive exams. It has a selection rate of 45% last year with the top rank of 766. Most of the students here are local to Patna and find...

 Srijan The Base Patna


Srijan The Base is a small but top institutes of Patna. Its location is such that it is easily accessible to all. The base campus is in Patna which provides coaching for some other competitive exams also. UPSC exam needs complete...

 Chronicle Academy Patna


Chronicle IAS Academy was established in the year 2009. Every year, more than 200 selections to the prestigious Civil Services Examination are from this academy. The coaching is provided by the best faculty having many years of experience in teaching for UPSC CSE.  The support...

KSG – Khan Study Group Patna


KSG offers the best coaching when it comes to IAS and CSAT and has its branches spread across the major cities in North India. At KSG, the founders are passionate about success. General studies classes provided by the coaching are spectacular and could lure...

IBS Coaching Patna


Presently, the academy is known as the multi-program teaching professional and is known as the best institute for every entrance exam possible in Patna. The coaching provided by IBS is always helpful for students who would want to appear for IAS prelims. Their...

Achievers IAS Academy Patna


Achievers IAS Academy is ranked as the top-most academies in Patna. It has an excellent stream of records for the selection of students. The total pass percentage was 78% and the top rank of AIR 34. The faculty members are highly...

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How to Select Best IAS/UPSC coaching center in Patna?

It is not so easy to make a choice for a good coaching center anywhere in India. One should focus on some of the major points here:

  1. A suitable environment is the first criterion that should be followed i.e. the surroundings should be noise-free.
  2. Try to look for a coaching center that can provide adequate facilities in accordance with the study packages, materials, accommodation, etc.
  3. Make sure that your accommodation facility is near the coaching center only, if you are an outsider.
  4. One must also notice the background of the coaching center by knowing the past results, teaching methodologies, faculty experience, etc.
  5. The location of the coaching center should be away from traffic prone areas. Most of the areas in Patna are subjected to traffic.

So, just follow these 5 points and get the best coaching center in Patna. 

Is it necessary to take coaching for IAS?

Yes, it becomes necessary after knowing the level of the exam. In India, the competition is too high for the students to take over a single seat.

The coaching centers are very fruitful in giving a wondrous opportunity where students can beat each competitor by following simple techniques.These centers have a well-setup environment where everyone can find a place to relax and study.

The main theme of the coaching centers is to provide the finest sort of techniques to evaluate every student with the concept.This theme is enough to give an all-rounder effect for students so that they can pursue better in their subjects.

The main thing about coaching centers relies on faculty members. A well-experienced faculty will teach with their own experience and this is what is needed in getting through the exam.

 You are not going to get some better opportunities after cracking the IAS exam but for it, one has to work very hard to achieve name and fame.

There is everything possible in this world then why not IAS. So, always choose the best coaching center for setting an opportunity.


IAS is surely something hard to crack. However, candidates who have the fire inside them burning much stronger could get through the exam with much ease.

The institutions mentioned above hold equally stupendous class and give proper guidance to all the candidates.

Now, it depends solely on you to opt for the institution that you think will suit you right. A great lot of hard work and determination with the right amount of guidance will help you ascend towards your dream career. IAS exam may be tougher but there is everything possible in this world. The coaching centers of Patna, Bihar can be a better option for you.

The real aspects of an IAS should be known before actually giving the exam. Such aspects are told at the coaching center only and students will get to know about it everythingThey also provide study material and packages daily so that the students can evaluate the concepts daily.

This is something better when you are preparing for some competitive exam. Even, some of the coaching centers are also going to provide you with accommodation facilities.There is nothing to worry about when you are choosing a coaching center in Patna. So, choose the best coaching center for your IAS ex