These are the best IAS Coaching in Allahabad. When one asks, what is the most prestigious position that one could seek and hope to attain in India, ...

DHYEYA IAS Allahabad


Nobody can question the results that Dhyeya IAS academy has produced over the years due to the brilliant and meticulous coaching program they have on offer. Most IAS officers and experienced faculty alike choose this to be the number 1...

Nirman IAS Academy Allahabad


A fairly new IAS coaching center, Nirman IAS was started in 2007 but has come leaps and bounds in terms of results and target-oriented programs offered for the students. They are mainly known for encouraging peer learning among their students....

Chanakya IAS Academy Allahabad


Anyone who is an IAS aspirant or even has a little knowledge about the UPSC examination, in general, has surely heard about the Chanakya IAS academy franchise. It was founded by Mr. AK Mishra in 1993, with the belief that...

Dastak Career Coaching Allahabad


Started way back in 1988, Dastak Career Coaching was started with the aim of challenging and changing the scenario of how IAS candidates go about in their preparation for the coveted spot in the top ranks of the UPSC examination....

The Chayan IAS Allahabad


The Chayan IAS seeks to empower students with knowledge and self-confidence so they can successfully carry themselves over the finish line. The institute is a multidisciplinary institute and because of this students have access to a wide range of study...

Youth IAS coaching center


The Youth IAS Coaching Institute, as its name suggests, develops and trains the young people of Allahabad in preparation for the IAS examination. The Youth IAS Coaching Institute has been in operation for many years, producing exceptional results and providing...

Samarpan IAS Coaching Allahabad


Samarpan IAS is another institute that has attracted students over the years with their excellent faculty and result-oriented programs. Samarpan IAS is not only known for helping students to crack the IAS ranks but also for grooming them to become...

Saket IAS


Saket IAS academy believes in giving their students first and foremost a vision to work towards. It is simply not enough to be able to work hard and smart to achieve one’s goals. Saket IAS strives to produce excellent results...

Brahm IAS


For students who aspire to work as IAS or PCS, Brahma-IAS is an opportunity. In addition to Mithilesh Mishra, who received the top place in Hindi medium, more than 20 IAS and more than 200 PCS officers were chosen from...



Students have the option of taking classes in both English and Hindi at the Dream IAS Best IAS Coaching Institute in Prayagraj. High-tech classrooms with LCD monitors, projection screens, and air conditioning are used to teach them. Each student receives...

Supreme Ias


Since its founding in 2016, Supreme IAS Coaching in Allahabad has continued to expand and succeed as a teaching organization. One of the top coaching facilities is Supreme IAS Coaching in Allahabad, which comes highly rated in the fields of...



The Kisan IAS Coaching has long been regarded as one of the most reliable and favored institutions for teaching students in a variety of competitive professions. Outstanding outcomes have been produced, and the program has gained citywide recognition. A key aspect...

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IAS Coaching In Allahabad

There are numerous prestigious educational institutions in the city. The IAS factory is another name for Allahabad. The fact that Allahabad is home to one of the best UPSC civil services coaching institutes is the only reason the city receives so many IAS IPS officers.

The best coaching schools in Allahabad have a specific area where you can readily obtain study materials, guides, and booklets for preparing for the Civil Services Exam. The greatest mentoring, guidance, and techniques are required for preparing for the UPSC CSE exam.

Top Offline UPSC Coaching Institutes In Allahabad

The following is a list of the Top 10 UPSC Coaching in Allahabad, which is renowned for its highly qualified teachers and first-rate facilities:

UPSC Coaching Institute Phone Number Approx Fees
Plutus IAS 08448440231 Rs. 1,40,000
Yojna IAS 621-254-2147 Rs. 90,000
The Hindu Zone 8800222298 Rs. 1,10,000
Brahm IAS 09335137223 Rs. 40,000
Samarpan IAS Academy 09415621129 -
Youth IAS 07518858514 -
Almighty IAS Academy 09415621129 Rs. 15,000
GS World Academy 08706027579 Rs. 60,000
IAS Education World 0993696829 Rs. 90,000
Nirman IAS 7290066394 Rs. 56,500

Top Online IAS Coaching Institutes In Allahabad

IAS Coaching Institute Phone Number Approx Fees
Chanakya IAS Academy 7303763825 -
Sanskriti IAS Academy 7428085757 Rs. 40,000
Dhyeya IAS 8853467068 Rs. 60,500
Drishti IAS 91 8010440440 Rs. 1,20,000
Brahms IAS 8564903025 -
GS World 011-27658013 Rs. 60,000
Nirman IAS 9540600909 Rs. 60,000
DevPrayagam IAS Academy 09140005485 -
Saket IAS 09452141680 -
Dream IAS 09455926000 -

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which coaching is best for UPSC in Allahabad?

These are the best IAS Coaching in Allahabad are:

  1. Drishti IAS
  2. Dhyeya IAS
  3. Chanakya IAS

2. What are the fees of UPSC in prayagraj?

The average fees for UPSC in prayagraj is 50 thousand rupees.

3. Is Drishti IAS Allahabad good for UPSC?

Yes, It is the best IAS Choice for the students.