These are the Best CAT Online Coaching in India  Here we have picked up Top CAT Online Coaching in India with All Details like Reviews, Fees, an ...

iQuanta CAT


iQuanta is India’s No.1 Cat Online Coaching institute that offers training through dual learning pedagogy for various management programs entrance exams like CAT, NMAT, SNAP, OMET and GMAT.  iQuanta, in just 4 years since its inception, has achieved what other players...

Percentilers CAT


Percentilers is the only truly personalised MBA coaching, they provide end-to-end services catering to CAT, and all the other Major MBA exams including the GD-PI preparation. They work at the atomic level with every student. They keep their Batch size limited...

Mindworkzz Coaching Delhi


Mindworkzz is one of the most popular CAT institutes in Delhi NCR and is also amongst the best. It offers both classrooms as well as online preparation courses. Both of them, online as well as offline are the same in all...

Career Anna


CareerAnna, India's Largest Learning Platform, has a number of high-quality CAT preparation courses. It provides both Online CAT Coaching and section-specific courses for each component, such as VARC, Quant, and LRDI, as well as courses that include both Complete MBA...

QDS PRO Institute


QDS Pro is a leading test prep company based in Mumbai that provides unprecedented test preparation services for all Indian MBA Entrance Exams like CAT, MAH-CET, BBA Entrance Exams, NMAT, SNAP, XAT, CMAT,and all Study Abroad entrance exams like GMAT,...

Hit Bulls Eye Institute


HitBullsEye bills itself as India's fastest-growing exam preparation platform in the MBA arena, with a huge number of CAT toppers to its credit. Live lectures, video lectures, e-books, a peer interaction forum, a comprehensive CAT series, and sectional and chapter-wise mock...

2iim Institute


O ther than delivering Online Mock Series and Classroom Teaching, another platform among Online Coaching for CAT Preparation guides students looking for postgraduate management entry courses. The unique feature of 2IIM's courses is that they are delivered ed in a modularized style,...

Crack U Institute


This online platform allows students to study for the CAT exam as well as other entrance exams such as SBI, RRNB, IBPS, and SSC. It also provides an online test series, online lectures, and daily tests. It also offers Free Mock...

Test funda Institute


It is yet another website that offers a complete MBA preparation package, including previous year's question papers and other useful study materials. It also offers Free Tests, and you may create your own personalized study pack for any exam you...

Olive board Institute


It is an online analytical study platform that provides online CAT test preparation and practice. Multiple CAT mock series and reassessment tests are its unique selling point (USP). Oliveboard's analytical engine assists students by providing extensive individualized feedback on speed, accuracy,...

Exam Nest Institute


Exam Nest is an arm of Lotus Education, a well-known company in the CAT tutoring business, and is a relatively fresh arrival in the CAT preparation market. Their offline preparation expertise and economical education make them a market player to keep...

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Advantages of CAT Online Coaching


In comparison to an offline classroom program, it is less expensive. When compared to their traditional equivalents, most online courses are quite affordable.

 Unlimited Learning

All of the videos have already been posted, so you can watch them whenever you like, whereas in a classroom program, time is limited, so you must study according to your batch.

Time Saving

Online programmes save you time because you don't have to travel to the coaching centre as you would with an offline classroom programme, which wastes a lot of time and makes you fatigued.


Even after a demo lesson, you can't be confident of the teacher's quality in an offline institute because, after all, it's simply a demo class. Online courses, on the other hand, frequently give a complete refund as well as a major amount of the course as a demo. They offer a free trial of many videos to verify the quality.

Clarification of doubts

The amount of time that an offline teacher can devote to a single student is typically limited. Doubts are openly discussed in an online scenario, and all pupils gain from it. We have a forum-style function where students may express their questions, and we also hold lessons on weekends to clear out any confusion.

 Enhanced learning

In the classroom, there are only a few students studying and attending lectures at the same time, which is where online platforms that offer the same lecture to hundreds of students at the same time, improve the overall learning experience by allowing you to interact with a diverse group of fellow aspirants from various backgrounds and geographies and thus learning.

Updated study material

As seen in the table above, a student can access significantly more material through the CAT coaching online courses than through the offline versions. There are recorded video lectures and live sessions, both of which are accessible for use whenever you need them. This will surely assist you in revising at your leisure.

 Quality education

As the number of persons entering the test preparation sector as educators have grown, even good quality colleges have begun to hire young graduates as teachers, resulting in some quality compromises.

With the introduction and growing adoption of the online format, one thing is certain: high-quality, consistent education delivered by the best teachers.


Needless to say, in these trying and tough times, with a deadly virus spreading across the globe, going outside and studying in classrooms full of pupils would be a matter of fear.

Here, the relevance of online coaching will grow even more, and it will eventually become the more widely acknowledged method of learning.

Disadvantages of CAT Online Coaching

  1. You can communicate with various CAT aspirants in an offline classroom programme so that you can form a serious cat aspirants peer group that will be beneficial to you.
  2.  In an offline classroom programme, you can approach your teacher immediately with any questions, but in an online programme, they can guide you by phone or through question-and-answer sessions.
  3. Inconsistent: Inconsistency is often the outcome of too much temporal flexibility. You have no one to chastise you. You are free to begin and quit whenever you like. When it comes to time and discipline, there is no strictness. As a result, unless students are motivated and enthusiastic about learning, online preparation can lead to inconsistency and complacency.
  4. It's simple to become sidetracked- You have access to your smartphone, emails, and YouTube while preparing online. It's so simple to keep moving from one item to the next. After a minute of watching a vocab video, you switch to reading an article about how to prepare for quant.
  5. There is no direct communication with real-time teachers:

Virtual support is far inferior to personalized support. There is no doubt that there are more knowledgeable specialists online; yet, it is difficult to determine who is more trustworthy and who is speaking the truth. Because of this, offline preparation is more costly than online preparation.

Someone is always nearby, with the knowledge and insight to help you get out of the most difficult situations. In the online world, there is no such thing; the best you can do is chat with someone or talk on the phone, which isn't always possible.

  • There may be a sense of loneliness: Students enjoy preparing in groups. The peer group keeps you motivated and on track. There is no such thing as an online study group; Facebook and WhatsApp groups sometimes redirect your focus away from the important topics.

There is often a lot of pointless chit-chat, with little attention on content and problem-solving. As much as possible, stay away from groups. If you feel the need to join a group in order to stay informed, don't join more than one.

Average fees structure of CAT Coaching Online

The CAT Exam necessitates careful and thorough preparation. The CAT coaching schools assist you in preparing for the CAT in a systematic manner without diverting from your plan. With optimal preparation usage, time is wasted as little as possible.

While preparing for the CAT, peer learning in CAT classroom coaching is a huge benefit. CAT coaching centers assist you not only in achieving excellent exam scores but also in taking the CAT exam with ease and without stress.

During the Corona Virus pandemic, the majority of leading CAT preparation institutes have decreased their coaching fees by 30-50 percent. Experts say now is the best time to enroll in your favourite coaching facility to prepare for the CAT at a minimal cost.

The CAT Online Preparation Centre's name is Fees for CAT Online Preparation
Career Anna  Rs. 30,000 
Mindworkzz  Rs.34,700 
Handa ka Funda   Rs. 9,999 
iQuanta  Rs. 17,999 
HitBullsEye  Rs. 26999
Online.2iim  Rs. 21600
Cracku  Rs. 39999
Testfunda  Rs. 26000
Career Launcher  Rs. 38000
T.I.M.E.  Rs. 24,950 
IMS Coaching Institute  Rs. 29,500 
Byju’s  Rs. 45000
Oliveboard  Rs.23000
PT Education  Rs. 34000


CAT helps you to get into one of the prestigious colleges in India for your masters so it is acceptable for it is a tough stone to break that is why proper coaching with a lot of hard work is required to crack it.

As a result, an aspirant's CAT exam preparation should include tenacity, determination, critical, and logical thinking. If you can devote an average of 3 hours every day to the exam with serious dedication, you will undoubtedly do well in the exam, regardless of where you are.

The CAT exam is one of the most difficult and challenging management entrance exams in the country, and it measures your speed, accuracy, time management, and ability.

In the same way that Cersei Lannister in the iconic television series Game of Thrones says, "When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die, there is no middle ground," this competitive exam is a fierce battle among lakhs of students, all vying for a single seat in a prestigious B-school.

As a result, you should leave no stone unattended and enroll in any of the Best Online Coaching for CAT Preparation now available. Best of luck in CAT!