Top 10 IIT Coaching in Bangalore

Bangalore or Bengaluru is currently the capital city of the Indian state known as Karnataka. The city has a population of over ten million people, thereby making it a megacity and the third most populous state in India.

The place is located in the southern part of India, on the Deccan Plateau, at an elevation of over 900 meters above sea level. This is the highest among all the other major cities of India when it comes to alleviation.

The place is currently multi-religious and multi-ethnic when it comes to the characters of its people. Coming over to the topic of best IIT coaching classes in Bangalore, it should be noted that even though there are several success stories when it comes to students who have cracked the exam without taking any coaching classes, it should not be taken as prima facie of the entire scene.

By joining a coaching center for IIT JEE, a student will be increasing his
or her chances when it comes to achieving success. There are currently 216 JEE coaching centers located in Bangalore.

But, not all of them will be providing the same degree of quality education when it comes to IIT JEE coaching. This is the reason why we have
compiled the following list of IIT coaching in Bangalore among the top 15.

These are the Best IIT JEE coaching classes in Bangalore


FIITJEE was established in the year 1992. The founding member of the institution was DK Goel, who was a mechanical engineer who passed from IIT Delhi himself.

The beginning was very humble and the vision was to provide the perfect launchpad for all the JEE aspirants out there. The coaching mechanism is developed in such a manner that it goes beyond the usual capability needed for the IIT JEE exams.

The main aim of the institute is to develop the overall capability of the IIT JEE students when it comes to improving their IQ. Thereby, with the helpful teaching staff and sheer determination of the students, a well-run organization was built for continuously setting new benchmarks for the upcoming generation.

The coaching center has been responsible for the launch of many new programs such as UDAYA Plus, PINNACLE, and SUPREME to help more meritorious students reach their goals.

Address – 113/114, 3rd Floor, H.T.R. Chambers, S.C. Road, Opp. Hoysala Hotel,
Seshadripuram, Bangalore.
Phone – 080-41135682
Email – [email protected]

Aakash Institute

In Bangalore, the coaching center of Aakash Institute is located in Indiranagar and it provides coaching for both the JEE Mains and Advanced exams. The institute has an overall of more than 90 centers all across India, including in some of the major cities as well.

The center is very well known for its JEE advanced rankings and is currently ranked at number four when it comes to coaching center rankings in Bangalore.

The institute also provides test series, doubt clearing sessions, distance learning programs, periodic performance tests and so on. The fees charged by the center starts from around 3000 INR and goes up to almost 2.2 lacs INR, according to the type of course selected by the student.

Address – 777-E, 100 Ft. Road, Hall-II Stage, Opp. New Horizon Public School, Indira
Nagar, Bangalore, 560008
Phone – 080-41170713
Email – [email protected]

Allen Career Institute

There’s no doubt that when it comes to student’s choice IIT coaching in Bangalore, there’s no coaching institute in India that can beat Allen in terms of their overall professional approach and solid teaching capability.

Whether it’s the IIT JEE exams or the NEET exams, Allen has got it covered for every student out there. The institution was founded in the year
1988 and was also the only institution during that time that provided coaching for all the science subjects.

The subjects included Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. The
center is very well equipped with the latest technology when it comes to teaching and has some of the most experienced teaching staff as well.

Periodic tests are carried out for evaluating the overall capacity of the students when it comes to their grasping power and
the areas where they need improvement.

Address – No.36, 15th Cross, 3rd Block, Opp. Central Library, Jayanagar, Near South, End Circle, Bangalore, 560041
Phone – 080-46704000
Email – [email protected]

Career Point

Career Point similarly provides IIT JEE coaching like other centers, with the main focus being JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.

The institute has over 25 centers all over India and is present in cities like Jaipur, Lucknow, Gwalior and the likes.

The center is best known for its JEE Advanced coaching and currently ranks at number two when it comes to IIT JEE coaching options in Bangalore.

The center provides all the required study materials to the students required to achieve success in the exams, such as printed notes, hostel facilities, test series and so on.

The course fees of the center start at 30000 INR and end at almost 1.27 lacs INR. Students can find the Bangalore center in Shivaji Nagar.

Address – #6, Ii Floor, Legency Building, Convent Street, Richmond Road, Bangalore, 560025
Phone – 9844137772
Email – [email protected]

Brilliant Tutorials

Brilliant Tutorials is located in Sudhama Nagar and thereby provides coaching for JEE Advanced and Mains exams. The top IIT jee coaching in Bangalore has an overall of 18 centers all over India and has one in each of the major cities as well.

The center is very well known for its precise teaching measures and very helpful staff members as well. The center is currently ranked at number seven .

when it comes to JEE Advanced coaching in Bangalore and there is also an option for distance learning, in case the student likes to opt for the
same Regular doubt clearing sessions and performance tests series are also provided to let the students know the amount of improvement they’ve been able to make in their studies.

Address – No. 5, 2nd Floor, Kasthuri Apartments, Wilson Garden, Langford Road, Bangalore, 560027
Phone – 080-41442127

Deeksha Learning

The institute is responsible for providing coaching classes not only for the IIT JEE aspirants but for exams such as State CET, BITSAT, and UGET as well. The institute is well-known for its in-depth coaching classes and the overall facilities provided to the students who get enrolled there.

The center currently ranks at number eight when it comes to coaching centers available in Bangalore offering classes for JEE Advanced exams. The center also

provides printed notes, distance learning programs, test series, doubt clearing sessions, online lectures, performance tests, counseling, and classroom sessions as well.

The IIT coaching in Bangalore fees charged by the center revolves around 1 lac INR to around 1.25 lac INR, depending on the type of course selected by the student.

Address – Deeksha, Main Campus, Bengaluru Deeksha Center for Learning PU College 31/1, Vajra Muneshwara Temple Road, Talaghattapura, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore, 560062
Phone – 080-26564279
Email – [email protected]

ClearConcepts Knowledge Services

Clear Concepts coaching center is located in Kothanur, Bangalore. The place is reputed for providing coaching classes for JEE Advanced and Mains, besides offering courses for BITSAT, AIIMS, and JIPMER as well.

The center is currently ranked at number #14 when it
comes to all the available coaching centers in Bangalore. Like other coaching centers, students can expect to be offered all the standard facilities such as test series, study materials, doubt clearing sessions, and online lectures as well.

The center also supports distance learning, online education courses for those students out there who cannot attend classroom programs regularly. The course fee starts at 40000 INR and goes up to almost 90000 INR.

Address – No. 43, Trinity Christina, Opp. SAIACS, DoddaGubbi Road, Kothanur Post, Bangalore, 560034
Phone – 7569210066

BASE Educational Services

Base Educational Services is located in Banashankari, Bangalore. Students can obtain coaching classes for not only IIT JEE but also for NEET, AIIMS, and JIPMER as well.

The center also has its presence in Mysore as well. The center is best known for its IIT JEE training program, which generally lasts for at least two years, in case the student is getting admitted in class 11.

The ranking of the institute is currently set at number four. Students
can expect to obtain test series, doubt cleaning sessions and also online lectures, besides study materials. The courses from the coaching center start from 25,000 INR and go all the way up to 1.2 lacs.

Address – #416, First Floor, 24th Cross, Banashankari 2nd Stage (Near Bata
Showroom), Bangalore, 560070
Phone – 080-26710835
Email – [email protected]

Byju’s Classes

Byju’s Classes are based on the concept of online learning through interactive videos. There are no such classroom facilities and everything will be delivered right at the student’s doorstep.

The institute provides teaching materials right from class 6 to almost class 12. Furthermore, the institute also provides training courses for IAS, CAT, GRE, and GMAT as well.

The coaching institute has won numerous awards in the past and is currently the world’s most profitable educational institution.

Address – #113, Prestige Pinnacle, Above Vodafone Office, Opposite to Raheja Arcade, Koramangala 7th Block, Bangalore, 560095
Phone – 9880031619
Email – [email protected]

Goodwill Gate2IIT

The institution was founded by Guneet Kaur Chadha along with a team of IIScians and IITians. The coaching center generally specializes in providing study materials and teaching courses for fields such as IIT JEE Mains and Advanced, GATE along with CET and NEET as well.

The center also provides support for 10 + 2 exams such as ICSE and CBSE too. The team of faculty teaching at the coaching center has been able to provide the students with quality education.

The course fee starts at 30,000 INR. The center provides various study
materials for the students including printed notes, test series, doubt clearing sessions, online lectures, entrance exams, counseling and so on.

Address – Near Tulasi Theatre, Marathalli Junction, Bangalore, 560037
Phone – 7338451418
Email – [email protected]

First Guide Academy

First Guide Academy provides coaching for JEE Advanced, Mains along with support for exams such as NEET, BITSAT, GRE, CA CPT as well as 10 + 2 exams as well.

The center is mostly known for its JEE Advanced coaching classes and currently ranks at number 10 among all the other coaching centers located in Bangalore.

The center provides generally all the materials and support needed by the students – including test series and printed notes.

The course fee for the institute starts at around 12,000 INR and goes up to almost 3 lac INR.
The center has pretty good faculty and infrastructure support for the students.

Address – #24, 14th Main Road, 4th Sector, HSR Layout, Opp to BDA Complex, Bangalore, 560102
Phone – 8105555557
Email – [email protected]

Elite IIT

When it comes to providing various coaching courses for the students, there’s nothing that can come near to the types offered by Elite IIT.

For starters, the institute provides coaching IIT JEE mains and advanced exams. Apart from that, the center also provides support for exams such as GRE, CA CPT, SSC, IIT JAM, NEET, BITSAT, BBA, NATA and so on.

The coaching center is currently ranked at number 7 when it comes to providing IIT JEE coaching classes to its students. The institute also supports distance education programs for those who cannot attend regular classroom programs.

All the general facilities regarding education are available here, which are on-par with the other IIT JEE coaching centers.

Address – Jayanagar, 8th Block, and 18th Cross Malleswaram, Bangalore, 560003
Phone – 7795400015
Email – [email protected]

IIT Neev Classes

IIT Neev was established with the main effort to help young minds reach their true potential and thereby provide the highest standard coaching when it comes to the entrance and board exams.

The teachers teaching in the center believes that building sound concepts
is of utmost necessity in delivering success and creating a solid foundation.

The coaching center understands the importance of paying good attention to the learning students and with the help of their interactive classroom program, they’re able to nurture the students in the right way possible.

It should be noted that cracking IIT JEE is not just about having
talent but also obtaining the right guidance so that success could be achieved easily.

The center also provides foundation IIT JEE courses for those students who want to start their preparation at an early age. The coaching programs include learning concepts that are based in real-life along with practical examples as well.

Address – Lawrence School, Sector 6, 9th Main Road, HSR Layout, Bangalore, 560034
Phone – 9535864115
Email – [email protected]

Bright Academy

When it comes to providing excellent facilities for learning, there’s no shortage when a student enrolls for Bright Academy courses for IIT JEE. The center is located at the heart of Kozhikode City.

The coaching center helps to cater to the needs of students from different backgrounds, nicely and cleanly.

The center provides coaching mainly for medical as well as engineering entrance exams. A team of dedicated and qualified teachers helps the students to learn the concepts and thereby apply them in their respective fields.

The wholehearted commitment and the enthusiasm shown by the teachers is indeed very commendable. Teachers carry out timely evaluations of the students, which helps in perceiving the drawbacks of the student and thereby improve themselves so that they can help the students in the right fashion.

Address – #16, 1st A Cross, 18th Main Road, Koramangala VI Block, Bangalore, 560095
Phone – 080-25521200

Vision Academy

The Vision Academy coaching center is located in Kalyan Nagar and thereby provides coaching for both JEE Advanced and JEE Mains. Students can also expect to obtain coaching classes for JIPMER and BITSAT as well.

The institute has two centers located in Bangalore. The current ranking of the institute is at 13, among all the other coaching centers providing the same level of teaching courses for IIT JEE Advanced programs.

Students can expect to enjoy the same facilities as other institutes located in Bangalore and therefore need not worry much apart from studying.

Address – HRBR Layout Kalyan Nagar, 1-Block, Banasawad, Bangalore,
Phone – 9035717875

5 Things to consider before joining IIT coaching in Bangalore

The following things need to be kept in mind when enrolling for an IIT coaching center in Bangalore:


Students should always make sure the teaching in the coaching center is experienced and well-versed with the syllabus of the exams. This can be known by consulting the ex-students who have already studied from the same coaching center.​


The distance between the coaching center and the home of the students will matter a lot because if the distance is less, then the student needs to spend less time commuting through the traffic. ​


The coaching center should not only be able to provide the relevant
study materials but also offer online lectures, test series, doubt clearing sessions, counseling, periodic tests and so on.​


The coaching center should have the relevant infrastructure for
students to study and learn, such as large desks, spacious classrooms, good lighting equipment and so on.​

●Past Year’s Experience

It’s hard to get a full picture of the quality of the coaching center, until and unless the student consults past year ex-students and also their parents. This is done to know the overall teaching curriculum and whether it’s
worthy to get admitted into the same.

Why IIT Coaching is required?

Coaching for IIT is necessary because of the difficulty patter of the papers although the syllabus of JEE comprises of class 11th and 12th CBSE board, it is a challenge for students to assimilate concepts of the entire the syllabus and break down the problem into small ingestible bits and apply these concepts wherever relevant.

Its objective based pattern and the limited number of attempt also plays a vital role in need of coaching.

As JEE Main now being conducted twice a year i.e. in January and April, the candidate can choose to appear in both the attempts.

However, the attempt for a particular academic year will be considered as one. And the attempts of JEE Advanced are restricted to two only, first along with class XII and second while the student is XII pass.

The limited number of seats i.e. there are 11279 seats for undergraduate program for all category students in 23 IITs all over India for which more than 14 lakh students appear in JEE Mains out of which only two lakh students get qualified to appear for JEE Advanced conducted in May end.

When to Start IIT Coaching?

Identification of goal is important to decide when to enroll in coaching as there are various government Olympiads which lays the foundation for JEE in junior classes.

If the student has the good academic knowledge and wants to achieve excellence with the JEE target he/she should enroll early by class 9th and 10th as in 9th NSEJS Olympiad and in 10th NTSE Olympiad nurtures the students with the fundamental concepts.

And if the student is in dilemma then parents should monitor the student’s progress in class 10th and then decide the stream according to his/her choice.

Frequently Asked Question About IIT Coaching in Bangalore

Is IIT coaching necessary for cracking IIT jee exam?

Yes. Since the IIT JEE exams are quite tough and competitive from a student’s point of view and every year, almost more than five lacs of students appear for the same. There’s no such substitute for taking extensive coaching programs and therefore students need to take advantage with the help of coaching institutes. Better the coaching, the student can expect the success to be much higher.

How to IIT coaching in Bangalore helps students in preparation?

With the help of IIT JEE coaching in Bangalore, students can expect their preparation to be much higher than what it usually was, because of the regular classes and learning from experienced teachers. Furthermore, since the IIT JEE exams are based on MCQs, students
need to learn about various shortcut techniques to solve the exam problems in the least amount of time – which they can only do so if they attend these coaching classes.

What is the course duration of the IIT coaching in Bangalore?

The current course duration for the IIT coaching in Bangalore mainly consists of two years, if the student is getting admitted in class 11. The coaching centers also provide foundation courses for the students as well, where the student needs to get admitted at an early age into the coaching centers, such as in class 8. The coaching center then continues to improve that student based on the guidance of the teachers and finally helps him or her to reach the
ultimate success.

Is FIITJEE Bangalore is good for IIT exam preparation?

Yes. FIITJEE Bangalore is one of the top institutions when it comes to IIT exam preparation and is ranked among the top three across India. Therefore, students should not be hesitated
to enroll for FIITJEE.


There’s no doubt that when it comes to IIT JEE coaching centers, they’ll always prove to be the best because they can guide a meritorious student on the right path to success.

A student when enrolls for one of these coaching centers, he or she will not only receive the study materials but also unending support from the teaching staff, so that they can be able to maintain their consistency when attending the classes.

Moreover, with regular tests, online lectures and doubt clearing classes, students don’t need to focus on collecting all the information for the exams, because everything will be provided by the coaching center.

The student will only need to work hard and concentrate on understanding the concepts and thereby perform well in the classroom tests and ultimately
in the final entrance exams

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