Top 10 Best IELTS Coaching Centre in Bangalore

What is IELTS?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. The English proficiency for non-native English speakers is measured through this system.

It is a standard test for the English Language which is well recognized all over the world. Being managed by a joint scheme of IELTS Australia, Cambridge Assessment English, and British Council, the ILETS is quite similar to other tests like TOEFL, TOEIC, OPI, PTE, etc.

The IELTS score is accepted by most of the Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, British, and Irish academic institutions. It is also a secure English language test which is said to be approved by Visas of UK and Immigration to Australia.

There is no minimum score valid for the exam. The grading is held from band 1 to band 9, and different institute have different criteria for the same.

In 2017, the estimated value for exam takers was recorded to be 3 million from 140 countries. There are no prerequisite criteria needed for the same system. The score and grade are accepted by more than 10,000 institutes from over 140 countries of the world. The validity of the score is for up to two years.

top ielts coaching in bangalore

Best IELTS Coaching centers in Bangalore

1. Hurray Coaching center

Hurray is one of the best emerging leaders in IELTS. It was launched in 2010 with an idea to impart knowledge. The inauguration was done by Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee and Mrs. Chandrabati Chatterjee, who returned from their European trip and found people in India were not that good in English.

The offices of the same are at Old Airport Road Bangalore. After founding the institute in 2010, Hurray has created a good reputation for itself in the field of IELTS coaching in Bangalore. The working environment in the center is adequate.

It provides excellent learning material at the same time. So, one can apply here for the best learning environment and curriculum.

More than 5000 students are currently studying in Hurray. All those who would like to settle in abroad must go for IELTS and apply to coach at Hurray.

Regular classes are held at the premises, and one can enroll for any other courses side by side. It is one of the best platforms for getting IELTS coaching in Bangalore. One can apply with no doubt to one of the best coaching providers in the city.

Fee Structure: The fee structure for the coaching center changes from time to time. It may take an annual package of 50,000 or more. It depends on the final spot of the center. So, one may consult at the coaching premises itself.

• Address: No. 367, 7th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore- 560092.

• Contact details:+91 8048046803.

•    Website:www.

 Prizma Academy 

The Prizma Academy is also one of the leading academies in Bangalore. faculty members are highly skilled enough to provide some best technical and skillful notes.

The different languages taught by the academy are Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Turkish, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, and many more.

The students are trained under best methodologies and Ra-pot ideas. The ideas cover basic knowledge including reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. One can find many realistic ideas from the controversy.

It is turning out to be one of the most prominent centers in Bangalore. The best skills can be furnished comfortably at the academy.

There are scheduled classes for days that can provide you some good stuff. One can solve online test series produced by the academy itself.

Moreover, various sessions for practical communications skills are held which tend to sharpen your personality and abilities.

English is going to be taught from the basic level to the advanced level. One can try here for the best skills and relevant jobs.

This academy will help you get through every problem which you might encounter in the English language. So, the students new to the city can apply here for best career options and exceptional results. 

Fee Structure: The fee structure has been constant since the last years. It charges a total amount of 70,000 annually for IELTS. This is an initial amount if anyone would like to carry for more years than a discount can be expected.

• Address: No. 4, C-513, HRBR 2nd Block, 3rd floor, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore- 560043.

• Contact details:+91 8043692351.

• Website:


Alchemy India Training Services

Alchemy India has a sharp and focused goal of building a good and leading platform. It focuses mainly on building careers for the aspiring students.

In the last six years, the trainees here have worked with 7000 people for reaching the best possible outcome. is committed to providing a better environment for the students.

The working environment with corporate and social exposure is also offered to the students. They would love to have the best dealing problems and their solutions.

It holds regular classes for IELTS and preparation is done in segments by the authority.

The faculty members are good enough to provide you some best results in the market.

The career and communication skills are matched for the best profile and future. Record sessions are held at the premises for making the exposure of abroad clear.

Many professionals from different companies in India are there to provide you some best career options. English proficiency can be increased easily while dealing with the subject problems.

It is helping in making dreams come true and have a good speaking skill. Thus, one can try for the best institute for IELTS in Bangalore for future preference.

• Fee Structure: The fee structure here is quite high. It counts to around 80,000 for a single year. It can be reduced accordingly for more than one year. Thus, it provides a discount amount too.

• Address: Rich Homes building, No. E2, 2nd floor, 5/1, Richmond Town, Bangalore- 560025.

• Contact details:[email protected]


which is the ielts classes in bangalore

  Suntech Services 

The Suntech services are Malleswaram-based learning academy for IELTS. It includes certificate-based courses and exam, and it is located at Malleswaram, Bangalore. International examination and other English-speaking sessions are held by the coaching center in the city.

It has a firm belief for determining the best goals and their implementation. Apart from this, it also provides knowledge for tech aspirants.

Almost all the institutes are working for the same purposes: Build a future. Yes, it is true, but the primary need arises for the faculty members.

You can build a good company until you have the best employees. Similarly, Suntech services are best in playing roles for the future.

The faculty here is highly knowledgeable and skilled at providing you the needed knowledge. Proper mentoring is done at the classes along with studies.

It gives you the best working environment and supports a good life ahead. The students also get engaged in some extracurricular activities for sharpening the mind.

It would help them in studies and create a pleasant environment. The courses and their fee vary according to the requirement here. The reviews for the coaching centers are good enough to provide some privilege.

Here, you can get classes for your speaking and listening skills. It is good at delivering exceptional results every month.

The choice for joining it would be the best in the name of skills. Thus, one can turn out for the same Sun tech services for IELTS.

• Fee Structure: The fee structure varies here and the amount for two months is 6500/-. One can get a top discount while submitting a fee for a year. Thus, you can choose either option.

• Address: No. 78, 2nd floor, Sai Sharan Heights, 15TH Cross, Margosa Road, Malleswaram, Bangalore- 560003.

• Contact details:[email protected] 



Ria Institute of Technology

Don’t go with the name of technology as it also provides the best training platform for IELST.

It is a leader in offering tech jobs in IT sectors and excellent English proficiency skills. It is working in both departments. It also has the same branch in RT Nagar and Marathahalli.

Moreover, various sessions are held by it for consuming the best technological options. The institute had already helped over 10,000 students in getting the top band in IELTS.

This is an English skills exam held for studying abroad. One should know top-class English to achieve the same.

The dream place and job are made ready by the institute. It helps in deciding the other English language exams in India. The experience holders have a skilled base knowledge about the subject of English.

It is good at keeping the best interaction among students.

Students can get a top-class environment for getting the best grades in the exam. It could be only achieved with pure dedication and influence.

Overall, it delivers scheduled classes and live demos for English. One needs to be regular for working in the same environment. The chances of getting cleared through IELTS is higher from the same center.

Students can lead a good life in the premises and look for a hostel around.

Heavyweight is given to the leading students who can emerge about better in the results. It would also provide a certificate for you.

Thus, this can be one of the best choices for joining the Institute for IELTS.

• Fee Structure: The fee structure for two months is 8000/-. It includes full-time classes and learning sessions. Special discount is provided for the best students.

• Address: No. 3/76, Shiva Building, outer ring road, Marathahalli, Bangalore- 560037.

• Contact details:[email protected]


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IIFCA Institute

The IIFCA institute is a well-known institute in Bangalore. Many of the aspiring foreign exam candidates have already joined the same. It is an ISO 9001-2008 certified institute with the leading performer for IELTS.

This institute is working with the complete profound vision to establish a good career. It has got a recommendation from GMBH Germany.

It is the best place to pursue knowledge and boundaries within. It is also going to offer you courses related to accounts and finance. It has got all reputational tie-ups with the leading companies in Asia.

It doesn’t look for the academic background of the student and believes in pursuing the best out of someone.

One can learn a lot from the top-class faulty members with good working experience at the same time. Speaking skills and communication skills are must need for better performance. And the institute is working with top-most priority and properties.

The classes are held daily except for Sundays. One can get extra courses on the non-working days if needed. Preferred doubt classes are also provided for better understanding and interpretation of the concept.

The Indian Institute of Business and Professional studies had marked the beginning of IIFCA. This institute is growing to enlarge some best students and their future scope.

This is going to be the best place in terms of exposure and location.

One would love to spend time here while studying. Thus, one can render one of the best and leading institutes for IELTS in Bangalore. Here, you can get full exposure of study and relatable likeness. 

• Fee Structure: The fee structure for standard timings and dates are 5900/-. This amount changes from year to year. One can consult on the website too.

• Address: No. 75/3, 1st floor, Koramangala, Bangalore- 560095.

• Contact details:[email protected]


IELTS Coaching Centre in Bangalore

Nightingale International

Nightingale International is the turning point for IELTS. It had experienced a good number of results in the current year. Probably, it is doing its best to provide the most excellent knowledge beyond.

The classes are updated from Monday to Saturday with the same working timings. Students don’t have to rush much to reach the coaching center.

It provides the best knowledge of the necessary work first and then goes through the advanced level. You can meet up with competitors from all around the country.

It makes a better platform to encourage yourself for a good job. Excellent response time can be expected from the contracting agency.

The environment is warmed up with the best students and working place. Most of the faculties have an experience of over five years.

In South India, it had got its name by providing some exceptional results. More than 5000 students have cleared the exam in the first turn.

It is something outstanding from the source. The live session for English speaking is also provided at the institute.

The prosperous emerging stories have already been written here. Then what are you waiting for, apply for the same? Your competition belongs to the student studying.

To get in the top colleges of abroad, you need to have specific remarkable skills and varied knowledge. The institute is capable of providing the same.

You can get free assistance from the customer service desk. Solve all your queries and look for a better future and get to know about the course.

• Fee Structure: The fee structure ranges from 5000-10000 per month. For a full year plan, one can also get some discounted amount on the same.

• Address: 4th floor, FFK Tower, Dairy Circle, Tilak Nagar, Bangalore- 560041. Near Sagar Hospital.

• Contact details: +91 9745935377 


The IELTS Academy

It is a training center for candidates looking to crack IELTS. It was founded in 2002 and had grown up to be one of the emerging academies of Bangalore.

It is designed to give the candidates the required amount of knowledge. The same can be practiced through free IELTS test.

The best tips are narrated regarding reading, listening, and speaking skills. One can’t compromise on any of the mentioned skilled.

You need to be perfect regarding the English language while enrolling for IELTS. It offers various programs that can make you ready in the shortest time.

The crash course can be expected from the academy.

The British Council is also interested in joining as a member of the academy.

Many aspirants have already established a good career option from the same. It is now one of the oldest and most reputed centers in Bangalore.

You will get full exposure to study in less course fee. The trainees here are skilled enough to provide relevant knowledge with their experience.

Now, the academy has an excellent start to make from the beginning itself. It is also recognized worldwide from around 1000 companies.

It has the verification of English needed for migration, employment. At the same time, it is bringing you a high level of work with the best trainers.

You can improve your current level of English most easily. So, this is going to be a better option for trying the best skills for IELTS. Join the best academy for IELTS in Bangalore.

Go and get a better future in IELTS.

Fee Structure: The fee structure is simple and elegant. You need to pay 10,000 for a single course on IELTS. Further, the specialized course has something more to charge.

• Address: 204, VHS Court, Cunningham Road, Bangalore- 560052.

• Contact details: 8884812714.

• Website:

 Global Learning Academy

The global learning academy was established in 2010. It is also providing a good verse of knowledge for any candidate enrolling. One can get complete exposure and syllabus of IELTS.

The other related courses are Public speaking, GMAT, Effective communication, corporate communication, business English, and much more.

Overall, here the complete focus is to be made on the base material of English. When you are going to abroad, you must also carry two basic parameters: English Speaking and Listening skills.

You can’t do anything if you are not exposed to it. Here, GLA is going to provide you the same basic pattern and learning atmosphere.

You will know how to carry the needed topics and speak on it.

Public speaking is one of the most noted skills on the web. You should be fluent in it. The classes are conducted regularly and based on the platform.

Your best performance can also provide you a certificate for the same. The learning methodologies are latest and by the newest pattern.

All you can do is focus on what is being taught. GLA is already loaded with several emerging students who have cleared the exam.

This is going to be the best stage for you in terms of skills and knowledge.

The course fee is not too high, and the place is adequate to provide you the environment. One can enroll for other courses also at the academy.

It is always open for queries so contact the relevant person on the number provided for better communication. 

• Fee Structure: The fee structure is quite less and turns out to be 5000/- for a single course. This is a specific fee for IELTS.

• Address: Anand Sai Arcade, No. 43, 3rd floor, 7th main Btm- 3rd stage, Opposite to Apollo Pharmacy.

• Contact details: [email protected]

best IELTS Coaching Centre in Bangalore

Eon Education

Eon Education is also leading from the front since 2009. It has established its proficiency in English speaking and listening skills.

The different branches of this institute are at Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune. It is one of the best emerging tutorial centers for IELTS.

At the same time, it has centers for class 8,9,10 students for Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics classes. Moreover, the trainees are skilled to provide relevant English-speaking skills.

They perform work over a session that includes simple public speaking. From the basic level, they try to cover the advanced level. In IELTS, you need to be perfect in every work.

Even, you are going to get the exposure of competitive students who are performing exceptionally well. One can learn a lot from them.

If you are not good at speaking in English then also apply for the English spoken at Eon education. The basis properties are taught at the regular classes, and it lasts from Mon to Fri.

The routine of the center is fixed, and nothing is going to be changed. Every student is going to get full exposure to excellent studies and skills.

You can find your dream job abroad and get facilitated through best practices. This place can be a diamond for you if you are doing well for the studies.

All the relevant skills are practiced for IELTS. Don’t miss a single class and try to grab everything that seems to be worth it. So, rely on the best teaching staff and get yourself admitted in Eon Education.

Fee Structure: The fee structure ranges from 6000-8000 for IELTS course. You can discount for performing well at the coaching center.

• Address: J P Nagar 1st Phase, Near Indra Gandhi Circle. At Prasiddhi Hotel.

• Contact details: [email protected] 

How to Select an IELTS Coaching in Bangalore?

list of IELTS Coaching in Bangalore

With several coaching centers present in the city, it is quite difficult to choose the best one out. One should look for specific points before selecting the coaching center:

• Look for the coaching center which has some good past records and exceptional results. Do not enter in a newly established coaching center.

• Look for an institute or coaching center that has the best faculty for teaching. Some of the Institutes tend to hire faculty with no experience. 


IELTS is one of the most crucial exams held for clearing the English course in order to apply for international study and get Visa.

English is not a native language for us Indians, and everyone is not perfect in it. So, in order to crack these exams, coaching are certainly needed. Bangalore is, however, an IT city and it also holds some of the top academies and coaching centers for English proficiency course.

One can get complete learning exposure and try for the best course abroad. There are many more career options once you have successfully cleared your IELTS examinations.

You can gather the right amount of knowledge based on the language and try to improve your skills. Personality development is the most necessary criteria for a company.

One can enhance personality with the best English and relevant skills. So, choose accordingly the best coaching center that fits for you in terms of environment and place.

Try to explore new places and centers.

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