In 1995, the Pinnacle StudyGroup was established to bring together some of the best corporate and personal financial planners from throughout the nation to exchange knowledge. During our meetings in the summer and winter, carefully chosen guests are invited to...

Sahas Academy


SAHAS is all about the bravery of a lady with a dream to work in education. The project is the result of SAHAS, a homemaker's initiative to develop a forum for business leaders and academics to exchange opinions. SAHAS is a...

Tiwari Academy


For everyone to have access to free education, Tiwari Academy works. Not just internet support but also NCERT Books, study materials, sample papers, and many other things are part of their effort to offer educational resources without charge. They merely...

Liberty Career Academy, Aurangabad


A student's education is like wet clay mud on a turning cartwheel; how educational institutions mould students will represent their learning, career trajectory, and success story. Shri Jagdishbhai Patel, a thinker and guru serving the "Liberty Group" where hundreds of...

BYJU'S Tuition Centre - Kaliyabid


BYJU'S Tuition Centres is a project of BYJU'S to promote high-quality education at reasonable costs through convenient accessibility. They have established numerous BYJU'S Tuition Centres in numerous Indian cities. While helping students achieve academic success is their primary goal, they...

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