In 1995, the Pinnacle StudyGroup was established to bring together some of the best corporate and personal financial planners from throughout the nation to exchange knowledge. During our meetings in the summer and winter, carefully chosen guests are invited to address our premier national study group.

Each gathering is assessed for its value to the group and its content, and suggestions are made to the person hosting the following gathering. Since each member has benefited personally and professionally as a result, the community and customers they serve are ultimately the winners. Professionals in the insurance and financial services industries are brought together by The PinnacleStudy Group for brief, fruitful meetings on their shared creativity, innovation, hard work, and growth.

The goal is to foster growth and mutual assistance within a learning environment so that we can view our fields of study and jobs from a wider angle.

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  • A regular number of members: maximum 18, minimum 10. (excluding emeritus members). 
  • New qualifying members are provisional for the first year.
  • The host manages all aspects of the programme. Each member, even those who don't show up, contributes equally to the meeting expenditures. No obligation for the presentation rests with the host. 
  • Rotating member locations will host meetings. Two months previous to the meeting, the member who will be hosting it creates the agenda and distributes it to the other members. Following the conclusion of the current meeting, members are expected to provide the host with topic suggestions. 
  • A supermajority of 80% is required for both expulsion and admission to the organization.

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