Nalanda Academy For MPSC/UPSC


One of the top IAS coaching programmes in Delhi is Nalanda IAS Academy. For the UPSC IAS Civil Services Examination, Nalanda IAS Academy offers the best course materials.  "Nalanda" means "Giver of Knowledge" in Sanskrit. They strive to instill knowledge in...

Eklavya Academy


Having a great teacher makes learning simpler. The majority of our educators have advanced degrees in their fields as a result. Our professors are knowledgeable in the subjects they teach and offer depth of understanding. If you are preparing for these...

Success Academy & Success Study Point


Thousands of students have come to rely on Success Academy as a reputable institution where they may begin their IAS preparations with the help of outstanding teachers. The institute should be the best option for students looking to pass the...

Unique Academy For Civil Services


Apart from having in-depth understanding of the specific areas they teach, their specialised & expert faculty has extensive knowledge & experience in assisting students for UPSC / MPSC exams. Their main goal is to help students understand things more clearly...

Nalanda Academy,Sangli


The Nalanda IAS Academy was established to create future leaders who will succeed in several industries, including foreign services, administration, law enforcement, and the economy. General studies, essay writing, and electives like political science and history are all available at...

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