Patidar IAS Academy


This is one of the best teaching facilities in Rajkot, and we've listed a few advantages of the facility here that prospective students should be aware of. For the IAS aspirants to improve their scoring abilities, they provide an unmatched exam...

CCDC - UPSC Training Centre


In order to provide academic and career-related counselling to the students of the Saurashtra Region, the Career Counselling and Development Centre at Saurashtra University was founded in 2006. It aids students in their further education and preparation for numerous competitive...

Ramani's Institute for Civil Services,Rajkot


Ramani Institute has developed into a fantastic showing venue for the Civil Services Examination, both in-person and online. For us, being stronger entails more than just cramming your head with facts and information; it also involves igniting your creativity and...

Bhoraniya IAS


The institute employs the top professors. The fundamental goal of this institution is to ensure that every student receives the best education possible. To that end, it offers the best coaching for students and helps them achieve greatness. The faculty...

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