When you are filled with the QUEST for knowledge and the DESIRE to touch people's hearts and serve the nation, VISHNU IAS ACADEMY stands tall as Everest to mold you into a better candidate for not just civil service examinations but also as a better citizen. They not only instruct you but also direct you, give you resources, train you in their use, point you in the right direction, and enlighten you to follow the route.

Only 50 Aspirants are accepted. More significant than quantity is quality. They are dedicated to and believe in being accountable for the admittance that takes place at VIAS. They also provide the possibility (flexibility) to attend the lessons both offline & online without any additional fees to accommodate the unpredictable nature of learning. We require approachability. They pledge to personally assist you with the UPSC Civil Service Examination when they transition into a new field. individual mentoring from our faculty and seasoned mentors. Under the skillful direction of Vishnu Vardhan sir and Exclusive mentors, they offer excellent space (exclusively to our students) for them to arm their kids with the necessary knowledge. Aspirants for the Civil Service may get closer to their goals if tests are consistently administered.

The UPSC standard tests are administered every day and once a week by Vishnu IAS Academy. They are evaluated promptly, and they guarantee delivery. Additionally, reading the correct literature will help you prepare better. With 18 required books for GS and 2 for Anthropology, they ensure that their students are receiving the appropriate content at the appropriate time.

Vishu IAS Academy equips its students with the ability to shape society by providing service to do so. The uniqueness of Vishnu IAS compared to other institutes can be attributed to Vishnu sir's relationships with each of his students. You don't need to waste time looking up case studies, which is the most crucial aspect.

For great value-added content for your notes, Sir offers current affairs and daily snippets. Consistency is also maintained by daily response writing evaluations and critical exam evaluations. The finest part of the classes is the way the professors present the ideas, especially the anthropological theories, simply so anyone unfamiliar with anthropology can readily understand them. For questions, you can always contact the teachers.

They are consistently motivate to keep going and put in the hard effort with their tenacity and punctuality.

Each topic on the syllabus will be studied over 120 days with live classes every day. Additionally, each lesson includes value-addition notes. A printed copy of one of the top-rated anthropology books will be sent to your address.

Each week, a total of 12 tests will be given. Model replies will guide how to craft the best responses. A total of 120 days are scheduled. For taking notes and writing answers, a workbook with interactive features will be provided.

There are two available modes: online and offline. For a year, online students will have access to recorded videos. With prior approval from management, online access can also be given to offline students, and every week, a live session for all students is held to address their doubts.

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