For quite some time, it has been believed that individuals from underprivileged groups in Indian society, as well as those who are truthful, innovative, socially conscious, and inspired by their country, should enter the civil service. The pace of change will undoubtedly pick up as a result, and millions of Indians, particularly those from the socially and economically disadvantaged strata, will be sure to take part in the country's progress. To realize this vision, Samkalp desires to put in sincere effort.

To help students instill Indian values and ethos, it is important to identify and mentor those who can make a positive impact on nation-building through the civil service. To instill in them the virtues of truthfulness, morality, empathy, social commitment, excellence, foresight, resolve, devotion to duty, loyalty, and dedication to the welfare of the nation.

Sankalp is making an effort to infuse these qualities through well-thought-out and meticulously planned activities at various levels of their studies in a progressive manner to support the development of leadership qualities and management skills in addition to innovative thinking.

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  • At the ninth standard level, exceptional students are admitted. Selection is done by an entrance exam and/or interview. 

  • Students are given written materials created by experts to help them develop leadership qualities, cultural, social, and general awareness, and values, better their communication and interpersonal skills, and develop their analytical and scientific thinking (Outlook). 

  • In schools affiliated with Sankalp, lectures on a variety of topics are organized, including science, general knowledge, English, and more. These give students the crucial "Cutting Edge," in addition to strengthening their fundamental knowledge.

  • At the college level, Samkalp's initiatives from the school level are carried out further. 

  • Correspondence and in-person interactions are used to maintain regular contact with exceptional students. In addition, SANKALP hosts a three-day Disha Bodh Shivir (Social Orientation Camp) every year to foster a sense of social responsibility in those aspiring to the civil service. Senior bureaucrats, well-known educators, and prominent social activists will present lectures at this camp on crucial subjects to help those aspiring to the civil service understand the issues and receive guidance.

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