Mr. Kumar Sir founded The Study Circle in 2006 as an independent organization to establish a benchmark institution to attain excellence in the country's most difficult competitive exam, the Indian Administrative Service Exam, which is now known as the Civil Services Exam. 'Massive, resolute action is the only way to succeed.

The members of Kumar's IAS Study Circle hold this idea always in the forefront of their minds and are committed to providing the best education possible to applicants who seek their help in passing the Civil Services Exam.

The Study Circle has developed over this extensive time into a special fraternity of educators and students who work together year after year to achieve a single objective. The Study Circle has raged with the vitality of a river that continually renews itself while remaining unwavering in its drive to reach its ultimate destination because of a quest for excellence.

The main goal of Kumar'S IAS is to give aspirants the best, most comprehensive advice possible based on all of the criteria the UPSC has established for the test. The goal of Kumar's IAS has always been to identify and promote the brightest brains in the country who have the most potential to lead India to greatness.

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  • Continual doubt clarification and individualized assistance are provided by a multimodal expert. With their specialists, students can arrange one-on-one meetings via email or in person.
  • Technology Support: Access to a personal account to access study materials, track absolute and relative performance on various tests, receive administrative updates, and much more.
  • Prepared, current, and relevant study material: circulated beforehand to give students a chance to become familiar with the subject matter. 
  • Continuous Individual Assessment: Assured by periodical mini-tests, homework assignments, and all-India test series. 
  • Innovative and interesting classes are created in a way that makes them simple for students to understand. The study materials and lectures are well-organized. 
  • Differentiated attention: Giving each student tailored, precise, and tangible feedback. 

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