The first-generation top bureaucrat-scholar was Arya Chanakya. the one who was able to recognize the risks of invasion from abroad. The corrupt, exploitative, anti-people, and ineffective regime that Chanakya Mandal Pariwar attempted to awaken. He abandoned his profession, left for the wilderness, and inspired young people from the lowest social strata when the corrupt, power-drunk regime refused to change.

He contributed to the political upheaval that united India and repelled the foreign invasion. When he had accomplished everything, he gave up all of his positions of authority and wrote the timeless work "Artha Shastra." The traditional Indian hero Chanakya is known for always putting the needs of the nation and the universe before his own selfish needs. We have chosen to call our educational effort Chanakya Mandal to honor and advance this spirit in contemporary culture. A circle and an egalitarian link are both implied by the word "Mandal."

The idea of people, institutions, and organizations cooperating to achieve a common purpose is implied. Chanakya Mandal was the result. The term "Pariwar" refers to the tight family ties that unite us in this situation. 

Saffron is used as a backdrop because it is the color of saint poets, warriors, and crusaders, as well as a symbol of Indian ancestry. The hands in the Chanakya Mandal logo are holding pens in one hand and the masts of administration, discipline, equality of justice, and administrative ethics (Dharma Danda/Rajdanda) in the other. Both a lady’s and a man's hands are on the object.

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