On August 25, 2012, Ashoka (CSAT) IAS was established.Since then, the institute has been running its IAS/PCS classes successfully by properly and systematically connecting the complete preparation by means of a single formula from the first level of "prelim" to the last stage of "interview." Its amazing impact is evident in the accomplishments of candidates pursuing their major goals in the prominent competitive tests like IAS/PCS. The institute is developing a teaching technique based on aptitude that will guarantee success in the IAS/PCS examinations from the preliminary examination through the comprehensive approach examination to the interview level.

On the basis of the following 4 C-Techniques, the institute is improving study materials, comprehension, answer writing, communication, and expression capacities for students as they prepare for exams. Notes that are thorough 2. Thorough Analysis 3. Writing a Complete Response 4. Integrated Communication Capability The institute completes its teaching process in the form of a syllabus using the appropriate development medium by incorporating the capabilities of the student with 4C-Technique. Thus, the student feels safe while taking the IAS/PCS competitive exam.The name "Guarantee of Selection in IAS & PCS'' that the institute uses only refers to our commitment to achievement.

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