Scope Of Company Secretary (CS) Outside India

As You already Know Company secretary is a very reputed course.and Career as a Company Secretary is not only prestigious and financially satisfying but also brings with it a high level of job happiness. Company Secretary is an in-house legal expert, a compliance officer of the Company, a specialist in corporate laws, securities laws & capital market and corporate governance .


After the globalization of services, the Company Secretary profession is initiating in different countries for practicing Company Secretaries as well. India is entering into mutual Broad Economic Cooperation Agreements with various countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Many More. These agreements with countries acknowledge Company Secretaries for the free passage of CS professionals beyond borders.


Many Company Secretaries are already operating Various companies in various countries like the US, Canada, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Middle-east, Africa, etc. By their research and the legal tendency of mind, Companies across the border have accepted their professional skill sets. Company Secretary Profession also possess managerial capabilities and analytical skills.



There is a collaboration with ICSI and ICAI – UK, after clearing some papers you can serve in London as a company secretary.
ICSI has entered into a Memorandum of Association(MoU) with the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, UK. This MoU with ICSA recognizes Company Secretaries of both the countries on several conditions. The method of globalization and the means of absolute economic cooperation that India is instating has also set in consideration mutual recognition agreements between the ICSI and Institutes governing the profession in various other countries. This is clearing up the world to Company Secretaries.Here I want to Give Some Examples about some countries.

You Already Know a lot about Singapore.In Singapore it is compulsory for each company to appoint a CS, therefore, You may get a better scope in Singapore.You can Visit The Singapore Association of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (SAICSA)


Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the World.
In Australia , there is a comparable course like ICSI where you may get membership of Chartered Secretary Australia and consequently the job of your choice. in Australia CS are called Governance professional and it’s an institute called Governance Institute of Australia.You may look for the desired info at-(Governance institute of Australia).

You already know that laws and Procedural aspect are different in different country. that’s why it is understandable that preference may be given to a candidate having knowledge of laws of that country. That’s why ICSI has MOU with ICSA and CISI (ERSTWHILE SII).

The process of globalization and the process of comprehensive economic cooperation that India is initiating has also set in motion mutual recognition agreements between the ICSI and Institutes governing the profession in various other countries. This is opening up the world to Company Secretaries.

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A Company Secretary degree under ICSI with a job experience of about 3-4 years gives a variety of possibilities abroad. while that is restrained to a few countries like UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and a few another. This is primitive because of the connection of the laws in these countries. and secondly, MoU’s that ICSI has with various organizations, especially CISI and ICSA.


I here want to clarify that it does not mean that a CS in India will immediately become employable in the above countries.

Most and almost all company favor persons who have Corporate knowledge ( I mean Companies Act & Securities Laws) of that country. assured form of employment is obtaining work experience in India and in other hand completing the ICSA CSQS examinations and CISI membership. These requirements assure that you have a basic understanding of Companies Act and Governance of that country .

in another aspect, Some other issues might still yield up when trying to achieve such a placement, viz., Visa ,legal requirements, and interviews. why any abroad company prefers you if you are unavailable in the country for the interview and additionally not be capable of working full-time without any visa .


Conclusion:-There is the vast scope of Company Secretary in both in India and next 10 Years CS is Going to be one of the most Course preferred by commerce students in India.


Don’t be Confused by the comment on social media where many of the students tended to say even Company Secretary can’t get the job.Yes, this is also applicable for another profession like Ca,Doctor,Engineer etc.If You are not holding expert knowledge and not good in your field you can’t get a job.this is applicable for every profession in the world.

So what are you waiting for??? obtain Proper knowledge your field,Holds a 3-4 year experience I am definitely sure you Rock the Professional Life as CS,both in India and abroad.

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I’m seriously thinking of exploring career opportunities abroad. I’m a qualified Company Secretary with 3 years of experience as a Practising Company Secretary. Could you please throw some light on the same that if not job, whether practice has got some scope abroad ? Or whether is it possible for me to get a job abroad ?

Hi Kartik,
This is Vaibhav and I am also a qualified CS with three years of experience in the industry. It would be good to get in touch as you seem to have been trying for abroad opportunities for a while now. Let me know your contact number or email id to connect.


Hlo sir !
M also pursuing CS and i also want to work as CS in abroad ,hope to get some guidance from you.

Hello Mr Vaibhav Sharma,
Happy to contact you in this context. My son in law is 1990 born and is a CS graduate with seven years experience in a manufacturing organisation. He wants to shift the job for better prospects and growth, preferrably outside India. Can you please guide us in this?

Hi Vaibhav ,
Can we connect at 9819724154 to discuss on Scope of CS abroad.

Hello there, I am in 12th and want to study cs. Can i work abroad? Please explain all the details.

Hi, I am a qualified Company Secretary having approx 6 years of experience. I am really interested in working abroad especially in countries like Singapore, UK. Let me know the various job sites where I can apply for the same. Is there any certification courses which are more demanding apart from doing UK-CS or Singapore -CS?.

I am at the age of 29 and trying to purse CS and looking to go aboard for the opportunity in ICAIS

Hey, people! You all already are cs and i just gave exam for cseet and i reallly realllyyy wanted to work in usa and i genuinely have no idea how this will happen or what i have to do or how much work experience i need or do i have to study farther more for getting a job in usa please help and lighten me with some of your knowledge. I need guidance in this career.

I’m a CS executive student and I want to explore myself in the world after clearing CS, for this I want to take every step cleverly… So can u please guide me at this early stage?

Hey guy’s! I am a cs executive student and in the second year of college. I really wanted to work in foreign countries after completing cs course but sometimes I doubt will i get the job outside bcoz the chances in India are somewhat less so plz provide some information regarding this!!!

Hello Mr Vaibhav Sharma,
Happy to contact you in this context. My son in law is 1990 born and is a CS graduate with seven years experience in a manufacturing organisation. He wants to shift the job for better prospects and growth, preferrably outside India. Can you please guide us in this?

Hello. I am a qualified Company Secretary. I have completed my internship last year. Currently, I am staying in Seattle, USA. Can you guide me regarding the career options which I can explore here..

I have been lately thinking to study CS but the country I chose is Thailand and couldn’t find anything related to it. So can anyone help me with that??? Please

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