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Yes, you. We’re always looking for new authors or writers. If you’ve got an idea or you have passed any competitive exam in India or even you have failed then you can share your experience in written and we will Publish on our website.

that will give inspiration and and idea to our readers and move forward, we want to hear about it. sharing your knowledge with other fellow student is best part you can do it in your career.

We want your article to be at its best. so that it can help the student in preparing their exam in Best way. if you are not getting an topic or ideas on which you can write then Read Some Post on Our Website Below:-

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These are the some example. you can write whatever you feel it should help student in preparing their exam in best way.

Few Guidelines For Article

  1. Article must be more than 1000+ Words.
  2. it can be tutorials like how to study,which book to prefer,how to prepare particular subject in best way and so on……..
  3. Articles should be helpful to student.
  4. we believe that,there is no proper way to write.just write what you feel,what you think,your experience and thats all.

How to submit artcle or Post?

Email us your post/article/guide/experience. We prefer post as Google documents so that we can easily provide feedback and comment directly within your draft. You may also send us a plain text via email. Please also send/attach Your Name ,Email, 1 images of your so that we can publish article with your name and images/photo by Make You Author on Our Portal.

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