10 Best Books for NEET Biology Preparation

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NEET is the National Eligibility Entrance Test is the all-India pre-medical test that is conducted for qualifying students in MBBS and BDS programmes in Indian medical and dental colleges. 

This exam is conducted in the month of May. Students prefer to attend some coaching classes for clearing this kind of entrance exams, other than that some students get coaching from their own schools and use some specially published books for getting admissions in desired colleges. In this article, students can get to know some famous books for preparation for NEET exams. 

 There are plenty of books available in the market for NEET Preparation. And shortlisting and choosing the best one becomes a crucial task. But don’t worry below we have listed the 10 best books for NEET Preparation.

These are the Best Books for NEET Biology

NCERT books for NEET Biology

Yes, you will not believe it but NCERT is undoubtedly the best and most important book for preparations for NEET. NCERT of all three subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) is equally important. You cannot afford to miss thorough reading of NCERT books.

They can be your best friends for the preparation of the theory part. You can also highlight important points in the book, which will help you revise better. This is a highly suggested book for all NEET aspirants out there.

But keep one thing in mind, NCERT is not designed to help you crack NEET, it is designed keeping according to the board syllabus which can help you stiffen your basics and theory. Don’t depend totally on it. As you won’t see any direct questions from NCERT.

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Objective Physics by DC Pandey

books by DC Pandey is probably the best book for NEET. Its concise texts, shortcuts, and MCQs make the perfect combination. This book has a very good collection of questions. Solving those challenging and interesting questions need very clear concepts.

Now, this might seem difficult and way too much to a lot of aspirants, but as I said solving these questions will require clearer concepts which will also help you in the long run. So, this book is a package in itself.

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Concepts of Physics by HC Verma

If you’re a beginner then this book can be your lifesaver to have a complete grasp of the subject. This is an extensively good concept-based book. This book can be really helpful for your theory and conceptual portion.

This has a collection of concepts explained with simpler examples. HC Verma can boost your concepts to a great extent. This book has some long calculations and puzzling questions, which you can totally skip for NEET Preparation.

We recommend this particular book for theory. If you want to solve questions, DC Pandey is a better option.

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MTG NCERT at your Fingertips Physics

This book is a completely good package of MCQ questions to help prepare you for NEET. It’s an absolutely beneficial book with its best collection of objective questions.

It carries all types of MCQs like easy, medium, and hard. This helps you prepare for objective questions the best way. And another important point about this particular book is that it has a simple language, which is easily understandable for every student.

But remember, don’t do both DC Pandey and this book. It will not help you, both of these books have a great collection of questions so make sure you stick to anyone and don’t waste any of your time and efforts.

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Physical Chemistry OP Tandon

Physical Chemistry OP Tandon

This book explains physical chemistry in a very easy and attractive way. If you’re preparing for NEET then after NCERT this book is the one you can rely on. It has a perfect collection of all types of questions ( easy, medium, difficult) which helps you identify concepts in a clearer way.

This book contains both theoretical and numerical questions both solved and unsolved types. This covers the entire syllabus of physical chemistry. Specifically designed to help aspirants crack NEET, this book is highly recommended by us.

MS Chouhan Elementary Problems in Organic Chemistry for NEET

MS Chouhan is an excellent book for the preparation of NEET. Trust me, you’ll fall in love with Organic Chemistry after reading this book. You will be able to solve the hardest of the questions from Organic Chemistry after studying this book.

This book comprises crystal clear concepts. This book also comprises some concepts which are not much important from the NEET perspective so make sure you skip them. All in all this book is a must to prepare you for those hard questions asked in the NEET examination.

Truemans Biology volume 1 and 2

Truemans Biology volume 1 and 2

This book is one of the best-selling and top-rated books for NEET and AIIMS entrance exams. Volume 1 covers general information about biological topics and volume 2 covers class 12th syllabus which comes with AIIMS study materials and this study material is very useful for students preparing for entrance exams.

Truemans biology books contain chapter-wise synopsis followed by multiple-choice questions. The most important questions are printed in the back of the book and hints are mentioned for very difficult questions.

This book contains previous year’s NEET question papers. This book is the best choice for the toppers for medical entrance exams for the past 15 years. 

MTG Objective at your Fingertips Biology

This is undoubtedly the best book for your objective questions preparation. This book comprises all types of MCQs of all levels from easy to medium to hard, which is beneficial for all the students.

This book offers the best objective questions for NEET. This book has questions arranged chapter-wise and all based on NCERT. So if you’re not going with Truman’s Biology then this book is a must for you.

J.D. Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry for NEET

This is a very popular widely used book over the globe. J.D. Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry for NEET is specifically designed to help students prepare for NEET. This book comprises of simple and straightforward explanation of fundamental concepts. All the chapters are designed to help medical students and simplify the learning of the subject.

How to Choose the Best Books for NEET biology?

How to Choose the Best Books for NEET biology?

As I mentioned earlier choosing the right book can be a crucial task. But if one considers and analyzes all the perspectives then it becomes very easy to choose the best fit for you. Following are some points you can consider before buying any book for preparation for NEET.

●      Easy to read

When we talk about choosing the right book, this is the most important factor. What will one do with a book he/she cannot read. Obviously in that case that will be a bad choice. You need to choose a book which is written in a simple language. For example, choose a book written in 2+2=4 language not the one with 16-16×4+16-12=4 language.

●      Affordable

Yes, this is something very important. Most of the aspirants commit a mistake that they waste lots of money on materials and books which are unnecessary. And you will not do that. Make sure you choose a book that is not too cost-efficient. After all, NCERT is always there for you. So just buy another similar buddy to him.

●      Covers NCERT Portions

Whichever book you’re looking forward to buying makes sure it covers all the NCERT topics. The syllabus of NEET is total NCERT. And when you’re choosing a book it becomes important for you to consider this point.

There won’t be any question in the question paper that is out of NCERT’s syllabus. Don’t fall into the trap of books that claim to teach all the concepts. Most of them are not important for NEET.

●      Designed according to PYQs

In the NEET examination or for any competitive exams for that matter, there’s always a repetition of questions. This is why Previous year questions or PYQs are important.

Practicing previous year’s questions can be a great help if you’re preparing at the last moment. Solving multiple questions of all types and multiple MCQ helps, but Previous year questions are most helpful.

They also help you understand the pattern of questions which eventually you’re going to solve in the examination hall. While buying the book prioritize the books with PYQs and if possible choose the one with which contains chapter-wise previous year questions. 

●      Sticks to the point

Imagine reading a book that explains a simple chemical reaction with all its required conditions, temperature, diagrams, etc, and takes lots of time. When this reaction can be easily written in one line and studied in few minutes why waste pages and so much time.

Please don’t do the mistake of buying such a book. Look for a book that sticks to the point rather than making jalebis. A book that is straightforward will save you a lot of time and effort. HC Verma is one such example.

●      Loaded with questions

Practice is very very important while preparing for any competitive exam. No matter how many books you read, how many classes you attend, practice is the one and the only thing which will help you fetch maximum marks.

If you want to ace it in your NEET examination then you need to be very clear with the fact that practice is most important. And to practice more you need more and more questions. So, choose a book that has numerous questions of all types.

Try to solve as many as them. But there’s a catch, don’t buy a book that has lots of questions but is irrelevant and not important from the NEET perspective.


So these were all the Best Books for preparation for the NEET examination. And we also explained how you can choose the right book to shine in your exams. Now let’s look at our favorite and strongly recommend books at a glance.

NCERT is the Bible, Quran, Bhagavad Geeta for you. Highly recommended book to all the aspirants. Don’t miss thorough reading of each line of NCERT.

For chemistry, JD Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry and OP Tandon books are the best.

For physics, HC Verma and DC Pandey are more than enough.

For biology, Truman’s Biology is extremely good.

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