What are the Main Qualities Required to Become an IAS Officer?

Procuring the rank of the Indian Administrative Service(IAS) is a dream for most of the graduates. Apart from being a lucrative career opportunity and profession, IAS is the highest degree of serving the country with utmost dedication and sincerity

. Being one of the most powerful ranks in the government, becoming an IAS officer enables you to transform the country by implementing remarkable changes to successful nation-building. 

Each year, around 4-5lac aspirants appear for the CSE(Civil Service Examination) to become an IAS officer. Unfortunately, out of these, only 1000 candidates crack it and get a step ahead to acquire their dream job.

Despite devoting their entire dedication and focus to preparing for the post, it is quite unfortunate for aspirants who cannot make it. 

The question that arises here is why? Why are aspirants unable to crack the examination? What qualities do the lucky eligibles acquire? 

This guide speaks about 18 important qualities that are required to become an IAS. Without any further ado, let’s get started! 


This is the most essential trait that every IAS officer must possess. Being patriotic helps you to contribute more to the motherland even before your interest.

This may sound quite idealistic, however, this trait causes a huge monumental impact. By building a better country in the long run, acquiring a patriotic nature will assist you with all the actions that you need to take and are beneficial for the country. 

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IAS officers generally have to take charge of the entire district. Hence, if you aspire to become an IAS officer, you must have the ability to lead everyone in a certain district by presenting excellent leadership qualities.

Officers set an example. Thus, they become an ideal source of inspiration for each one in the team. 


As you work for your country, you must not be terrified to question any unethical deed.

Fighting when you see injustice, illegal practices, or ill-treatment with citizens, you set an example not just for the well-being of the country, but humankind as well. 

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There may be times when you might lose your temper. These are the times when you need to take control of your emotions.

Being patient and understanding is another important trait that is important to deal with so much in the country. 


Intelligence is not the only factor that helps you crack IAS. You should be a persevering person who strives to work for a longer period.

It requires huge patience and perseverance to bring a positive change in the entire country and among each citizen.

Meanwhile, keep in mind you are required to study for 5 years post-graduation. While you may succeed in the first go, you should always be a sport to fight hardships if required. 

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Intelligence and memory

Human Brain Lobes on Blackboard. Frontal lobe, occipital lobe, parietal lobe, and temporal lobe. Human hand pointing with chalk lobe of human brain.

Having good intelligence along with memory is essential. As the syllabus of IAS is lengthy, aspirants are required to cover a huge syllabus.

Along with this, you are required to write intriguing and intellectual answers by incorporating distinct perspectives to maximize your performance. 

Administrative qualities

Administrative qualities

Managing the administration is one of the chief responsibilities delegated to an IAS officer. Looking after the administration, right from bigger offices to smaller ones, inside his district is a huge task.

Hence, by being a fine administrator, you must be able to monitor all the activities that take place in your district. 

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Decision-making quality

Decision-making quality

Being the administrator, there will be times you will be dicey in taking hard decisions in complex situations. Handling the trickiest of situations with excellent decision-making skills is remarkable.

With the proper evaluation of the current circumstances, you are required to make the best decision to take everything under your control. 



CSE examinations are highly unpredictable. You can be a candidate who secures a top rank in the examination but may not get shortlisted the next year.

At times, some aspirants may fail to qualify for exams but achieve the title of IAS. Thus, when you sit for CSE exams, keep in mind that you are undergoing a risk.

However, you never know if you will qualify or fail to qualify, regardless, it is important to be a sport and take risks. What if you crack it in one go and become an officer? Think positive! 

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Here, hardworking denotes both ways. You need to be hardworking to prepare for the CSE examination and be hard working again after clearing the examination.

After clearing the examination, your task involves administering the areas that need funds for development with an accurate set of skills, knowledge, and a precise plan.

When you become an officer, you need to enforce laws and complete all the other necessities which require an extreme level of commitment and hard work. 



An officer is required to take several important decisions throughout his job. This makes it very clear and precise that being knowledgeable is another important trait of becoming an IAS.

Any individual who lacks proper knowledge cannot take decisions in their life. Similarly, no decisions can be brought without specific knowledge, looking at every aspect where an IAS officer has to deal with.

Having a correct skill set and knowledge is a must-have trait for this post, not only to incorporate multiple programs and policies of the government but to come up with innovative ideas and methods to implement them.

When you possess diverse knowledge, you will likely solve the ground-level issues, however, you can suggest ideas to higher authorities as well. Isn’t that amazing? 

Communication skills

Communication skills

This trait is such a trait that is required in every small and big job post. Lack of communication or poor communication skills causes immense trouble for both employer and employee.

In the case of an IAS officer, you can land in any trouble at any point in time if you lack communication skills. Being an IAS officer, you get to deal with high-level officials, dignitaries, senior officers, etc, below your rank or above your rank.

This calls for acquiring the quality of having excellent communication skills. To eradicate any major issues,  interacting well with higher authorities by understanding their orders and conveying the same to your junior authorities requires exceptional communication skills. 



Isn’t honesty the policy? Well, implementing this principle in life becomes tough for many individuals out there. However, if you are a government servant, being honest is a crucial factor.

Although there are a lot of employees who do not follow this principle that eventually hampers the entire government, you must not do so.

Having secured a powerful position in the area of administration, it is your duty and responsibility to follow the path of honesty thereby solving the challenges of corruption and illegal practices taking place inside the system as well as outside the system.

Incorporating a high level of honesty and integrity are the main requirements for the post of IAS. 

Legal and Rational Action

Legal and Rational Action

Being an IAS officer, you should always stick to the laws, rules, and regulations. When you abide by the rules, you work with honesty and dignity.

Under any inappropriate circumstances, you need to take legal actions to administer finely.


While you are working, make sure you gain superior knowledge, as you can be the one who will guide the future officers or upcoming bureaucrats. Hence, by being dedicated to your job, you set an example for all young minds. 



This is an important quality. Being an IAS officer, you will get to meet different people from different sections of society.

Hence, you need to have the tolerance to accept diverse views thereby looking at the issues objectively without being biased. 



You must have the principle of justice. Observing the act in the right and fair manner thereby taking fair decisions without favoring anyone in any situation will contribute to the fair play of government power to eradicate the delicate issues of social justice. 

Work Ethics

Work Ethics

An IAS officer should possess excellent work ethics. This includes avoiding malpractice of government machinery, showing up on time, etc. Work ethics not just helps you to perform efficiently, but you set a precedent for your juniors as well.

Remember there are lacs of aspirants struggling to achieve the job post. Hence, when you get it, having a work ethic is essential. 

Final Thoughts

With this, we come to the end of this guide. Irrespective of the personal notions, beliefs, and principles, if any IAS aspirant lacks any of the above-listed qualities, it can be difficult to be one of the lucky ones in the 1000 candidate count.

By keeping these traits in mind, you must implement all these qualities while you are at your workplace. If you strongly desire to become an IAS officer, start implementing these qualities in your life today! 

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