Best TNPSC Coaching Center in Chennai

TNPSC or Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission exam was established mainly by the constitution of India. The platform was established so that the Tamil Nadu government can hold public exams to shortlist candidates for various posts of public services, thereby serving the nation and its people.

It should be noted that the TNPSC exam is currently divided into four main streams:

  • Group1,
  • Group 2,
  • Group 3,
  • and Group 4.

If any student wants to know more about this platform, he or she can do it through the TNPSC portal itself. But, in this article guide, we’ll be discussing the top 10 best TNPSC coaching centers in Chennai.

Before we discuss the coaching Centres, it’s very important to know that the age eligibility for this exam is a minimum of 21 years and a maximum of 35 years.

If any candidate wants to sit for the exams after his or her 10th-grade exams, he or she can do so through the Group 4 exams. But, students who want to apply for the Group 1, 2 & 3 posts, and then they need to have a graduation degree from a recognized university. Apart from that, students can even sit for the exams if they are in their final year of college.

The following institutes comprise the lists of TNPSC coaching center in Chennai,

We Shine Academy


This coaching center is very well-known in Tamil Nadu mainly for bank coaching, railway exams, TNPSC, and SSC coaching classes. The center always follows a holistic approach when it comes to teaching the students.

Furthermore, students get access to at least two free demo classes before they can get enrolled in the main courses. Once the student registers with the coaching center, he or she will have the option to choose between weekend or weekday classes.


The fees charged by the center is 8400 INR for six months.  

Success story/faculty

When it comes to providing advantages to its students, this coaching center offers lifetime support to all its students and their online classes can be taken from anywhere in India.

If a student wants to obtain direct classes, he or she can easily do so by contacting the nearest center. Periodic mock-tests are taken along with topic wise unit tests are also carried out by the teachers.

Contact details

Address – 8B, 4, Near Adayar Bhavan, Chromepet, Pudhuvai Nagar West, Rangaswamy Street, Chennai – 600044.

Phone – 8939 144 344

tnpsc coaching centres in chennai

Race Coaching


This is one of the pioneer institutes when it comes to providing coaching classes for TNPSC exam preparations. The institute has a pretty impressive record and also organizes guest lectures by some of the ex-toppers in the TNPSC exams.

The test series programs that are conducted by the coaching center include both main as well as preliminary exams. 


The average fees charged by the center is around 13,000 INR for six months.  

Success story/faculty

It should be noted that the faculties that are responsible for holding the classes are all dynamic and young mentors. They are the real strength behind all of the achievements of the institute along with the meritorious students as well.

They help in imparting quality teaching procedures and ensuring that students are provided with a proper orientation of the said subject.

Contact details

Address – #1 South Usman Road, Thyagaraya Nagar, Opp. T Nagar Bus Terminus, Chennai -600017

Phone – 090433 03030

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Officer’s IAS Academy


This TNPSC coaching center in Chennai has been newly set up by a competent team of administrators along with the top consultants and teachers in the field of providing teaching for public service exams.

The main objective of this center has always been to impart knowledgeable data to each prospective candidate out there. Apart from providing TNPSC coaching, it provides IAS and UPSC coaching as well.  


For an integrated 15 to 16 months course, an amount of 1.3 lac INR is charged from the students. 

Success story/faculty

The top TNPSC coaching center in Chennai has pretty well-crafted modules for teaching that are designed in such a manner that they help the candidates to know their strengths and weaknesses.

The teachers who have collaborated with the center also act as mentors for the students, so that they can also guide them in the correct pathway of life – apart from helping in educational affairs. 

Contact Details

Address – 6th  Ave, 935, I-Block, Aishwarya Colony, Chennai, Anna Nagar, Tamil Nadu -600040

Phone – 044 4048 3555

Email– N/A

All India Civil Service


The coaching center has been established with only one aim in mind and that is to sharpen and chisel the minds of the younger generation when it comes to the TNPSC exams.

Since the TNPSC exams have always been a tough nut to crack, the institute exclusively provides all the required study materials along with test series for the candidates to have complete 360-degree knowledge of the entire syllabus.


The average fees for six months that are charged by the center are around 20,000 INR.

Success story/faculty

Apart from offering guidance according to the latest syllabus, the coaching center also ensures that each student maintains his or her disciple when studying with the teachers.

Regular homework is provided so that the students are kept in touch with their studies and therefore helps to extract better performance from the candidates as well. 

Contact details

Address – 163/1 Kanchi, Raja Annamalai Puram, PS Kumarasamy Raja Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600028

Phone – 044 2462 1909

Email [email protected] 

best tnpsc coaching centres in chennai

Smart Leaders IAS


The center has been currently ranked at number five in Chennai and the main reason for such popularity is because the management is always proactive in introducing new ways of teaching.

The center provides a monthly magazine to each of its students so that they can get an idea of what current affairs are going on around the world.


The average fees charged by the center is around 1.25 lac INR for a two years course. 

Success story/faculty

Aside from regular study materials and printed notes, NCERT books are also provided by the center to the students so that they can gain on their basic, fundamental concepts.

The students are provided with the facility to give mock tests online as well. Apart from teaching the TNPSC exam course, the faculty imparts coaching for the UPSC course as well.

Contact details

Address – No.9, Plot No. 2163, 12th  Main Road, L-Block, Anna Nagar West, Opp Grace Matric Hr. Sec. School, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600040

Phone – 072000 10122

Email[email protected] 

Cracking IAS


Established in the year 2005, this TNPSC coaching center in Chennai has been able to achieve a lot of success within a very short period. The institute comprises of a team of skilled faculty that makes the process of exam preparation for students quite easier and effortless.

Apart from that, the center provides the usual study material to all the enrolled students as well.


For a one year integrated course, the center charges around 1.2 lac INR per student. 

Success story/faculty

The periodic mock test facility has been set up by the center in collaboration with the teachers, which help the students take a step-by-step approach when covering the entire syllabus of the TNPSC exams.

Aside from that, printed notes along with 24×7 support are offered to every student who has enrolled for their educational courses.

Contact details

Address – No. 59/1228, 2nd floor, Anna Nagar, 18th Main Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600040

Phone – 098845 54654

Email –  crackingia[email protected]

top tnpsc coaching centres in chennai

Periyar IAS Academy


One of the most noteworthy features of this coaching center is that each student is provided separate personal attention by the teachers so that any issues or doubts can be cleared easily.

The management running the center is indeed very honest about the fees that they charge and ensure that the parents of the students can maintain belief in their work.


For a ten-month course, an average amount of 50,000 INR is charged for every student.

Success story/faculty

The faculty of this institute not only helps to shape the career of the students but also their future lives as well. They provide an innovative and up-to-date teaching procedure that can cater to most of the students studying there.

Moreover, the center also helps in improving the Spoken English skills of the candidates and offers other educational courses related to banking and UPSC. 

Contact details

Address – 84/1 EVK, Vepery, Sampath Salai, Chennai – 600007

Phone – 044 2661 8056

Email[email protected] 

Success IAS Academy


Established in the year 2003, the center has since been an excellent place to prepare for TNPSC and UPSC exams. The institute has been continuously producing toppers in each of the above-mentioned exams and most of the students have been able to reach the apex of their careers eventually.


The center charges around 1.05 lac INR for each student to study the entire course. 

Success story/faculty

What separates this center from the others is their overall teaching procedure. The center has been teaching not only for the TNPSC exams but also for IPS, IAS, and UPSC.

Therefore, naturally, teaching standards have always been higher than ever. Moreover, such teaching measures wouldn’t have been achieved without its meritorious faculty which also helps the center reach its remarkable goals in terms of student results.

Contact Details

Address – 4F, 13th Block, Jains Green Acres, Jamin Pallavaram, Dharga Road, Near Vels University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600043

Phone – 044 2266 3382

Email [email protected] 

Chinmaya IAS


This center has been in the business of molding students for success in the TNPSC exams for quite some time now. The professional teaching facilities along with their excellent support helps students to achieve ranks much easier than traditional approaches.

The center introduces the use of modern-day coaching technologies along with intelligent faculty that also acts as mentors for the students.


The average fee charged by the center is 75,000 INR for 15 months. 

Success story/faculty

The mission of the coaching center has always been to create the best version of a teaching facility in India for imparting education related to public service exam preparation.

The institute has always been devoted to its students because only the correct way of exam preparation can provide the students with the perfect amount of success.

Apart from that, the teachers also stress more about choosing the correct path for ethnic and traditional values in the life of the student.

Contact details

Address – Plot No. 5063, Z Block, Anna Nagar West, Belly Area, Chennai, Tamil Nadu -600040

Phone – 098407 01008

Email [email protected]

lists of tnpsc coaching centres in chennai

Sathya IAS


This institute has been the choice for most of the meritorious students residing in Chennai because of their overall preparation scheme or course.

The center has been in the field for the last 15 years and the faculty always believes in the ‘go with the flow’ concept. This means that the students should always study hard without thinking of the ultimate results. 


For an 11-month course, the center charges around 74,000 INR per student. 

Success story/faculty

Besides having competent faculty as well as infrastructure to teach students, the center also invests highly in making some of the most updated study materials for each of the concerned course.

Moreover, the management of the institute ensures that the needs of each student are met, which is why one-on-one sessions with teachers for doubt-clearing is thereby held.

Contact details

Address – #758, NSK Nagar Signal, Arumbakkam, Poonamalli High Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600106

Phone – 089390 91939

Email[email protected] 

Fees of TNPSC coaching in Chennai

When it comes to the TNPSC coaching center in Chennai fees, it should be noted that there is no ‘one-size fits all’ concept here. From the above fee quotations, we can see that the average fees range between 60,000 INR to 70,000 INR for a single year or six-month course. However, every other center has its own way of implementing the fee structures.

For example, Centre A charges 70,000 INR for a 6-month course, while Centre B charges 1.4 lac for a 12-month course.

Therefore, direct comparison in regards to the center fees cannot be done objectively, which is why it’d be a better idea for the student to first contact his or her preferred coaching center and know about the fee details.

In that way, the student along with his or her parents would be able to obtain a better solution.

How have we selected the 10 TNPSC coaching center in Chennai?

top tnpsc coaching centres in chennai

The following criteria are used to shortlist the above list of coaching centers for the TNPSC exams in Chennai,

The Faculty

This is one of the foremost factors that should be looked into before choosing the respective coaching centers. The overall teaching methodology followed by the teachers along with their experience counts very much in imparting a perfect channel of knowledge to the student.

The classes that are to be held inside the coaching center should always maintain a respectable amount of quality. 

The Test Series

The coaching center may help the student to know about the subject matters in a precise manner, but without testing that knowledge through exams, the end result will not be fruitful.

This is the reason why it’s important to know the number of tests the center will be taking regularly and whether there is an option to opt for online mock tests as well.

The Past Results

The students should not just rely on the marketing and advertising of the coaching centers. Instead, they should be looking for unbiased ways to find the truth such as asking ex-students and their parents.

Knowing the past results will help the students learn about the quality of teaching procedures and also their way of handling the whole exam preparation. 

The Travel Time

It should always be known that no amount of coaching is equal to self-study. Therefore, students should always minimize their traveling time and instead put that time into doing more self-study.

This will help the students learn more about the subject matters in detail and thereby have a clear understanding of the exam preparation. 


Finding the correct coaching center in this day & age has always been a difficult job. This is because every other coaching center will claim to be the best in the business, which is why it’s a major problematic task to separate the good from the bad. 

Keeping that in mind, we hope that the above-mentioned best TNPSC coaching centers in Chennai would be highly essential in knowing which ones to opt for in regards to the exam preparation procedures.

Having said that, we wish all the students good luck in their journey to crack the TNPSC exams and eventually achieve their dream careers.  

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