The medical industry in Canada- A Brief Intro

Canada is a small country that is located in North America and is home to some of the best 

colleges in terms of studying medicine. The majority of the institutions here have a well-built 

infrastructure and that is why students find it much favorable into taking up various courses 

here in the country. If you are an Indian student ready to go to Canada for studying MBBS, 

then let us look at some of the best colleges that are best known for studying medicine.

Top Colleges in Canada for studying MBBS:

Studying MBBS in Canada has its own perks. If you are really interested in moving to the 

country to study medicine and other associated courses, then some of the top colleges that are famous here are as follows:

●University of Western Ontario

●University of Waterloo

●Trinity Western University

●University of Alberta

●Queen’s University

●University of Calgary

●University of Victoria

●University of Fraser valley

Getting in touch with the eligibility criteria for studying MBBS here in Canada:

Once you have selected the college of study, it is really essential to understand the eligibility criteria that all Indian students must have in mind. Therefore, some of the most important ones are as follows:

●The candidates willing to study MBBS or other medical courses here in any one of the Canadian universities must be above the age of 18 years. 

●They must also provide proof of their age by showing the certificate of birth. This must be duly attested by the student along with the other set of documents. 

●Each of the candidates must also produce their school certificates. These certificates must also be signed by the student and then produced before the admission panel. 

●Students taking up the study of MBBS must have either biology or physics in their class 12 or class 10 school exams. Without these subjects, no student is entitled to study medicine here in Canada. 

●Also, in addition to producing all of the above documents, there is an essential criterion for producing the medical exam certificate. Students must have passed the MCAT exam for studying MBBS in the country. This exam is mandatory and must be given by all students who plan to study medicine. 

●In addition to passing the MCAT exam, the English proficiency exam is also very important. Students must be having an IELTS score above 6 bands in order to qualify. If any of the above criteria’s are missed out, then probably admission is not possible in any of the medical colleges in Canada. 

Requirements that help in studying MBBS in Canada:

MBBS study is likely one of the best in Canada. Therefore, some of the additional requirements that form an important part of admission are as follows:

●Get in touch with a valid student visa first. The visa must be extendable in order to continue studying in the country. 

●Candidates must be able to produce their own passport size photographs along with other educational proof of exam. 

●There are two passport size photos necessary as well and these photos must be attested. 

●Along with passing MCAT, NEET exam is also necessary and the certificate must be produced as well. 

Why choose Canada for studying MBBS?

Canada is a very vibrant country and offers to showcase huge opportunities for students coming from all over the world. The reasons as to why the medical industry of Canada is hugely developed are because of the following reasons:

●The studying atmosphere of Canada is one of the best and that is why it is good for all Indian students to get in touch with other students and happen to collaborate on projects as well. 

●The medical society of Canada is one of the best and candidates can have a budding opportunity here when attempting to study MBBS.

●All of the aspirants can secure a well-drafted opportunity to get jobs after completing the course and therefore, you do not want to miss out on the opportunity here. Thus, with all due respect, taking MBBS as the course of study here in Canada surely has its merits and therefore, you can choose to apply for the colleges after seeing the eligibility criteria.  

By Sourav Pathak

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