Symbiosis Distance learning MBA-Admission, Fees, Eligibility 2022

There’s no denying that SCDL or Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning is currently one of the top business schools located in India that also happens to provide various types of education management courses in India.

One of the most popular courses that are provided by the distance learning protocol of Symbiosis Business School is its MBA program or technically known as PGDBA. It should be known that the PGDBA course of Symbiosis distance MBA admission is also one of the highly accepted management courses that students can find out on the market.  

In case a student is living inside a small city in India and doesn’t have the necessary resources to opt for a full-on MBA course, then going ahead with the SCDL distance learning MBA course will be a much safer bet.

Even if a student is living in a metro city and doesn’t have the required time to pursue a full-time course, then he or she is also on the right track to choosing such a PGDBA course. Apart from that, it should be remembered that the candidates who are looking to get admitted into the Symbiosis Distance Learning MBA course will need to fulfill some of the basic eligibility requirements along with other criteria relating to the admission.

In this article guide, we’ll be going through the Symbiosis Distance Learning MBA program in-detail, including its fees, eligibility, placement, course duration and the like.

Courses Offered by Symbiosis

The following is a list of all the major courses that students can pursue at Symbiosis, especially when it comes to distance learning MBA courses:

  • PG Diploma in Technical Writing in Business Management
  • PG Diploma in Customer Relationship Management
  • PG Diploma in Business and Corporate Laws
  • PG Diploma in Export and Import Management
  • PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management
  • PG Diploma in Pre-Primary Teachers Training
  • PG Diploma in Instructional Design
  • PG Diploma in Banking and Finance
  • PG Diploma in International Business
  • PG Diploma in Educational Administration
  • PG Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • PG Diploma in IT Management
  • PG Diploma in Insurance Management
  • PG Diploma in Business Administration (with specializations)
  • PG Diploma in Retail Management

Apart from pursuing Symbiosis distance learning MBA in hospital management, it should be further kept in mind that students can also pursue the following mentioned specializations when it comes to PG Diploma in the subject of Business Administration:

  • PGDBA in Customer Relationship Management
  • PGDBA in Management Accounting
  • PGDBA in Finance
  • PGDBA in Operations
  • PGDBA in Marketing
  • PGDBA in Human Resource

Students after completing their distance learning MBA program from Symbiosis Business School can opt for various career paths such as, 

  1. recruitment coordinator
  2. business analyst
  3. purchase manager
  4. financial analyst
  5. marketing manager
  6. brand manager
  7. sales manager
  8. placement officer
  9. senior HR officer
  10. brand head
  11. administrative head
  12. team leader
  13. customer service manager
  14. business development manager
  15. project manager

When it comes to the teaching methodology used by Symbiosis, mainly for its programs, it uses a unique blend of learning cues that combines various forms of complementary features that assists with the overall procedure. 

Some of the best features include:-

  • Chat sessions for providing doubt clearing classes.
  • Digital e-learning.
  • Virtual classrooms for students and teachers.
  • The study material that can be used for self-learning by students.

Eligibility Criteria For Admission in Symbiosis

Eligibility Criteria

Age Limit: There is no bar when it comes to the age limit for the distance learning MBA course.

List of criteria that students need to fulfill:-

  • The candidate should be a graduate pass out or hold a bachelor’s degree in any stream from a recognized college or university to qualify for symbiosis distance learning MBA admission.
  • If there’s any international student who is planning to apply from abroad then that student should possess a similar bachelor’s degree from any recognized college or university abroad.
  • It should be known that students, who are in their final year and are thereby waiting for their results, can also apply for the program. However, they need to apply provincially in this case. 

When talking about the overall duration of the course, it should be kept in mind that the Diploma courses that are being offered at the Symbiosis Distance Learning Business School are generally two years. The total validity that is provided to the college to complete the master’s course is four academic years at maximum.

Fee Structure of Symbiosis Distance MBA

Fee Structure of Symbiosis Distance mba

If any student wants to get admitted into the distance learning MBA course from Symbiosis Business School, he or she will have the option to pay the Symbiosis distance learning MBA fee structure in two separate installments. The time limits that are put across by the college are: 

  • The first installment should be paid within 15 days of getting admitted into the course.
  • The second installment should be paid within 30 days of obtaining course admission.

The following is the current fee structure that is charged by the Symbiosis Business School for its PG Diploma courses:

  • PGDIB, PGDITM, PGDBA (with specializations), PGDBF and PGDEA
    Total fees charged for the General Category- 40,000 INR
    Total fees for the Police, Defence Personnel and Paramilitary – 37,000 INR.

Total fees for the General Category – 30,000 INR
Total fees for Defence Personnel, Police and Paramilitary – 26,000 INR

In case the course fee is paid in installments, the following are the said amounts that need to be submitted:

  • For the PGDIB, PGDITM, PGDBF and PGDEA courses for the General Category – 27,000 INR for the 1st Installment and 17,000 INR for the 2nd Installment For Paramilitary, Defence Personnel and Police – 26,000 INR for the 1st Installment and 15,000 INR for the 2nd installment.
    For the General Category – 23,000 INR for the 1st installment and thereby 12,000 INR for the 2nd installment. For the Police, Paramilitary and Defence Personnel – 20,000 INR for the 1st installment and then 10,000 INR for the 2nd one.

The fees that are charged for the SAARC students are around 92,000 INR or 1,300 USD.

For all the international students who are planning to perform the course from abroad need to pay around 1.7 Lac INR or around 2,400 USD.

The admission fees can either be paid online through the official website or cash through the Symbiosis Pune Campus. Apart from that, demand drafts are also accepted. 

Accreditation Status of symbiosis by UGC

Accreditation Status of symbiosis by UGC

When it comes to the accreditation status of the Symbiosis Business School by UGC, it should be noted that the university has already been awarded a Category-I status by the UGC.

The university has also received an A-Grade rating by the NAAC with an overall score of 3.58 out of a maximum of 4. Also, in the NIRF 2019 university rankings, the university was ranked at 56 places, which is quite commendable.

Speaking of the world rankings, the university has been ranked at 109 places in the BRICS QS. Moreover, it should be known that the Symbiosis Business School is the only university from India that has received the honor of the Asia Pacific Quality Label.

If any student wants to consider the law, management and media institutes of the university, it should be remembered that they’re ranked top 10 across the country.

How to apply for admission in Symbiosis?

How to apply for admission in Symbiosis

The following are some of the important steps that students need to take to apply for the admission procedure for the Symbiosis Business School:

  • First and foremost, students need to purchase the admission form online through Symbiosis Portal especially for the two years PGDBA program.
  • Once the admission form has been purchased online, the required candidate needs to take a print out of the same, fill up all the necessary details, attach the required documents and then mail the same through speed post to the Pune campus of Symbiosis.
  • To complete the overall admission procedure, students need to also submit the course fees. In this case, candidates need to submit the first installment of the total course fees.
  • The Symbiosis Distance Learning Course also conducts an admission test for which the student needs to appear first before they can be selected for the course.

It should be noted that the current registration fee is around 1,000 INR plus GST, which needs to be paid online via

It’s also advised for the candidates to know the method or procedure of the admission process in detail from the official website and keep themselves updated because further communication channels will not be provided from the university side.

Students should take a print out of the admit card and appear with the same on the day of the admission or selection test. Once the admission test is over, the shortlisted candidates will be published on the official website for the Symbiosis Business School, along with a merit list for the hardworking students.

Email id in regards to any admission queries [email protected].

The documents that are required for the admission process:

  • Candidate photographs.
  • Scorecard of the candidate’s valid entrance test for MBA.
  • Work experience document proof.
  • Name document proof.
  • All academic documents of the candidate.

Availability of Application Form Symbiosis Distance MBA

Availability of Application Form

Students who are planning to get into MBA distance learning courses provided by the Symbiosis Business School should note that the prospectus along the admission form can either be bought online or can be obtained physically from the Pune campus of Symbiosis. The admission form can also be obtained from selected branches of HDFC Bank. The total cost including taxes for the admission form along with prospectus will come to around 1,500 INR.

It should be noted that the registration fee online for the SAARC and international students is around 100 USD.

Features of Symbiosis Distance MBA

Features of Symbiosis Distance MBA

The following are some of the major features of the Symbiosis Business School that every student needs to know about:

  1. Award-Winning

It should be noted that the Symbiosis Business School has won several prestigious awards in the past, especially for offering high-quality management courses through their distance learning programs.

Various magazines like Outlook Magazine along with multiple online educational websites have greatly appreciated the efforts put across by Symbiosis.

Furthermore, the Maharashtra Government has also commended the work. Therefore, the overall contribution made by Symbiosis Distance Learning has been greatly acknowledged.

  1. Option Of Online Classrooms

When it comes to providing online classrooms, Symbiosis provides the same not only to its students but also to its faculties as well. This means that students who enroll for the distance learning courses can easily attend a live classroom online along with the tools to interact with the teachers in a more personal manner – all through the help of the internet.

  1. Option Of Electronic Learning

One of the main features that sets Symbiosis apart from the other business schools is its main focus on e-learning. The platform that is provided by Symbiosis to its students is quite state-of-the-art and has cutting edge technology.

The technology along with its case studies and scenarios have been developed in-house with the help of the faculties of Symbiosis.

  1. Option Of Electronic Mentoring

For each class taken by the teachers, Symbiosis ensures that there’s always a periodic chat session where the students could interact with their teachers, ask questions and clear their doubts.

This is quite helpful especially before the times of examinations where students need to ask multiple questions or get small concepts cleared. At no point of time, students will feel that they’re being left out of the loop.

  1. Study Material That Is Meant To Self Learn

The academics department of Symbiosis has prepared self-learning study materials for the students to uptake, according to the various courses provided by the business school.

After admission and before the start of online classes, study materials are provided to all the respective students.

Each student is provided with his or her respective study materials.

Placements of Symbiosis Distance MBA

Placements of Symbiosis Distance MBA

It should not come as a surprise that the post-graduate diploma course at Symbiosis Business School for distance learning is created in such a manner that upon completion of the same, students will get a host of opportunities in the real world.

Students will have the option to either opt for middle or even higher-level management positions of multiple organizations – both Indian as well as international ones. Some of the key job profiles of students passing out from the Symbiosis Business School are:

  • Brand Marketing Manager
  • Financial Planner/Treasurer/Controller/Accounting Head
  • Business Development Manager
  • International Logistics Provider
  • Business/Financial Analyst
  • Risk Analyst/Manager
  • Technical Lead

The following are some of the lists of companies that generally recruit students after the completion of their MBA distance learning programs from Symbiosis Business School:

  • Airtel
  • Hindalco Industries Ltd
  • HCL
  • Bajaj Finance Ltd
  • IBM
  • Bharti Pvt. Ltd
  • Vodafone
  • Cipla
  • Wipro
  • Collabera
  • Eaton Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • Arvind Ltd. EPIC Research
  • SBI General Insurance
  • TAFE Ltd
  • Sarthak Housing
  • Shri Krishna Agro Equipment Pvt. Ltd
  • Wonderbar Kids (Mindseed)
  • Pangea Global Services
  • Posiview Technologies
  • BSA Corporation Ltd.
  • TAS India Pvt. Ltd.

Frequently Asked Question About Symbiosis Distance MBA

How is distance learning used in symbiosis?

When it comes to providing distance learning courses by Symbiosis, some of the main features that are provided are e-learning facilities, online classrooms, providing relevant study materials and electronic mentoring for doubt clearing classes. Using all these mentioned features, Symbiosis provides a top-quality education faculty for the students to aid in their learning procedure.

How good is symbiosis distance learning?

SCDL or Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning is currently one of the top institutions in India offering various types of distance-learning management courses. The Symbiosis Business School has been ranked as one of the top 10 MBA schools across India by numerous reputed websites and magazines alike. Furthermore, the MBA distance learning course from Symbiosis has a high acceptance rate in the corporate world. 

What are the fees for a distance learning MBA course from Symbiosis?

It should be noted that compared to other b-schools in the market, Symbiosis has quite affordable admission fees for its students. The fee structure is described as follows:
Program Fee – INR 40000
Application Form Fee – INR 1500
Students have the option to pay the fees in two separate installments, where the first installment
amount is 27,000 INR and the second one being 17,000 INR. A discount of 3,000 INR is provided to Police, Defence Personnel and Paramilitary.

Is Symbiosis Distance Learning Aicte approved?

Since Symbiosis only provides MBA diploma courses and not degree programs, AICTE approval is not required.

Is it worth doing a distance MBA course from Symbiosis?

As Symbiosis is one of the reputed business schools in India and the students who pass out from Symbiosis go on to work for multiple big organizations, it’s safe to say that the course is worth it.

Is Symbiosis PGDM equivalent to MBA?

Even though Symbiosis doesn’t provide any MBA degree courses, the two years PGDM program from Symbiosis is considered to be as equal of course as an MBA degree by numerous organizations in India. 

Contact Information

Address: Symbiosis Knowledge Village, Tal: Mulshi, Dist: Pune, Pin Code 412115, Gram: Lavale

Telephone: 020-61936000 / 020- 28116000 / 7304445959 

Fax: 020-28116060

Email: [email protected] 

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