Best Books for SSC CGL

which book is best for ssc exam?

SSC CGL exam is an exam where you aim to get into different kind of government jobs.

It was a test established in 1975 to open seats for a government job.

The enrollment notice from the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) draws in lakhs of competitors who want to work in this field.

The Combined Graduate Level (CGL), one of the enlistment examinations under SSC, is the most well-known exam directed for enrolling candidates to Group B and Group C posts in different services and offices.

The SSC CGL 2018 Tier-I will be held during July and August. The foremost and basic priority of a candidate is to find the most appropriate books.

There are numerous SSC CGL books in the market, so you need to know which books are best for preparation.

The examination will be led in four levels, and Tier-I comprises of four areas, specifically, general intelligence and reasoning, quantitative aptitude, general awareness, and English language.

How to select the best books to prepare for SSC CGL?

which book is best for reasoning for sscc cgl?

There is an abundance of books available in the market, but the problem is with the fact that every book claims to be the best one.

This confuses the candidate to decide which one to buy.

Candidates waste their time buying not such an important book or end up buying an expensive book.

Following are some of the basic rules to follow for selecting the best books.

  • The books must have the best study materials based on the current pattern of exam.
  • The SSC CGL book must contain detailed solutions along with the question.
  • Candidates should go for one or two books at most for a subject.
  • Before getting the books, the candidate must go through it through it roughly, language and pattern.

Best  SSC CGL English Books

  1. Objective General English by S.P. Bakshi (Buy Online)

Various concepts are embedded in the book to make you understand the basic idea of English. Grammar is constructively built to make you understand better.

The book is error free and is published by Arihant. Grammar is taken up by the mind if you learn it through a practical approach. You should know the rules of the language before starting it.

Objective General English will be advantageous for all the candidates giving any kind of competitive exam.  There is a large number of revision exercises.

  1. High School English Grammar & Composition by Wren & Martin (Buy Online)

Wren & Martin has always been a top-notch book in Grammar.

Schools or entrance exams, this book always comes to your rescue. Vocabulary is also good in this book, and you should learn it every day.

Rules of grammar are given in a very methodical format, go through it while solving questions. Wren and Martin teach you the basics of the language.

This is the reason why many students opt for this book.

It has books for every level. Try and learn the ground rules first and then go for advanced levels.

About English exam:

There are 3 important aspects that you require to excel to efficiently prepare for SSC CGL Tier 1 English test. These three aspects are comprehension and vocabulary.

If you are able to achieve proficiency in grammar and vocabulary, you can consider half battle won. All you need to work on after this is comprehension.

The patterns of the questions appearing in this exam tend to get repeated very often. Therefore, a thorough preparation can assist you to wrap this section up within 10 minutes in the actual examination. Practice various comprehension passages daily.

The trick to solve these is to reach the questions given below before reading the passage.

So when you are reading the passage afterward, you will know exactly what you are looking for.

You can also get to know where the answer lies to a particular question, so you do not have to trace the entire passage again and waste more time.

When you need to prepare for the Vocabulary section, check the meaning of the word whenever you come across a new word and try to reuse it and look for its synonyms and antonyms in the sentences.

Make sure that you go through every new word that you encounter in the previous years question paper. You will also improve your grammar with reading more frequently.

Try as many questions as you can on the topics like fill in the blanks, phrase replacement, and error spotting. Move on to the other resources once you are done with the previous year’s papers.

Try to develop a habit of quickly scanning across some newspapers like “The Hindu” on a regular basis.

Topics covered in the English Language and Comprehension section include 48% of Vocabulary, 32% of Grammar and 20% of Reading Comprehension.

English is not going to work without grammar and vocabulary. In the tier-1 round, your ability to write and comprehend is going to be tested.

Tier-2 round, you will be asked to spot errors, fill the blanks, meaning and opposites will be asked, search for wrongly spelled words, idioms, phrases, substituting with smaller words, direct/ indirect speech and passages.

which is the best books for ssc combined graduate level?

Best SSC CGL General Awareness Books

  1. Lucent’s General Knowledge by Dr. Binary Karn (Buy Online)

History, geography, economy, science and Indian politics are the subjects covered in this book.

It is one of the most recommended books by experts and teachers.

It will make sure that you know the events right from the start.

Understanding politics becomes easy with this book as it teaches of hierarchies and positions of different ministries. It will clear all your doubts.

  1. General Knowledge by Arihant Publications  (Buy Online)

Statistical data and everyday facts are mentioned in the book.

This will help in solving your questions more effectively and easily.  General knowledge is best acclaimed by daily reading.

But if you have not read from the very start, then this book comes to your rescue.

It will enlarge your brain and prepare effectively for your exam.

About General Awareness Exam

General awareness (GA) is the section which is the easiest to score well in the entire exam paper.

This section is not going to take more than 10 minutes of your time while you are giving the exam if you prepare this section thoroughly now.

The time that you utilize in this section could be used in doing calculations in the Quantitative Aptitude section to carry out the long calculations.

The exam typically has more questions from static general knowledge than the current affairs.

Therefore, more focus should be on static general knowledge and stay in touch with current affairs simultaneously.

Static GK primarily consists of questions from topics like Polity, Economy, Environment, Indian History, Culture,  Geography (India and Worldwide), You can make mind maps to remember facts, makes notes and cause and effect and chronology of events etc.

This trick makes the revision process quicker.

The order of priority to prepare the subjects should be Science then Polity then History then Geography then Economy and Miscellaneous.

Topics covered in the GA and GK Section includes 40% of General science, 40% of Static GK, 10% of Current Affairs and the rest 10% of Miscellaneous

The key to passing this exam is observation. Know your daily facts, and you are good to go. Current affairs are the most asked topic in this subject.

Write your own notes. Collect information throughout the year. Note down all the big scams and affairs. This will help you to revise well. Be self-updated.

Is Lucent GK enough for SSC CGL?

Best SSC CGL Maths Books

  1. SSC Elementary and Advanced Mathematics by Kiran Prakashan (Buy Online)

The major advantage of this book is that it is specially written for candidates who are giving SSC CGL exam. You’ll have everything- from basics to advanced level of statistics and maths.

Solve the questions which are given at the back of every chapter.

This will make sure you practice every day. Learn your basics first, memorize the formulas and you are good to go.

  1. Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Rajesh Varma  (Buy Online)

Time is the most important aspect while giving exams.

This book will exactly help you to do that. It has various shortcuts to many concepts.

At the end of the book, they have also given practice papers.

Practice papers are important to solve as you’ll know how much you have understood.

  1. Quantitative Aptitude by Dr. R. S. Aggarwal  (Buy Online)

This is chosen by most of the candidates because it solves your concepts by teaching the basics of it.

It also has tips and tricks to solve the question of every concept.

About SSC CGL Maths Exam

Quantitative aptitude is considered to be the toughest and most time-consuming section of the whole exam. You should utilize the time and make yourself an expert in some if not all the areas of the quant section.

The most important yet easy topics to begin quant with are data interpretation, boat, and stream, speed, distance and time.

Ratio and proportion, profit and loss, and percentage.

These topics are scoring and easy by spending just a little time with them.

Go through the previous years questions and analyze the nature of questions that are asked in these previous years paper as well as other crucial topics.

Learn all the important formulas and keep a stopwatch with aside while practicing questions.

Do not underestimate the importance of analyzing your progress while preparing for this section.

Solve as many several types of questions and topics as you can to know the weak and strong areas.

Practice all those questions which you are more confident about around two weeks before the exam.

During the examination, do not allot more than 25-30 minutes to this section.

Topics covered in this section includes 48% of Arithmetic, 8% of Algebra, 8% Trigonometry, 16% of Geometry and Mensuration, and 20% of Data Interpretation.

To excel in your statistics paper, you need rigorous practice. Know and clear your basic concepts. Learn all the formulas by heart. Know various shortcuts to speed up your solving.

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which book is best for maths for sscc cgl?

Best  SSC CGL Reasoning Books

  1. Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by Dr. R.S. Aggarwal (Buy Online)

It has practice questions at the end of every chapter. This will help you analyze your reasoning. The book will push your brain to think more and reason effectively. Tips and tricks are given to make you reason perfectly.

  1. Analytical Reasoning by M.K. Pandey  (Buy Online)

This is mostly recommended for non- verbal reasoning. It has diverse concepts that will help you in solving exams.  Get all the concepts cleared and clear your doubts. Practice all that is given at the back of every concept.

  1. Logical and Analytical Reasoning by A.K. Gupta  (Buy Online)

It has solved practice papers which will help you know how to solve certain questions. It is also better to refer to solutions for revision.

About SSC CGL Reasoning Exam:

Solving General Intelligence and Reasoning questions can be a very tricky task unless you have had sufficient practice.

Try at least 50 General Intelligence and Reasoning questions every single day in addition to solving practice papers.

You can complete practicing around 2000 questions of General Intelligence and Reasoning before the actual exam comes.

More practicing will also gradually help you devise tricks of your own to handle the questions that are tricky. Some of the topics are very easy and scoring such as figure based questions, series, coding, and decoding, analogy, puzzles etc.

Move on to more versatile questions, and you will notice a huge improvement in your accuracy within a week with consistent practice.

Furthermore, figure counting, image assembling, and nonverbal reasoning topics etc. require you to employ visual imagination.

Solving some of the time-consuming questions will seem like a difficult task to perform, but only this will make them consume less time when you try them again.

Topics covered in the General Intelligence and Reasoning Section include 66% of Verbal Reasoning and 34% of Non- Verbal Reasoning.

This section tests the ability of the candidate to think and problem-solving skills and the students are required to sharpen their analytical skills and logical skills.

Both Non-Verbal and Verbal types of concepts should be the focus of the students. One definite question is going to from Classification topic. The topics are diverse under classification.

The analogy is another important topic to read as it comes in exams at least three times. It will basically be MCQ’s. The conclusion for Syllogism answers is best answered from Venn diagrams.

A good vocabulary will help you to answer questions of verbal analogies. Draw family tree for blood relations question. For coding and decoding, focus on alphabets and numerics. Reasoning can be solved by using logic.

How We Have Selected the Best SSC CGL Books

which book is best for general awarness for sscc cgl?

We have properly analyzed the content of the books before including them in our list so that you can extract the most out of them while preparing for your SSC CGL exam.

These books are affordable and this is another criteria that we focused upon while selecting these books.

Your career is your life’s most important part and while you’re stepping up for a bright career we want you to introduce to these books that have the simple presentation, detailed content format and easy to grasp points.

We have chosen them with ultimate research and analysis so that you can get the most out of them.

10 Common Mistakes To Avoid While SSC CGL Exam Preparation

which book is best for english for sscc cgl?

1. Veering off From The Target

Fear of not getting selected makes the student take many competitive exams at the same time. Though some exams have a similar syllabus, the type of questions differs greatly.

It is advised to give only one exam at a particular time. If you are dedicated, you will get in easily.

2.Referring to too many books

The availability of reference book in the market is unlimited.

You will get ten books for a single subject. But, if you read ten books for one topic, then it is going to mess up your concept. It is advised to read and refer to one particular book for clarity.

3. Ditching online mock exams

If you take a dummy test before going for an actual exam, it will help you to get familiar with the format.

The advantage of giving an online test is that the tab shuts itself when the time is over, and you can’t skip questions. So be prepared to face the challenges by taking an online exam.

4. Not focusing on accuracy

Attempting the entire SSC CGL question paper is supported however not at the expense of negative marks. You should adhere to their time while rehearsing the inquiries on the grounds that 0.50 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer in Tier-I. In this way, increment your speed along with accuracy.

5.Ignoring basic concepts

The Tier-I will kick-begin towards the start of August or last week of July, which implies candidates have enough time to get ready for the essential ideas in every one of the segments.

Rehearsing the inquiries without acing the essential ideas will make you give the wrong answer in the test.

As the SSC CGL requires more rehearsing, one should finish the essential concepts under seven days.

6.Pushing important topics till the end

Always be shrewd with your study by acing the critical subjects first.

By solving the earlier years’ inquiry papers, one can evaluate the marks of the chapters and concepts. Attempt to finish the chapters with higher marks first.

7. Applying too many shortcuts

Shortcuts and tricks are very necessary for the competitive exam as they save you time. But do not go for tricks that mess up your mind it will consume more time. Know which shortcuts to use and where to use.

8. Disregarding Other Sections While Preparing

Many candidates think that its okay to prepare few subjects.

They leave other subjects in option as their few subjects are strong.

This kind of attitude is going to throw you out of the competition. Because, if the concept you know has difficult questions then you are going to leave the exam blank.

9. Not going according to a schedule

Time-table is necessary for studying. It will keep you arranged and confident about your exam. Working without a schedule will turn to drive you crazy. The syllabus is vast, and therefore you should schedule it.

10. Not paying any heed to revision

Revision is necessary so that concept remains fresh in your mind. Many candidates prepare brilliantly, but do not revise. This will probably make you blank during exams.

It is encouraged to dedicate no less than 20 hours for revision amid the most recent two days.

How to prepare for the SSC CGL test

 list of best ssc cgl books

Initiate by taking a diagnostic test. This way you’ll know your weak and strong points. This is important to know so that beforehand you know what to work on. It will increase your exam rate.

After taking the test, analyze the whole syllabus. Know what you have to study and how much you have to study.

Kickstart with difficult topics. This will help you finish your syllabus smoothly and remain relaxed during your exams. We tend to ignore difficult topic during exams. So complete them before only.

For every concept and formula you learn, try solving a question for that topic. This will improve your learning process way simpler. And the concepts will become clearer.

Try and make flash cars for rules and formulas. Students tend to forget formulas and are therefore adviced to learn them in a fun way.

Solve past question papers. This will help you know the format and the kind of questions that are asked in the exam paper. This is the most critical step of your learning process.

Solve, solve and resolve- Keep practicing. For acing competitive exams, you need to practice on an everyday basis.

This way you’ll remember everything and will do good in your paper.

Know shortcuts and be accurate in your work. As there is negative marking involved, accuracy is very important. Knowing shortcuts and different tricks will help you to save time and increase speed.

Never skip chapters. Always do the whole syllabus. If you do 100%, you will do well in your exams. Skipping chapters could be very disastrous during exams

Be prepared psychologically. Do not panic during exams. This will waste your time and also you will not be able to focus on the paper.

Read every day and keep yourself updated about the current affairs. Solve reasoning questions every day. Incorporate language into your daily speaking routine.

Allot more time to those sections that you are strong in.

This will ensure that you use the time of the exam effectively. Keep in mind that there are no sectional time limits and no cut off for sectional. All you need to focus on is to maximize the score however you can.

Try various patterns of attempt in your mock tests. Some with Quant section firsts, some with English section first and some with others.

Look out for the best strategy that works for you.

Try out different time management strategies according to your preference and adopt the one that suits you the best out of all.

The first thing you should do when you sit down to study is to practice with mock question papers.

Solve at least one mock question paper regularly.

After solving mock tests, review it entirely in and out. Analyze your approach, accuracy, the time is taken and errors.

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Quick Study Tips For  SSC CGL exam?

 best book for ssc cgl english vocabulary

  • General Intelligence & Reasoning

Week 1: Study Analogy – (letter, number, g.k, a meaning & figure based), classification, series – (number, alphabet, & word series) and coding & decoding

Week 2: Then jump to Direction & distance, blood relations questions, order & ranking, and formation of words.

Week 3: Prepare Venn diagrams, go go for jumbled words, matrices, solve syllogism, puzzles, and seating arrangement questions

Week 4: Non-verbal problems

  • General Awareness

Week 1: Basics of  history, present history, politics of India, geography, and economics;  current affairs

Week 2: all three aspects of science and current affairs

Week 3: Health, plants and reproductive system, medieval history, and fundamental rights; imperative rivers and major 10 in diverse lines; current affairs

Week 4: Large concepts of biology starting physics to chemistry; the economic research and union budget; the current affairs

  • Quantitative Aptitude

Week 1: Simplification,  algebra,  linear equations,  quadratic equations, polynomials and identities

Week 2: Ratio & proportion chapter, the concept of simple interest and compound interest, the concept of profit and loss, idles of mensuration

Week 3: Mensuration, trigonometry and simplest form of data interpretation

Week 4: Data interpretation

English Language & Comprehension

Week 1: Grammar

Week 2: Going through comprehension topics on business, travel and history, meanings, vocabulary & opposites. uses of the verb with prepositions

Week 3: Grammar again!

Week 4: phrases and idioms

Solve mock tests every once in a while. This will help you improve your concepts and learn better. It will also increase your accuracy and speed.

Last Two Days Before SSC CGL

Take full mock tests, revise important points and read your notes. Read current affairs and get a hold on your language.


Refer to the mentioned books for your knowledge, but also study online. Material given online is daily updated and hence is more effective. Read newspapers and magazines for current affairs.

Learn the techniques given in the books, and you’ll have a hang of all the concepts.

Learn the tips and tricks to solve questions earlier. Keep doing mock tests and solve past question papers.

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