(Updated) IAS,IPS,IFS Officer Salary 2022

salaries of IAS, IPS and IFS Officers

The All India Services comprises the three prestigious civil services of India namely the Indian Administrative Service (IAS); Indian Police Service (IPS); and Indian Forest Service (IFS).

 The common exceptional feature of the All India Services is that the candidates selected for these civil services are recruited by the Center (Union Government in federal polity), however, their services are allotted under various State Cadres and they have the accountability to serve both under the State and the Centre.

The recruitment for IAS and IPS officers are conducted through the Civil Services Examination which is held by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) every year. if you want to try UPSC  exam, you have to study very hard. here is the complete syllabus of UPSC Exam I have written here.

While for the post of IFS, the preliminary examination is combined with the Civil Services Exam and the other stages of the exam are held separately.

The candidates who are selected through the examination and interview are recruited as officers and trained by the Central Government, and then allocated to different State cadres.

The candidates opt for Civil Services not always due to the attraction of salary or perks. Though the private sector may offer better packages, the list of candidates who leave their cushy job to enter public service for a lesser salary is not small because of the reputation and duty honor it offers.

 IAS (Indian Administrative Services)

 IAS (Indian Administrative Services)

Candidates who are selected as IAS Officers are trained to manage Government affairs. Every civil servant is allotted to a particular office and they have policy framing and implementing as the major responsibility in that particular area.

The policy issues are framed, modified, and interpreted in this post under the direct supervision of the Administrative Office with the consent of the Minister.

The implementation of the policies is also done on the advice of the officer. The policy-making matters of the government mechanism depend on the civil servant rank.

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IAS officer salary

salary of ias and ips

The IAS officer gets one of the highest salaries in Government sector given the enormous challenges involved in the job. IAS salary presently is based on the 7th the Pay Commission recommendations.

In India, Government employees are entitled to receive different pay scales that directly point towards the maximum or minimum of their basic pay in accordance with their positions.

The starting salaries of all the Civil Servants (Group A) are the same (Pay Level 10).

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7th Pay Commission recommendations were approved by Cabinet on 29th June 2016. Now the basic pay of entry-level IAS officers is Rs.56100. Allowances like Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA) and Travel Allowance (TA) will be extra.

The salary will increase as experience increases. The basic pay of Cabinet Secretary is fixed at Rs.2, 50,000.

Total Salary = Basic Pay + DA + HRA + TA

The above-mentioned figures are basic salaries. You may also be entitled to HRA, DA, and TA. HRA would be 8-24% of Basic Salary. If you are getting official accommodation, HRA part won’t be credited to your salary.

DA starts from 0% after 7th pay commission recommendation. This component is linked to inflation. But remember that DA had touched 107% of Basic Salary of government officers in 2015 and in future, the DA part would be significant. DA is revised on half yearly basis (January and July every year) depending on the inflation index (CPI).

You will also be given Travel Allowance (TA) to meet various expenses related to travel. There was another component called grade pay in government officers salary before. But now, this part has been removed.

Thus, it can be seen that the total salary of entry-level IAS officers would be Rs.56100 + DA + House Rent Allowance + Transport Allowance.

The 7th Pay Commission has done away with the Pay Band – Grade Pay System which existed before. The structure and goes up to Pay Level 18.

The IAS officers are usually promoted after every 4-5 years. The IAS officers get two extra-increments (6%) when they are Level 11, 12 and 13. After the level, 14 salaries of all officers are the same.

HRA @ 24%, 16%, and 8% have been proposed for X, Y, and Z class cities respectively. 7th Pay Commission has also recommended for enhancement of HRA while DA crosses 50% and 100%.

As far as the Transport Allowance is concerned, there is no increase. DA @ 125% has been merged with existing Transport Allowance.

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IPS (Indian Police Services)

ifs salary after 7th pay commission

If you love greater and greater challenges in the career and want to enable the weaker sections of the society to access the justice and equality, Indian Police Service(IPS) is the cadre most cut out for you.

As an IPS officer, you wear the Ashoka emblem on your uniform, which embodies the greatness of what India stands for, Peace and nonviolence, dedication and sacrifice for the sake of the countrymen.

Job profile of IPS Officers can change according to the state or the territory allotted and the career progression due to which the rank would change.

The entry-level designation of an IPS Officer would be SP (Superintendent of Police) rank. Progressively the officer is promoted to the next level as DIG (Deputy Inspector General) Police, IG (Inspector General) Police, Additional DG (Police) and DG (Director General) of Police.

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Salary of IPS officer

ifs salary

After salary scale revision, according to 7th Pay Commission recommendations, the entry level IPS Officer gets a minimum of 56,100 Indian rupees per month along with many allowances such as Dearness allowance, house rent allowance(if the bungalow is not provided), travel allowance etc.

The apex basic salary now stands revised to 225000 rupees per month.

IPS officers are eligible for leave travel assistance/concession. This can be utilized by them three times in four years for vacation travel to home city/ town and once in four years for a vacation anywhere in India.

Besides basic salary, the perquisites include the following:

  • Luxurious accommodation based on the rank, home security and domestic help as well as assistants.

  • Government vehicle along with appropriate security available round the clock in order to take care of law and order duty as well as emergency duty.

  • Eligibility to apply for study leave up to the maximum of four years, anywhere in India or abroad

  • Can avail of municipal water and electricity free of cost

  • Can avail free telephone service.

  • Government jobs are more secure as compared to private sector jobs, and IPS Cadre enjoys reputation, respect, and status in the society, Assured promotions, revision of pay structure, increase in dearness allowance according to inflation

  • Priority in medical treatment in prestigious hospitals, medical reimbursement in certain cases

  • Retiring gratuity (tax-free limit raised to 10 lakh rupees

  • Full Pension on retirement lifetime of IPS officer, and in case of death the surviving spouse and dependent children can avail of pension as per rules

Paid vacation (Holidays) for IPS cadre

IPS officers are eligible for vacation on gazette holidays (central government and state government).

Other paid leave entitlement per annum is-

  • CL (casual- leave): eight days and a half pay leave (Special) for twenty days

  • Earned- leave: 30 days, and leave without pay in some cases

  • Maternity leave for women and paternity leave for men


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IFS (Indian Forest Services)

IFS (Indian Foreign Services)

An IFS officer is largely independent of district administration and exercises administrative, judicial and financial powers in their own domain.

Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change, (MoEFCC) under the Government of India, is the Cadre Controlling Authority of the Indian Forest Service.

Salary of IFS officer

ifs salary

In the year after 7th pay commission, IFS officers have got several benefits. Depending on several ranks the officers are getting benefits and facilities from the union government.

The starting salary of a Junior Time Scale officer is Rs.80000 per month, but the salary grows up to Rs.135000 per month for this post.

On the other hand for a Senior Time Scale, the pay scale ranges in between Rs.10650 to Rs.18500 per month. The highest pay scale for a High Commissioner or Ambassador is fixed at Rs.260000 per month.

Though, all these figures are basic pay scale for an officer without grade pay or facilities.

Junior Time Scale:

  • Officers: Under Secretary

  • Salary: Rs.8000 –14000/- INR

  • Grade pay: Rs.5400/-

Senior Time Scale:

  • Officers: Under Secretary

  • Salary Of pay: 10, 650 -16000/- INR

  • Grade pay: Rs.6600/-

Junior Administrative Scale:

  • Officers: Deputy Secretary

  • Pay Scale: Rs.12, 750 –17000 INR

  • Grade pay: Rs.7600/-

Selection Grade:

  • Officer: Counselor Director

  • Salary of Pay: Rs.15, 100 –18500/- INR

  • Grade pay: Rs.8700/-

Senior Administrative Scale:

  • Officer: Joint Secretary

  • Salary: Rs.18, 400 –22, 500/- INR

  • Grade Pay: Rs.10000/-

High Commissioner / Ambassador:

  • Officer: Foreign Secretary

  • Salary per Month: Rs.26, 000/- INR

  • Grade pay: NIL

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Salary of High Commissioner / Ambassador:

ias ips ifs salary

An IFS Officer’s Total salary would be around Rs.60000/- + all the perks and allowances. This pay scale amount will vary from country to country they are posted.

But if the candidates posted in Special Foreign Allowance so it will be quite different. Example: if an Indian Forest Service Officer at the Indian Embassy in the USA then-contender will be eligible to get around 2.40 Lakhs per month as Special Foreign Allowance.

This special allowance increment will increase their status level and other responsibilities also. Their Dearness Allowances (DA) will be currently 80% and 90% in case of the different project. Because of this, the net salary of an IFS Officer of various grades would also differ.

Detailed information about IFS Officer Salary and Benefits as structured below:

  • Wonderful accommodation of 2 or 3 BHK in cheap rates

  • Car for commuting

  • Household helpers and security guards

  • Medical Treatment expenses

  • Completely furnished and well managed residential flat

  • Official vehicles

  • Free electricity and water facility

  • Free phone call facility

  • High level of job security

  • Abroad study options

  • Retirement benefits and Pension Lifetime

Of course, the IAS/IPS/IFS posts need rewards for all the hard work they do. The government should pay them well to have a decent living, but the perks and allowances should never be the attraction for aiming for Civil Services.

As the name suggests, it is a service for the nation. It earns a good reputation and position in the society for the ones working under these posts.

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