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Reimagining Management Education

  • Moving beyond the realms of traditional management

  • An MBA that integrates Business, Design Thinking & Liberal Arts

As startups change the face of the business environment and previously successful traditional firms struggle to retain their leadership, leading business brands are investing in design thinking-led innovation.

Industry 4.0, Internet Of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence; as the corporate world evolves with emerging technologies – ethics, integrity, empathy and understanding human emotions and behavior becomes more imperative and essential.

SOIL’s School of Business Design (SOBD) has launched India’s first 2-year PGDM that integrates Business, Design Thinking & Liberal Arts.

The program imparts not just the analytical skills needed for business, but also the emotional and spiritual sense for building with ethics and compassion – what you need to lead in the businesses of the near future.

“We are ready to take up this bold and radical initiative that reimagines management education in India. To nurture Creative Business Leaders for the new world of business with India’s first PGDM program that integrates business, design and liberal arts,” explains Anil Sachdev, Founder & CEO, School of Inspired Leadership.

Anil Sachdev, Founder & CEO, School of Inspired Leadership School of Business

Awareness, Balance, Compassion, Diversity and Ethics – the foundation values that nurtured leaders for 10 years at SOIL , is now at the core of SOBD. A consortium of 32 companies have partnered with SOBD to create a distinct curriculum that not only meets the needs of industry but turns out inspired leaders to tackle the challenges of the new world.

Ever wondered what learning business skills on a retreat in the lap of Himalayas feels like? SOIL’s School of Business Design (SOBD) take the adage of “Learning outside Classrooms” very seriously as the institute believes young minds can perform to the best of their mettle, when set free, and unbound by rules.

That’s how great ideas transform into successful ventures and rules are rewritten. Experience a learning retreat at Dharamshala to understand team dynamics, to introspect, reflect and indulge in an unique learning experience fueled through treks and sports.

Design campus

Craving meaningful travel? Get the experience-of-a-lifetime with SOBD’s Global Immersion program which is an unique blend of an international study tour at business capitals along with on-campus, business immersion, lecture series and interaction with top business leaders. This global macroeconomic view aims to widen your world view.

Always told to apply classroom knowledge to practical real life problems? But never given the chance to? The Social Inclusion and Innovation program gives students the opportunity to act as consultants for NGOs and implement what they learn and preach.

Through this, SOBD aspires to build business leaders of the future who get hands-on experience in managing problems at the grassroots level.

Another key highlight at SOBD is the Discover India Journey which takes Design Thinkers on a voyage to absorb the Indian spirit in its true sense and feel closer to their roots. To sensitize students towards the rich and diverse heritage of our country.

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How can Rural Outreach help you in your management degree? Through the institute’s rural immersion program, students are brought closer to the challenges faced by the under-served sections of society.

Located in Manesar, a rapidly growing industrial town in NCR, SOBD’s campus is equipped with world class architecture, futuristic spaces with a focus on sustainability.

Students at a design thinking workshop

The institute aims to build an innovative Learning Community with brilliant mentors, outstanding faculty and committed staff members who deliver an unparalled experience. The two years of creative thinking, innovation and skill development are rewarded by lucrative career opportunities in form of internships, live projects, entrepreneurship and final placement opportunities.

SOBD believes that its students are a brand in themselves and the institute works on polishing their skills and making them market ready.

With a focus on carving out a lucrative and rewarding career path, SOBD organizes a host of experiences to equip students to face real world challenges at the workplace.

Some of the services include:-

  • aligning life and career goals.
  • corporate talks.
  • webinars.
  • live projects.
  • internships.
  • career planning workshops.
  •  feedback on resumes SOPs and CVs.
  • mock interviews.
  • Group Discussions.
  • Questionnaire Handling, FAQs.
  • Networking Sessions.
  • Action learning Projects and Mentoring Session with Industry Leaders.

All of these help in building the required job skills and helping students find the right opportunities aligned with their goals and interest.

The Individual Development Program, a unique offering from SOBD is continuously working to build an intensive system to meet the career needs of the students.

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