Top 10 MPPSC Coaching in Indore-Fees, Review, Contact

MPPSC or Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission is a state service examination which is conducted for various government posts such as:-

  • State Police Service.
  • Deputy Collector
  • District Registrar Area Organizer
  • Employment Officer
  • Block Development Officer
  • Sales Tax Inspector
  • Project Officer
  • Labor Office
  • Assistant Director
  • Sub-Registrar Assistant Director, and so on.

The exam is mainly held in three stages, which include the prelims, mains, and the personal interview round.

The best post to gather after clearing such an exam would be to become the Deputy Collector, which is a gazette officer post that comes under the Group-B post.

These officers work or serve directly under the Madhya Pradesh Government and thereby get paid by a hefty amount of salary as well. 

It should be noted that the MPPSC exam is highly competitive and with the right amount of guidance and exam strategy, any student could pass this exam with flying colors.

It’s not about being the exam tough and easy, but it’s about getting shortlisted in the merit list and thereby getting the salary paid job.

Keeping that in mind, we have thereby shortlisted about ten of the top MPPSC coaching in Indore one could enroll in Indore and thereby learn to tackle the examination course in a very much disciplined approach. 

These are the Best MPPSC Coaching in Indore

The below-mentioned institutions constitute the lists of MPPSC coaching in Indore.

Drishti IAS & Banking


This is one of the oldest established MPPSC coachings in Indore. The institute is known for providing competitive preparation for various kinds of examinations including MPPSC and UPSC.

The center also offers training for current affairs studies, which is very important in the overall preparation of any professional exam. 


The average fees asked by the coaching center per student are more than 65,000 INR for one year. 

Success story/faculty

The institute is known for providing daily news analysis to all of its MPPSC student batches so that the students could get well-acquainted with what is happening in the country as well around the world.

Classes are provided in both Hindi as well as English medium.

Contact details

Address – 2nd Floor, Prem Plaza, Bhanvarkuan, Bhawarkua Road, Indore- 452001

Phone – 9926270141

Email [email protected] 

MPPSC Coaching in Indore

Kautilya Academy


What sets this coaching center apart from others is their extreme attention to detail when trying to help students for learning & nurturing the course of the MPPSC exams.

The center has been known to provide 24×7 support to each one of its students – thereby helping them to clear their doubts whenever they can. 


The fees charged by the institute start at 90,000 INR for six months.

Success story/faculty

Apart from providing top-class teaching measures for the students, the center also excels in providing the best infrastructure to its candidates along with the added benefit of offering periodic mock tests to help the students get prepared for the exams.

Contact Details

Address – No. 4, Professors Colony, Manorama Ganj, Bhawan Square, Indore- 452001

Phone – 0731 – 426682

Email –  [email protected] 

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Tiwari Tutorials


It should be known that Tiwari Tutorials has been rated as the best MPPSC coaching center in Indore.

The center is known for providing study materials and printed notes both in English as well as in the Hindi medium.

Moreover, many students tend to clear their exams in the first attempt when studying from this institute.


The average fees charged by the center are more than 25,000 INR for one year.

Success story/faculty

The center claims that more than 3500 students have already cleared the MPPSC exams in the previous years.

The center not only provides top-class education but also career counseling classes for free to all of its students. The faculties of this institute have years of experience in training MPPSC and UPSC exams.

Contact details

Address – 7/3 Rambagh, Indore- 452007

Phone – 9827086348

Email[email protected] 

Azad P3 Academy


The Azad P3 Academy generally helps in the preparation of the MPPSC exam and was established with the main aim of being delivering the right quality of education. The institute has a major record when it comes to producing a lot of successful MPPSC candidates.


The average fee charged per student is around 90,000 INR for a one-year course. 

Success story/faculty

The faculty of the coaching center helps students in changing their perception and orientation in not only studying multiple subjects but also about the exam.

The center has the best-educated faculty along with years of experience in training students to reach their desired levels.

Contact details

Address – H.O. 216, 2nd Floor, Bhawarkua Main Rd, Veda Building Bhawarkua, Near Apple Hospital, Indore, Madhya Pradesh – 452001

Phone – 070244 86260

best MPPSC Coaching in Indore

PS Academy


PS Academy has become a very well-known institute in the city of Indore mainly because of its affordable fee structure combined with the finest coaching classes provided by its faculties. 


For one year, the fees charged by the coaching center is around 1, 25,000 INR. 

Success story/faculty

The institute has a unique method when planning to teach students regarding the course of MPPSC, as the faculty of this center believes that concept building is more important than spoon-feeding.

The center also has a great track record when providing great results consistently.

Contact details

Address – 3rd Floor, Bhanvarkuan, Ranawat Trade Center, Indore- 452010

Phone – 8109094003

Email[email protected] 

Marvellous Institute


The coaching center has gained its fame mainly by providing students with educational services that cater to their personal liking and studying schedule.

Since not all students can cater to the same study pressure, the coaching center creates a separate study schedule for each candidate.

Moreover, the institute also offers guidance from multiple experts in the same field, so that students could clear the exams in their first attempt.


The average fee charged by the center for one-year coaching is 50,000 INR.

Success story/faculty

The faculty of this institute believes that one particular concept can be taught in various ways, which would help different students get the same idea without any confusion or doubts.

Furthermore, the center’s management has already invested a lot of money in incorporating technology into their class infrastructure. Each student is also provided separate attention from the teachers. 

Contact details

Address – No. 2, Janki Nagar, Indore- 452001

Phone – 8817983777

Email –  [email protected] 

Aakar IAS Classes


If any student wants to achieve special MPPSC coaching in Indore, then this institute would be the perfect fit mainly because of the faculty’s experience in teaching IAS aspirants as well.

The overall probability of learning is indeed very high in this coaching center and students are provided with light refreshments with every class. 


The course fee charged for a one-year session is 84,000 INR.

Success story/faculty

It should be remembered that the surrounding environment plays a major role in any coaching center and it’s safe to safe that this institute has one of the nicest surrounding areas with absolutely minimal noise pollution.

This makes the center perfect for studying and the faculty members always lend their helping hands to the students every after the normal class sessions.

Contact details

Address – No. 146, Bhanvarkuan, Sundram Complex, Indore- 452001

Phone – 8519064311

Email – N/A 

Professional Academy of Competitive Exams


In case any student wants to obtain the best and reliable coaching classes in Indore, this best MPPSC coaching in Indore should be in his or her shortlist.

One of the many reasons why students prefer this coaching center over others is because the teaching faculty is exceptionally good and always assists students in their studies.


The average fees charged by the institute are around the mark of 8500 INR for a one-month session.

Success story/faculty

The overall teaching methodology of this coaching center is commendable and concepts can be understood by students easily. The environment is also highly friendly for them to learn and the center sets up periodic mock tests for the students to track their overall performance.

Contact Details

Address – No. B/52, Siyaganj, Indore – 452003

Phone – 0731 – 4239359

Chanakya Civil Service Academy


The sole initiative of setting up this educational institution goes to A.K. Mishra. The center provides coaching for all types of government-related exams and offering MPPSC coaching is certainly one of them.


For one year, the average fee is 82,000 INR. 

Success story/faculty

Apart from imparting learning education to the students, the teachers at the coaching center strive to improve the skills of these students as well. Moreover, the faculty also work towards improving the overall attitude of the candidates, which is important for clearing such governmental exams.

Contact details

Address – No. F-70, Bhanvarkuan, Radhakrishna Complex, Indore- 452001

Phone – 9329523600

Email [email protected] 

Silverweeds IAS


One of the main reasons why this best MPPSC coaching in Indore has been able to win over the hearts of millions of students is because of their dedication towards offering proper education without overcharging the students with massive amounts of fees. 


The average fees charged by the center are 52,000 INR for a one-year course. 

Success story/faculty

The overall teaching faculty at this coaching center is highly-trained, and the environment & surroundings take the learning experience to the next level.

This is the reason why the coaching center has been able to enjoy higher rates of success over the years.  

Contact details

Address – Sundram Complex, Bhanvarkuan, Indore- 452001

Phone – 9993231141

Fees of MPPSC coaching in Indore

top MPPSC Coaching in Indore

By looking at the above MPPSC coaching in Indore fees, one can easily notice that the average fees for all of these coaching centers providing educational services for students range between 50,000 INR and 80,000 INR – for a one-year session.

However, it should be known by students that such fee structure would increase if the overall session is increased as well. 

For example, if any student chooses a three-year or a two-year session plan, then the cost will rise as well. Furthermore, the fees will also be dependent on the overall infrastructure and support provided by the respective coaching centers too. 

How have we selected the 10 best MPPSC coachings in Indore?

The following are some of the main criteria that we have followed in selecting the best MPPSC coaching in Indore,

  • Study Material – This is one of the most important factors in choosing the perfect coaching center. Without good quality study materials, students will not be able to prepare themselves before their final exams and thereby not get all the required short-cuts and concepts all in one place.
  • Faculty – Apart from having good study materials, the faculty should also be competent enough to teach the students rightly and even support the students in times of their need. Experienced faculty members will always know the methods through which students could obtain the maximum knowledge with an efficient learning procedure.
  • Infrastructure – If the coaching center doesn’t possess good infrastructural integrity, then the students wouldn’t be able to learn properly and the teachers wouldn’t be able to teach properly as well. Therefore, the center should have basic facilities like well-lit classrooms, blackboard/whiteboards, washrooms, good drinking water facilities as well.
  • Time To Travel – It’s recommended that the coaching center should be as near to the student’s residence as possible. In that way, the student doesn’t need to spend extra time when commuting through public transport. Instead, that time could be spent on studying and learning.


At the end of the day, if students want to succeed at the MPPSC exam, then they need to put in the hard work and dedication.

Teachers and guidance will only solve a part of the problem, but the other half of the problem should be solved by the students themselves.

With the above-mentioned coaching centers in Indore, we can assure that the students would receive the best available educational services in return for the fees that they’re paying.

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