5 Mistakes You must Avoid while Preparing for the CA Exams

Mistakes You must Avoid while Preparing for the CA Exams

As everyone knows, passing the CA exams is not that simple. To will be right to say that there are no shortcuts and only hard work and patience will be paid off in the end.

However, the past records show that only a few students are able to clear the CA Final exam and most often the pass percentage lies up to a maximum of 10%.

One must keep in mind that CA is not just like any other accounting course. One needs to be very disciplined and organized in order to clear the exam in the first try.

The higher the level, the greater will be the difficulty level of the examination. The CA Foundation exam might be easier to crack but same is not the case with CA Intermediate and CA Final exam; one must be very pre-planned to crack that tough nut.

With hard work and good planning, you can clear the CA Final in the first attempt itself. However, even after preparing a lot, many of the ambitious minds commit silly mistakes and consequently, suffer in the results.

Here, we are discussing some of the common mistakes made by the examinees during exams. Have a look and try to avoid them in your next attempts.

1.Bunking Classes

Bunking Classes

Missing lectures and bunking classes is not a good sign for your future prospectus. It will show that you are not very serious about your study.

It is also a display of lack of responsibility. It’s a common tendency among the students to procrastinate their studies thinking that let the teachers complete the classes first.

But, it will adversely affect the studies, because if you are skipping the classes regularly, you will definitely miss the core portions and even if you try to study it later, the concept may seem incomprehensible.

So, it is advisable to be regular in the classes and study the concept within 24 hours of being taught so that you remember everything while proper revision and practicing questions, you can recall the concept during the exam time as well.

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2. Disregarding the ICAI MaterialDisregarding the ICAI Material

Ignoring the study material and practice manual of the ICAI is not a good decision. You can complete your whole syllabus from any reference book or coaching material but the ICAI materials include questions that are examination based.

 So, when you complete a particular topic or chapter, start practicing the questions in the ICAI manual. Practicing a lot of questions will help you get the presentation idea.

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 3.Selective StudySelective Study

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Suppose an IPCC student has studied accounting standards 16-20, 22, 9, 26 pretty well as they appeared in the previous paper.

But, what if he gets 10 mark questions each from depreciation accounting, investment accounting or say from some other lessons.

This normally happens. People study smartly by covering highly predictable topics, which is a good thing. But at the same time, do not ignore other topics completely.

Go through each and every chapter once, though, render much time on the important areas.

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4. Don’t Lose Focus

Don’t Lose Focus

It is quite understandable that the CA examinations are majorly different and more demanding than the usual Graduate or under-graduate university exams, hence the approach made by CA students in terms of learning and training are highly distinct and more professional rather than the ordinary overnight study.

Over a thousand CA Journals, Books, Seminars, Webinars etc. are available in the market. However, it needs to get in mind that having concepts from a wide variety of stuff doesn’t make any sense.

Students should be open-minded and sound enough to judge which material is near to their head & soul and focus on that particular thing only.

Choose a few good books that are easy for you to understand with examination level questions and institute practice material and just keep doing the hard work as per your strategy.

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5.D o Not Neglect Past Examinations/ Mock Test Papers

Do Not Neglect Past Examinations/ Mock Test Papers

Although, studying textbooks has always been the most superior idea to succeed in any examination, yet to go beyond that doesn’t harm you.

Past papers always work as a key to conquer the examinations and also help you perceive the idea about the patterns of questions. Have a glance over as many different papers you can have a look at as are available.

You would be amazed to see that you’ll get much higher marks in the current attempt than from the previous ones. Further, you can also solve online mock papers run by various other institutes.

This helps in enhancing your performance fairly and helps you to prepare well for the examinations.

These are mistakes that keep you from achieving from what you have always dreamt of.

But besides these points there are some other things as well that you need to keep in mind while preparing for the examination, such as:

points keep in mind while preparing for CA the examination

  1. Fail to Execute Plans- Most of you might be good at planning; however, lack of execution of the plan will get you in trouble. So it would be better to stick to your plan and execute it properly to achieve success. Don’t postpone your studies for tomorrow.

  2. Lack of practice by writing- It is a common practice among the CA students to depend on calculators for solving the problems, due to the lack of time. In theory papers, you will get presentation skills by just reading and comprehending. On the other hand, in practical sections, the students are advised to practice the questions by solving them manually on papers instead of just using a calculator.

  3. No Self-analysis- Many students forget to do self-analysis while preparing for the exams. Even though you prepare and perform well in the exam, without self-analysis you cannot identify the drawbacks and pitfalls in your studies. By doing proper self-analysis, you will be able to know your weaknesses, and what all mistakes you should avoid to manage your CA Final exams in a very successful manner.

  4. Negative Thinking- you should never think negative and always get your weaknesses in check. The mind often doesn’t judge or examine thoughts and opinions before accepting them. If what it hears sees and reads are always negative, it accepts this as standard and truth. So always try to make the positive environment around you. Allow more and more positive prospective in your life. Have more faith in yourself and expect positive results.

You need to avoid these mistakes at all costs to achieve success in the examination. Hard work and consistency is the key to success. These are a must to overcome any obstacle.

You just need to keep yourself focused at your goal and everything will fall at its right place with the hard work and a little bit of luck.

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How to Avoid These Mistakes to get success in CA Exam?

Mistakes You must Avoid while Preparing for the CA Exams

You can also follow some tips to keep yourself focused and concentrated during the preparations and the examinations like:

  1. Set Study Goals: Set your targets/goals to achieve from the study session beforehand like “How many chapters you would be completing?” “How many problems would you be solving?” etc. If there is a target in front of you, you will tend to work extra hard to achieve them, as the inherent competitive spirit kicks in, which motivates you to concentrate on the task at hand and complete it efficiently to meet the set goals.

  2. Short breaks in between study sessions: It is advised to take small 5-10 min breaks during your study sessions. Go for a small walk, listen to a song, talk to someone, etc. These breaks would recharge your mind and would help you maintain your focus and concentration levels for a longer period of time.

  3. Be an Active and Curious Learner: Always keep a clean slate while you are studying, this would help you build interest in the topic you are learning. Study anything as you are learning it for the first time. Ask basic questions about the topic and try and find answers to those questions. This should make the process more fun.

  4. Effective Study Methods: Make your study process interesting by following effective study methods like making notes, creating mind maps of the topics you are studying, creating info graphics, making diagrams, making abbreviations of important points of the topic to help you memorize it quickly. These study methods would surely go a long way in maintaining your concentration levels for a longer period of time.

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  1. Stay Away from mobile and other distracting devices: In the present day and age, the biggest means of distraction are electronic gadgets like Mobiles, I-pods, tablets, laptops etc. These devices if in close vicinity of your study environment make it very easier for your mind to get distracted and loose concentration. So when you are studying keep all such devices away from you.

  2. Get a good night’s sleep: Making sure you are well rested is extremely important during exams. Whilst you may feel the need to cram the night before, you will be far more alert and able to recall information after a restful sleep to recharge the batteries.

  3. Healthy Food: It is important that you eat a healthy diet full for fresh fruits and vegetables as they tend you keep you energized and fresh. Eating junk food will only make you more sluggish and sleepy. Avoid excessive intake of coffee to stay awake, as caffeine tends to increase anxiety. Avoid eating heavy meals and eat small meals regularly, to avoid sluggishness.

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So, you just need to keep yourself and energized to maintain the concentration and focus required for the preparation.

Get a proper study environment, make a schedule and follow it, use the right study materials, save time for revision and keep yourself at peace during the exam and you will definitely crack the examination.

The follow the study tips and avoid the mistakes that maximum people make and you will see the positive change in your results.

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