Merchant Navy- Salary, Fees, Eligibility, Career Scope 2022

Merchant Navy is one of the best courses and ideal for those students who want to travel the world and also earn well. Merchant Navy helps to travel in the ocean for months. It is one of the basic pieces of universal exchange as the greater part of the import and fare are done through boats.

A vocation in Merchant Navy can be generally valuable if you are searching for rewarding employment. This field can be joined through various courses relying upon the inclination of the up-and-comer.

merchant navy course

There are three methods of passage into the field fluctuating relying upon the courses that one looks for. Applicants can join Merchant Navy at any level beginning after class 10 to graduation.

Merchant navy is a worldwide industry with a few nationalities cooperating on various kinds of vessels. The business offers great professional openings both adrift and onshore.

Positions on board merchant boats can regularly be separated into four offices; deck division/route, designing office, electro-specialized office, and stewards office/cordiality.

All offices work compelled of the boat’s skipper, the most elevated mindful following up in the interest of the boat’s proprietor.

When joining the merchant navy, it is basic to have a fundamental see every one of these offices, their center obligations.

Merchant Navy Course Fees

The charge of government organizations will be about 2.5 lakh per annum. Then again private school charges will be about 4.5 to 5 lakhs.

Merchant Navy Eligibility

Since Merchant Navy courses are offered under UG, PG, Diploma and Certificate levels, the qualification standards for various courses shift. Here are some normal prerequisites for Merchant Navy courses for various levels.

Eligibility for Merchant Navy Bachelor Courses: 

  • For unhitched male Merchant Navy courses, competitors more likely than not finished Class 12 with Science stream and Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as necessary subjects.
  • The base imprints prerequisite is 60 percent.
  • The base age necessity for this is between 17 to 25 years.

Eligibility for Merchant Navy Diploma Courses: 

  • Since there are various sorts of confirmation courses accessible, the measures inside the classification differ.
  • Competitors ought not to be beyond 25 28 years old 28 years.
  • For the vast majority of the one-year certificate courses, one more likely than not finished the 10+2 degree of assessment with PCM and English as necessary subjects.
  • For two-year confirmation courses, up-and-comers more likely than not passed Diploma in Electronics Engineering/Marine Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Electrical Engineering/Shipbuilding Engineering with at any rate 50 percent marks.

Eligibility for 6-Months Merchant Navy Courses: 

  • The age ought to be between 17.5 to 25 years.
  • Up-and-comers who have passed Class 10 with Science, English, and Math as primary subjects, and in any event 40 percent marks are viewed as qualified.

Eligibility for Merchant Navy Postgraduate Courses: 

  • For MBA courses identified with Merchant Navy, the upper age limit is 25 years though, for GME the upper age limit is 28 years.
  • For GME, competitors must hold a BE degree in Naval Architecture/Mechanical Engineering.
  • For MBA courses, up-and-comers with any four-year certification from a perceived college are viewed as qualified.

Clinical Fitness Requirements for Merchant Navy Courses: 

  • Up-and-comers applying for any of the Merchant Navy courses must meet the clinical wellness prerequisites.
  • Applicants must be therapeutically fit including hearing and visual perception.
  • They should have an ordinary vision (6/6) in each eye independently.
  • It is necessitated that the competitors produce authentication for clinical wellness by approved specialists.

Merchant Navy Salary

merchant navy salary

The beginning compensation for those in the merchant navy can be somewhere in the range of Rs.15, 000/ – to 8 lakhs for each month. Deck cadets can get paid Rs.20, 000/ – to Rs. 30,000/ – every month and Deck Officers get paid Rs.1, 50,000/ – month to month.

Merchant Navy Syllabus

For entrance Exam the syllabus and subjects are as follows:


  • Grammatical forms
  • Equivalent words and Antonyms
  • Which means of words/phrases?
  • Tenses
  • Phrasal action words
  • Figures of speech

General Aptitude 

  • Basic Reasoning
  • Word Groups
  • Directions
  • Basic Analysis
  • Logic Syllogism (Logic-based inquiries)
  • Fill in/Completion of arrangement dependent on Pattern/Logic, Data Sufficiency
  • Information Interpretation
  • Channels and Cisterns
  • Oddball
  • Pontoon and Streams
  • Numerical Computation
  • Numerical Estimation
  • Time and Work
  • Schedule
  • Timekeepers
  • Stocks
  • Time and Distance
  • Stature and Distance
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Expository Reasoning
  • Rationale Reasoning
  • Shortcoming Diagnosis
  • Unique Reasoning
  • Mechanical Reasoning
  • Blend and Allegation
  • Proportion
  • Numerical Reasoning

General Knowledge 

  • Fundamental GK Questions
  • Current Affairs


The twelfth standard state board and CBSE prospectus


The twelfth standard state board and CBSE prospectus


The twelfth standard state board and CBSE prospectus

Get knowledge about some of the subjects in Merchant Navy:

  • Mechanics of Fluids
  • Journey Planning and Collision Prevention
  • Marine Electrical Technology
  • Nautical Physics and Electronics Paper
  • Electrical Machines
  • Boat Operation Technology
  • Marine Auxiliary Machine
  • Standards of Navigation
  • Marine IC Engineering
  • Transportation Management
  • Marine Boiler and System Engineering
  • Sea Law
  • Maritime Architecture
  • Freight Machine and Marine Communication
  • Marine Heat Engines and Air Conditioning
  • Marine Machines and System Design
  • Natural Science
  • STCW and Ship Fire Prevention
  • Best College for Merchant Navy

7 things to keep in mind before joining the merchant navy

merchant navy eligibility

Wanting to join the merchant navy? Merchant navy is an interesting profession decision, yet then there are sure things that you ought to consider before making it your vocation.

The rundown of why merchant marine is a generally excellent vocation alternative (or not all that great one), is extremely long however with the assistance of these main eight focuses, realizing for what reason to decide on marine professions and what to pay special mind to before joining the merchant navy will turn out to be truly simple.

 Right Qualification 

Similarly, as with most callings, the correct capabilities are important for this activity as well. Inferable from the specific idea of the work onboard transport, it is obligatory to have the privilege range of abilities for this profession also.

Particular streams for separate work onboard require an extremely engaged range of abilities to be applied for all intents and purposes.

Hence, the correct organization is additionally to be mulled over as there are numerous to browse. Various nations have their own merchant navy rules and foundations so it gets important to join up with the suitable Institute as required by the country’s merchant marine laws to get the necessary capabilities.

Pick the Right Job 

As referenced over, the correct stream must be picked by an individual comparable with his enthusiasm for that particular region of study followed by work.

Merchant marine extends to a great deal of employment opportunity choices – from specialized to non-specialized experts. Radio officials, commanders, physically fit sailors, culinary specialists; first mate and second mate are the sorts of occupations that are accessible to the intrigued individuals.

You are the best adjudicator of your abilities, so pick your stream in like manner. A few positions accompany high obligations and you ought to be prepared to convey your best.

Practically Negligible Social Life 

The fourth perspective included is about the measure of time spent seaward. On the off chance that you are a social creature who likes to blend with companions on each open door, you can discover, at that point better avoid Merchant navy.

The life adrift is a forlorn one and negatively affects your public activity; some incline toward it and some don’t-whoever discloses to you, in any case, is lying inside and out.

With the degree of work and absence of spare chance to seek after social interests, transport life can get very hard for an individual.

Character and Attitude 

Seeing a similar part of individuals over months can naturally hold hatred inside an individual; on the off chance that not disdain at that point plain weariness!

Men of the solid mental constitution will in general keep it together all through their agreement by having a constructive character with the correct disposition towards the current work to the individuals he’s working with.

Being a piece of the merchant navy will permit an individual to meet new individuals as well as to adapt heaps of new things about various societies of the world.

Employment guarantee and high salary 

Openings inland have expanded many occasions over for merchant navy experts who are eager to invest the effort.

While the force/order and the compensation on board can’t be met completely onshore while beginning, placing in the years inland or beginning the correct business can accumulate equivalent or once in a while, much more, pay than adrift.

To the extent employments adrift go, with the repetitive idea of the transportation business, we are in the bust cycle right now which has caused a stoppage in occupations and enlistment; there is work mash in the nautical business particularly at the section level (junior officials).

Physical Fitness 

This isn’t just about joining a boat. Wellness ought to be a piece of your life like tea and legislative issues (quip proposed).

Your pre-ocean preparation probably acquainted you with wellness (on the off chance that you are not into it as of now).

Prop that up for yourself. You could investigate more exercises like – trekking, plunging, cycling, yoga, and so on while you are inland.

Before one joins a boat – junior or senior, an intensive clinical registration is undertaken. A functioning way of life limits the odds of any surprising finding.

As a learner, you will be relied upon to resemble Tweety (from the Tweety – Sylvestor story) – consistently on the run. Along these lines, best is – be readied.

How to join the merchant navy?

How to join the merchant navy?

There are 2 significant profiles through which you can join the Merchant Navy – Engineer and Cadet.

1. Deck Cadet or Navigating Officer 

In this class, the vocation will begin as a Deck Cadet, and the activity obligation would principally be that of upkeep and running of the boat, tanks, load, and so on.

They must oversee the stacking and emptying of the load. They will at that point become the third official, second official, and afterward Chief Officer with understanding.

Instruction required being a Cadet in the Merchant Navy

If you wish to join as a cadet, you can seek after your B.Sc. Nautical Science, B.Sc Marine, B.Sc. Marine Catering, and so forth.

When you clear IMU-CET, you are qualified for B.Sc Nautical Science in all the schools associated with Indian Maritime University. The placement test is trailed by a meeting and clinical registration.

JEE – In different government schools, the affirmation depends on the imprints made sure about on the JEE test which is led by the IITs.

The affirmation in T. S. Chanakya, Marine Engineering and Research Institute, Kolkata, and National Maritime Academy, Chennai depends on the JEE marks. They are required to fill the structures for IMU too.

Preparing and Examinations to be a Cadet in the Merchant Navy

In the wake of finishing the course and before joining the boat as a Cadet, the up-and-comers experience 1 year of pre-ocean preparation in the Maritime Training Institute.

It is a mandatory preparing after the graduation and before joining the boat as a Cadet. It’s anything but a piece of your graduation, it is later graduation.

Universities offering Nautical Science/B.Sc Marine Science/Diploma in Nautical Science

HIMT College (Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training), Tolani Maritime Institute, Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy, Applied Research International School of Maritime Studies, Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies, and so on.

2. Specialist 

You will begin functioning as a Cadet or Junior Engineer. Different positions are Third Engineer, Second Engineer, and Chief Engineer.

You will climb the situation with experience on the ocean and different tests led at each level. They deal with the motor, heater, generator, and so forth and ensure that all the machines on the board are working fine.

Training required being an Engineer in the Merchant Navy

To fill in as an Engineer, you should seek after a lone wolf’s in one of the accompanying orders:

  • Marine Engineering
  • Maritime Architecture and Offshore Engineering
  • Oil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Harbor and Ocean Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Affirmation Process to be an Engineer in the Merchant Navy

When you clear IMU-CET, you are qualified for Nautical Science, in Marine Engineering, and so on in the entire school’s subsidiary to Indian Maritime University.

JEE – Some administration universities concede understudies based on the JEE score. As specialists are additionally qualified to join the Merchant Navy, you can sit for JEE and join the conventional designing schools also.

Preparing and Examination

They are likewise sent on the pre-ocean preparing for a year before they are sent ready. At that point, they are put on the boat for a preparation time of around a half year.

After their preparation period, they show up the competency assessment and work as the fourth designer on ships. For climbing the stepping stool, they are relied upon to finish ocean time and they give competency tests.

Career Scope of Merchant Navy

How to join the merchant navy?

Merchant Navy is the foundation of universal exchange, conveying payload over the globe. Without the merchant navy, a significant part of the import-send out a business would come to a standstill.

Consequently, a prepared workforce is required for different branches of the boat and this enlarges the extension for work in this field.

They are extended employment opportunities in the accompanying significant zones:

  • By different transportation organizations in the administration and private division.
  • Foreign transportation organizations additionally extend to great employment opportunity possibilities.

Profession Options 

Deck Department 

Deck official or route official as the name proposes is accountable for the route of the boat. That specific office is called the Deck office. The commander or the ace of the boat is accountable for the boat.

He isn’t just answerable for the sheltered route of the vessel yet also for the order on the boat and wellbeing of travelers, team, and the freight. He should guarantee the recognition of national and worldwide sets of accepted rules managing ocean transportation.

The chief of the boat is additionally helped by first mate, second mate, and third mates. The First Mate/Chief official is the right-hand man to the Captain; the second in-order.

He regulators all the freight arranging helps during the route, dispenses obligations and work for the support and upkeep of the boat to the Deck Cadets and deck group, guarantees that control and request are kept up.

Motor Department 

Marine Engineers: Marine Engineers have the total duty of the boat’s specialized administration. The principle staff in this division is the Chief architect who guarantees sheltered and financial running everything being equal, boilers, electrical, refrigerating and sterile gear, deck apparatus, and steam associations on board the boat.

He oversees crafted by the motor room group and is aided his obligations constantly, Third, Fourth and Fifth Engineers, and another junior workforce.

The second specialist cares for everyday work in the motor room. The third architect is responsible for the fundamental motor, save parts for the principle motor, all purifiers, boilers, blowers, and so on.

The fourth specialist is responsible for the various generators locally available boat just as certain little siphons.

Other than the officials of the route and designing groups most ships have a Radio Officer and an Electrical official.

The Radio Officer is accountable for the radio room and handles the activity of the remote and transmitting of signs. Electrical Officer is answerable for the working and treatment of all electrical gear locally available the vessel.

There is another named seasonal, who guarantees that the boat is on course and that the corridor at the port is very much watched.

Administration Department 

The work attempted here rotates around the living and providing food administrations for all the team ready.

A central steward heads a huge group of stewards, dough punchers, mess men, and so forth. Aside from this, the office additionally has different administrations, for example, the administrations of Divers for submerged assessment of the impact point of the boat, propellers, and pipes, and so on.

Light Keepers, who work beacon flagging hardware to control approaching and passing boats, and nautical assessors, who plan outlines of specific locales of the oceans, as to geology and states of the ocean.

Advancements in Merchant Navy

Service of Surface Transport, Government of India, deals with the preparation needs and leads competency tests through the Directorate General of Shipping (DGS). ‘Endorsements of Competency’ granted by the DGS, is required for advancement to the different particular classes.

Deck Department

An up-and-comer joining as Deck cadet in the wake of completing his lone rangers in Nautical Science or through the direct passage is qualified to show up for his Second Officer/Second Mate FG – Foreign Going Examination following three years of cruising.

Lal Bahadur Shastry Nautical College, Mumbai which gives preparing for Second Officers Exam has made school participation of a half year mandatory to show up for the test.

Other than material science and Mathematics an understudy is tried in Ship soundness and Construction, Meteorology, Principles, and Practical route, Chart work; composed just as oral and the cadets’ information on seamanship.

Designing Department

 An applicant joining as Engine cadet/Fifth Engineer official/Junior Engineer after completing Bachelors in Marine Engineering is qualified to show up for class IV assessment for advancement to the fourth Engineer or now and again as the Third Engineer.

In the wake of finishing the further year and a half of ocean time of which least a year is moving time, the applicant can show up for class II assessment for advancement to Third Engineer or Second Engineer.

Again on consummation of year and a half cruising time competitor can show up for Class I assessment for advancement to boss Engineer official

Merchant navy vs. Indian navy difference

Merchant navy vs. Indian navy difference

1. The Basic Difference 

Merchant Navy, as the name proposes, is the term for business marine administrations. Such business exercises incorporate both transportations of load and individuals across different goals on the planet.

As it were, it can likewise be said that merchant marine exercises are not indigenous or local to any one nation but rather are spread across countries, around the world.

Merchant marine as it is known interchangeably; anyway needs to hold fast to specific standards and guidelines surrounded by administering bodies to guarantee steadiness in the exercises completed.

To total everything, the Merchant navy is a simple business type of ocean vocation and is administered by both private and administrative transportation organizations.

Both merchant navy and barriers have managed ships. While the first is simply business, the subsequent one includes vocations of high regard and abilities.

2.Key differentiators between the Indian Navy and Merchant Navy 

Both the Indian Navy just as the Indian Merchant Navy has an essential job in our general public. While the Indian Navy centers on the insurance of the nation, Merchant Navy manages the transportation of payload just as travelers starting with one area then onto the next.

Merchant navy age limit

To Join as a Deck Cadet: Age Limit: 18 to 25 years

To Join as a GP Rating: Age Limit: 18 to 25 years

To join as an Engineer Officer: Age Limit: 28 years (as on commencement of the course)

To join as an Electro-Technical Officer:Age Limit Not more than 35 years

Merchant Navy Lifestyle

Merchant navy vs. Indian navy difference

Merchant navy posts have many people’s life goals and also look fascinating to those who love to travel and also want good career prospects. Get a look in the few lifestyles or you can say advantages merchant navy officer can have:

On the off chance that you love voyaging and meeting new societies, the Merchant navy is a brilliant chance to do that and that too with no movement cost.

On the off chance that you are genuinely solid, intellectually intrigued, and a non-veggie lover and like your own organization, this is the best choice you have as a profession. Adoring what you do and doing what you love is something you can accomplish from the Merchant navy.

Significant compensations 

This is another large preferred position of the merchant navy. High pays from the most minimal presents as looked at on other field occupations are the fundamental fascination of the merchant navy.

Be that as it may, it relies upon the nation and standard of way of life there. Here is the estimation of some high position officials in the merchant navy.

Long excursions 

In the merchant navy, your working period doesn’t care for typical private or government employment. It depends on the excursion your boat will finish and the time they arrive at their goal.

These excursions can be of 3 months, a half year or 8 months relying on the area and agreement and this is the time the mariner needs to spend on the job.

In any case, after the finishing of the excursion, a significant lot of occasions that can be of the multi-month, multi-month, or considerably more is given to him/her.

NRI status 

The status of NRI is apportioned to the individuals who sail for 182 days or all the more away from India. These mariners are formally given the status of NRI by the Indian government. This status is profitable in social notoriety and tax reductions.

Tax-exempt compensation 

This is most likely probably the best advantage of the merchant navy way of life. Their pay which is viewed as high is tax-exempt as well.

This is a direct result of the NRI status they get in the wake of cruising abroad. Their entire compensation is tax-exempt yet just for the money related year they spent cruising endlessly from India.

There are relatively few employments that give you this preferred position.

Genuine difficulties 

This can be a genius or a con contingent on your advantage and observation to see your work. On the off chance that you love confronting difficulties that test your aptitudes and quality, at that point, this is more point for you working in the merchant navy.

Frequently asked question about Merchant Navy

Merchant navy vs. Indian navy difference
How do I join the merchant navy?

After the tenth, you cannot join as a deck official or marine designer in the merchant navy. You can join as a GP rating.
After passing twelfth (Science no one but), you can either pick a vocation as deck official or a marine designer relying on your preference.
To join as a deck official, read more in the segment “Vocation as Deck Officer”
To join as a marine specialist, read more in the segment “Vocation as Marine Engineer”
Mechanical designing alumni can join as Marine specialists in the wake of completing a year course in the affirmed establishment. To join as a marine specialist, read more in the area “Profession as Marine Engineer”

What does the Merchant Navy do?

Merchant navy officials are utilized by business transporting organizations to take a shot at a wide range of seagoing vessels, for example, luxury ships, payload boats, big haulers, and air cushion vehicles. These folks ordinarily embrace a deck official or building an official job in a group driving limit. Be that as it may, they likewise do a considerable amount of hands-on reasonable work.

Is Merchant Navy a good career?

Well! Presently I have given a thought about what merchant navy is and what are various sorts of employment. Merchant navy doesn’t care for building or clinical occupations since it is as yet not exceptionally mainstream among youthful alumni. Yet, presently it is picking up prevalence as a result of specific favorable circumstances in this activity.
1.Unremarkable Educational Qualification
2.Worthwhile Pay Package and Perks
3. Abroad Traveling and Adventure
4.Introduction of different Cultures
5.Tax cuts
6.Polished skill and Discipline

is the merchant navy a permanent job?

Yes, it is a permanent job. A large portion of the delivery organizations, to be increasingly exact roughly 70% of them deal with their boats on contract premise. Indeed, even the rest 30% of the organizations don’t have any proviso on perpetual work in their agreements; rather they man ships on round-the-year contracts.

Does the Merchant Navy get a pension?

The answer is No. In many organizations or possibly all organizations today, the activity involves authoritative wages that incorporate fixed extra time, leave pay, and all recompenses so there is no extra installment while ready or on leave other than what you marked on for when you joined. On the off chance that you want annuity support, you can begin one yourself yet the organization’s commitment to you closes the moment you close down the boat and have been covered your wages for the period you were ready.

How safe is the merchant navy?

Indeed, Merchant Navy is dangerous however you are prepared and paid well to deal with that chance. Merchant Navy Officers are prepared so that they are capable to transform a hazardous circumstance into a great one.

What is the salary of the deck cadet in the merchant navy?

Normal yearly compensation for Deck Cadet in Merchant Navy is INR 4.4 lakhs in India.

Is family allowed in the merchant navy?

It depends on the contract with the company. A merchant navy officer can take his family if allowed.

Is the merchant navy a government job?

It is not a government job but it also relies upon your employer. If you secure occupation in a Vessel/transport constrained by the Directorate General of Shipping, Govt of India, at that point it is a Govt work.

How many holidays in the merchant navy?

Normally the Junior Officers (third Engineer, fourth Engineer, second Officer, and third Officer) need to cruise for 5 months and get-away are for 2 months.
Seniors Officers (Chief Engineer, Captain, second Engineer, and Chief Officer) sail for 3–4 months and excursions are for 2–3 months, individually.
Various organizations have diverse legally binding necessities. So perhaps in a specific organization, Junior Officer sails for a half year and excursions are for 3 months or possibly in some other organization they may be cruising for even 3 months and get-away for 3 months.

Will the merchant navy be taxed in India?

You don’t need to pay any duty anyplace if you complete 185 days out of India.

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