IS UK The Best Country For MBA


When students end their graduation after they have put in 4 years of hard work, they are oozing with knowledge but lack in knowing about the next step that they want to take. Many students establish a strong passion in the field of their undergraduate discipline so much so that they aim at becoming scholars in the same field and hence, take the next step in life accordingly.

But there are quite a lot of graduates in India who are uncertain about the next step they want to take in life. To start doing a job, to study further, or to sit for Government recruitment all these things increase the amount of confusion in the minds of the average graduate student.

Amid these thoughts prevails the most common idea which is of going for an MBA. MBA stands for Masters in Business Administration. Lakhs of students sit for the CAT exam every year and only a few can get into the most prestigious management colleges of the country.

This again leads to a dilemma that whether or not the student should migrate to some other country to study a high-quality curriculum of Masters in Business Administration or to get admission into a lesser
ranked MBA college in India itself.


When such a choice or dilemma is presented before a suitable student who can afford to migrate to a different country and pursue a Masters in Business Administration there do not give it a second thought.

The next question that arises is which country is most suitable for an MBA for an Indian student. Most experts who have been in the field management for quite some time now believe that management education in the United Kingdom is hands down the best.

They run a dynamic course with all requirements which are necessary to be relevant in the industry. MBA in UK for Indian Students is a good option indeed.

The simplest reason that everyone gives to support their argument that the UK is the best for an MBA aspirant from India is that the course run in the UK is completely in English.

Many foreign universities require you to have a hold on the native language of the country before they provide you admission. But this problem is solved in the United Kingdom. The second biggest reason to consider an MBA in the United Kingdom is that the quality of education in the UK is appreciated all over.

The career boost that you get after an MBA from the UK will be much more than doing the same from any other country because the quality of training is significantly superior.

The MBA course in the UK requires you to be an independent student. This means is that apart from regular teaching, research work will be mandatory for the student which is extremely essential for a person who has to manage an ever-evolving sector of the economy.


But everything has its demerits. Studying MBA in the United Kingdom can cost you very dearly. While the average tuition fee charged by the Universities for an MBA program is around 10-12,000 pounds every year, the living expenses in the United Kingdom take the whole expenditure to a painfully high number.

Secondly, the MBA has its sub-fields in which the student will eventually have to specialize. But the fact is, that most of the specializations in the UK are different from the conventional disciplines which are offered in India. So, an MBA from the UK will be of no use if you do not get the right specialization subject.

Lastly, the Universities in the United Kingdom are not an easy place to leave once you are enrolled. You will have to work hard to become eligible for the degree which you want in the end, something which is not very prominent in India

By Sourav Pathak

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