How Difficult it is to Become an IAS officer?

How Difficult it is to Become an IAS officer?

The Full form of IAS is Indian administrative services.

IAS is one of the top and core service of India and the top rankers who secure best marks are only eligible for IAS. To get into the IAS, you will have to give the “UPSC held Civil Services Examination”. It is a common exam for getting into the IAS, IPS etc.

To become an IAS, you have to first give an entrance exam which is popularly known as UPSC civil service exam in short CSE. UPSC exam is divided into three parts i.e.

  • Preliminary examinations

  • Mains examination

  • Interview section

The people who will clear preliminary exams will be allowed to attend main examinations and then those who will pass mains examination will be allowed to attend the interview section.

Becoming an IAS is not an easy task, but yes, if you have spirit, then it is also not impossible. It takes years of planning, sustained hard work and tones of self- belief to become an IAS officer.

The job of IAS gives you the chance to make a difference in the livelihood of the Indians and help many Indians which make this prestigious job.

Always use original source material and do your own thinking as there is no easy way out. Be your own coach, though in a group study you can feed off each other.

The civil services examination needs speed, skill, and stamina as it is a three-stage examination and every stage is different from every other.

IAS Officer:

IAS Officer

Indeed IAS have a thorough knowledge of all area and it has to be because IAS officer has to solve the public problem, implement government policies, follows rules and regulation that to change from states to states.

He/she surrounded by many people who have different attitude/opinion/behavior and respond the same. Before joining service IAS officer has to study that area. IAS officer serves his services to the public.

IAS officer must be dynamic and intelligent, hardworking, having exhaustive Knowledge, team working spirit, Strong and Confident.

Reasons why IAS seems difficult

UPSC CSE is the most difficult examination to crack. Becoming an IAS is even harder than cracking UPSC CSE (as one needs to be a top-ranked in UPSC CSE Examination to become an IAS).

This exam is considered to be the toughest because of some reasons like-


The syllabus for the IAS examination is quite vast. The examination is divided into three parts namely, preliminary, mains and interview.

The pre-exam has 2 papers of 200 marks and candidates have to clear this level in order to be eligible for the next level. The mains exam consists of total nine papers, but out of that 2 papers are designed to allocate 300 marks on the qualifying standard and marks of these both paper will not be estimated for the final round.

The IAS examination has descriptive papers which makes it tough as you need to have proper in-depth knowledge of every subject to clear the exam. You have to start preparing for IAS.

In preparation, you have to start preparing a few months ago and make a time schedule for preparation. You have to complete topics by Topics of IAS Syllabus.

When one topic is completed, you have to revise and do practice it while your second topic preparation is running. You have to revise continuously.


More than 9 lakes candidate appear for the exam of UPSC CSE every Year, but only 1000 will be selected for 24 services of UPSC. The top few hundred candidates are selected as an IAS.

The people who will clear preliminary exams will be allowed to attend main examinations and then those who will pass the mains examination will be allowed to attend the interview section.

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 You may have heard that to be an IAS you need to study 18–20 hours daily. This is one thing that makes the dream of becoming an IAS tougher.

Yes, it’s true that you will need to spend a lot of our time studying but not everybody studying 18–20 hours makes it be an IAS. Even some studying 8–10 hours a day makes their way to IAS.


 Face to face interview not only tests your knowledge but also tests your administrative traits. So your overall personality also matters.

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 After passing the exam the candidate has to undergo the specially designed training program for two years. It is again divided into four stages namely Foundation course, Professional course, Departmental Training and On the job training.

The candidate has to digest heavy knowledge doses in limited time and has to pass all exams during the training.

 After posting:

 Once the candidate is posted, he/ she face the lot of responsibility, risk, public dealing, heavy workload, pressure from various sectors of society.

 The most difficult task has to carry out is to balance work and life. He/she has to satisfy public and family. It’s a really tough task.

Cracking civil services is quite hard, but it is definitely not impossible. It requires the right guidance, dedication, time management, right study material, smart work, and knowledge of current events, along with a confident smart personality with leadership qualities.

Most people quit UPSC Preparation in the mid-way because:

→they get satisfied by other govt. job

→they have to take up the responsibility of the family and hence have to quit their preparation

→they get disillusioned after their failure to clear even the prelims after 2-3 attempts

→they slip into mild depression and aren’t able to handle stress and uncertainty related to UPSC CSE.

It just requires patience, hard work and right approach towards the examination. If you keep working hard and stay motivated, then, there are high – chances that you will be able to crack UPSC CSE.

Commitment and stubbornness are two pillars of your hope of becoming an IAS officer.

How to become IAS officer?

Civil Services preparation is not a sprint, rather a marathon. It requires continuous and dedicated endeavors but is worth the efforts.

So, introspect and give a thought about why you want to become IAS officer. And then once you are sure about your purpose, start preparing and give it your best shot. Some tips on how to prepare for the examination are:

  • Manage time- It is imperative that you plan your schedule way earlier so that you can divide the complete preparation period into smaller portions between papers 1 & 2, reserving sufficient time for revision as well as practicing mock tests series. Even every day, you should give enough preparation time for papers 1 and 2, and of course, be devoting more time towards paper 1 because paper 2 is only qualifying. In addition, you should also spend time reading the latest current affairs and events out of newspapers and journals regularly. Hence manage time appropriately.


  • Watch, read, breathe news- For an IAS candidate, newspapers are akin to best friends. One of the biggest challenges regarding current affairs is that the UPSC syllabus expands every day due to this aspect. Not only should you develop a habit of newspaper reading daily, you should also be sharp enough to identify major topics and events that are exam-worthy. Before starting to read the newspaper, you should decide what to read, why to read it and from where to read that news. This will definitely help you reduce the amount of time you take to read the newspaper since you would have cut down on the unnecessary news given in the papers.


  • Practice concentration exercises- There are a lot of concentration exercises which you can use to retain more information in your brain and increase the time span of your focus e.g. what you can do is, read an extract from a book you have not perused before. To effectively focus or concentrate on something, close your eyes and you would be able to ax off the major distraction. However, this is only one of the exercises there are many more for you explore.


  • Spend productive time on the internet- Information Technology has revolutionized everything, and it hasn’t out IAS exam preparation arena either. The availability of a plethora of information at your fingertips is a boon for every IAS aspirant. No longer are libraries, classroom coaching or teachers are needed to clarify the doubts. Even though books or teachers can never be replaced, what we mean is that there are online alternatives available for many candidates. As internet penetration has increased in our rural areas, many promising candidates have started to appear in the UPSC Civil Services Exam with a better orientation and preparation. This digitalization is essential for the future of a better India.


  • Be committed- The journey to the post of IAS is an arduous one and the only factor that will help you reach your destination is your commitment level. During this journey, candidates are faced with many problems and challenges which have the ability to shake their faith and belief in themselves. Some aspirants even give up after spending more than 5 years in the pursuit of the IAS goal due to pressure from society, family, etc. Nevertheless, every year, many aspirants are able to crack the IAS exam due to many factors, but mostly owing to their willpower to rise up after every fall. For this, you have to have great self-confidence and unwavering commitment.

Though this examination is very difficult but the key is to understand the exam and the motive behind the exam. The selection process of UPSC is designed in such a way that only people who are diplomatic and wise can crack it.

Early in their careers, IAS officers are entrusted with administrative powers for the maintenance of law and order, revenue collection, implementing development works and social schemes and performing quasi-judicial functions in districts.

Whatever work you’re doing, Make sure your presence must create a revolution. Your intention to serve people will be in your actions, in your thoughts, in your ideology. If you have that passion in you, whatever the examination might be it won’t be tougher anymore for you.

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really a wonderful post on IAS and the responsibility of an IAS officer. This is a very encouraging article and enjoyed reading every line of it. preparing for UPSC exam and cracking it is, of course, a humongous and time-consuming task but every bit of the effort is worthy. You rightly said about the amount of commitment and determination that’s needed to crack it.

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