Top 20 IIT Coaching in Kota

You will agree with me when I say, IIT exam is considered as one of the hardest and most prestigious exams in India. For preparation, you have to study very hard. you can take coaching or prepare through self-study.

If you are searching for best IIT coaching in Kota then you are at perfect place friends. Here you can find the top IIT coaching Institute in Kota Area.

After taking feedback from hundreds of student and various expert related to IIT fields we have sorted out top IIT in Kota, Rajasthan.

We also provide you all contact details including phone number and address of the top IIT coaching.

These are the Top IIT Coaching in Kota


About Coaching:

A very renowned institute that needs no introduction. Resonance is an excellent coaching institute for preparation of IIT exam.

It is very good coaching institution because most of the teachers are IITians, they teach and make concepts clear to every student about every chapter. Student has to study very hard as he will get 6-7 hours of homework daily which is a challenge for everybody to complete that.

 Resonance has their own sheets of notes, it is very sufficient study material for students to get in IIT or NIT.


  • They have planned academic management, defined processes and structured roles & responsibilities.

  • Curriculum is well planned and executed in proper manner.

  • They provide e-Learning Programs for easy learning of the students.

  • This coaching has one of the largest number of full-time faculty members in the coaching sector which are superior faculty than all other coaching education institutes.

  • They perform continuous performance evaluation which help students to know where they stand.

Fees details:

Resonance Coaching Institute takes over 2.8 lacks for 2 years for IIT’s preparation and 1.5 lacks for 1-year preparation.

Contact details:

Address: CG Tower, A-46 & 52, IPIA,
               Near City Mall, Jhalawar Road,
               Kota (Raj.) – 324005

Phone No.: (0)744 2777777, 2777700

Email: cont[email protected]

top iit coaching in kota


About Coaching:

Vibrant is one of the well-known IIT coaching institute of India. The infrastructure of this Academy is the best in Kota. Besides this, the classrooms are well developed so that everyone can have a proper view to the whiteboard.

Teachers are highly qualified, explains each and every topic clearly which makes concepts clear so that students can solve the questions properly.

The discussions are effective as the teachers not only clear the doubts but also discuss about the alternative methods to solve the questions.


  • Faculty of this academy is highly experienced with high explaining capability and separate doubt clearing faculty to help you out.

  • They provide good test material and regular test which move students closer to their success.

  • The method is teaching of teachers is well as they make every concept clear.

Fees details:

The fees structure of this academy is as follows:

First installment= Rs.52000/-

Second installment= Rs.32087/-

These installments have to be paid bi-annually.

Contact details:

Address: Nitin Jain, 2-Kha-9, Vigyan Nagar, Kota (Raj) 324005

Phone No.: 0744-3299801

Email: [email protected]



About Coaching

Allen career institute is an extraordinary institution which helps growing minds achieve their dreams. ALLEN is a name that gives opportunities to keep you on a bright future path.

 They want that their students should get admission in well-known engineering college. They actually work very hard so that their students can achieve their goals.

The most prior incentive is their Test Series, the way ALLEN conducts regular tests is the right way to encourage students to get active for the respective Competitive Exams. They work in pre-planned manner which is strictly followed.

The faculty at Allen is very well, they have detailed knowledge of their subjects, always ready and eager to solve doubts and concepts of their students.

There is some need for the student to actively participate at Allen. Rest is all dependent on the students as to how they cope up with the Curriculum.

Though the fees at Allen might not be affordable but each one must attend Allen Test Series which is actually very helpful to the students.


  • The test series of Allen is very helpful to the students as it includes questions which are of a level equivalent to the competitive exam.

  • The faculty of this institute is well qualified as they have detailed knowledge of their subjects.

  • Orientation sessions are also organized in which they told what strategies you would make and what you have done to get sure success.

  • There is drees code too in Allen which helps students to give their whole attention to studies in spite of fashion.

  • Faculty members are always ready to clear all your doubts, doesn’t matters that if it is small or not. Doubt counters are always available to clear all your doubts that are not clear in the class.

Fees details:

The fees structure of this institute is as follows:

First installment= Rs.48100/-

Second installment= Rs.25000/-

Contact details:

Address: CP-6, Indra Vihar, Kota (Rajasthan) India – 324005.

Phone No.: +91-744-2757575.

Email: [email protected]

best iit coaching in kota


About Coaching

Bansal classes is one of the oldest IIT/AIEEE coaching institute known to students. There is no doubt that Bansal classes gave best students to IITs and NITs. The owner of Bansal classes Mr. V.K Bansal is best known for Math classes.

He is a great motivator and perfect teacher. His teaching standards and way of teaching is perfect and best. Bansal Classes give you an excellence in the coaching for three elementary subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

To secure admission in Bansal Classes you have to clear the selection test organized every year for their various one or two year class room contact program designed for class XI, XII and XII pass students.

They provide DPPs (daily practice papers) and if solved daily there is no need to prepare any extra thing to score well in IIT JEE exams.

They provide perfect study materials. It gave best rankers to IITs. Bansal is the best coaching choice for IIT JEE preparation. 


  • It had highly experienced faculty and good teaching methodology.

  • Faculties know how they can make the level of the students up to which is required for IIT.

  • The teacher support is excellent and they help to overcome the problems of the students.

  • There administration is very supportive and very good. They care to each and every student who learn how to overcome the fear of weak subject’s problems.

Fees details:

Fee structure for two year duration course (class XI and XII) is Rs.1,45,000+service tax (as applicable) + Rs.1000 as caution money.

Contact details:

Address: ‘Bansal Tower’, A-10 Road No. 1, IPIA, Kota-324005 (Rajasthan), India.

Phone No.: 0744-2791000

Email: [email protected]


About Coaching

Nucleus education is a result-oriented coaching institute in Kota, Rajasthan that help students to crack engineering entrance exams.

Faculty members who teach here are specialists in their respective fields and provide individual attention to each student.

Study material provided by the institute is updated on a regular basis, keeping the latest trends in mind. Periodic tests ensure that students get to do enough practice on what they learn.

The highly competitive atmosphere of the institute makes sure that each little doubt gets resolved soon.


  • The study material provided in this course is best in the market and is updated on a regular basis.

  • The Institute consists of experienced faculty members who work hard to ensure that all the concepts are crystal-clear to students.

  • With frequent tests and doubt-clearing sessions, students constantly get motivate to perform more than one another.

Fees details:

The fee structure of Nucleus Education for XII passed students is Rs.140000/-

Contact details:

Address: 92, Rajeev Gandhi Nagar, Kota-Rajasthan – 324005, Opposite Allen Safalya Building, Instrumentation Limited Colony

Phone No.: +91 98150 13418

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which is the top iit coaching in kota


About Coaching:

Career point is one of the best coaching institute in Kota. The infrastructure is one of the best part of this institute. They use their own study material which help students for easy learning. They also have a doubt section if you have any doubt you can ask to the teacher.

Every month, they organize a motivation seminar and after every test student get their performance analysis score which helps the most to the student.

In one word they shaped student in a perfect way. They have a mannered administration that is all topics, dress, attendance, and class schedule are planned well.

There are various facilities provided for students like they provide motivational environment all around.

If I talk about faculties, all the teachers are always ready to help you for all your doubt in anytime.

The best thing about career point is that they provide a place named gurukul in which there are many doubt counters for the students, all subject teachers are available at doubt counter for 24 hours.

Career point gives a study material package at free cost and the study material is written in simplest form which anybody can study the material without the help of faculty and understand it easily.

Fresh food items and canteen are also available. The environment of this institute is so pure and peaceful. Every time, everybody motivates you to work hard.

In short career point is an institute where you can get everything under one roof. 


  • Infrastructure of this institute is good.

  • They organize motivation sessions monthly which help students to boost up and work hard towards their goals.

  • They have gurukul, it’s a place where teachers of every subject is available 24 hours to solve the doubts of the students.

  • They provide free of cost study material which is written in simplest form.

Fees details:

The fees structure of this institute is as follows:

First installment= Rs.46020/-

Second installment= Rs.24780/-

These installments have to be paid bi-annually. 

Contact details:

Address: CP Tower, Road No. 1, IPIA, Kota (Raj.) India 324005
Phone No.: +91-744-3040000, 6630500, 2430505 
Mobile No.: +91-76657-17000, +91-76657-18000 
Email: [email protected]



About Coaching:

Motion education is one of the best coaching center in Kota city. This institute provide a lot of study material and also provides e-education like recorded video lectures and links as study materials.

The academic program is very good for students because here the students are given planner for their study so that they can study accordingly.

Administration of Motion is very good. Its administrative provide all valuable information about your study. Faculty are very much co-operative that you won’t see in other coaching of Kota.

Faculty gives equal preference to each and every student of the class. Teachers are so caring that if you are absent on previous day they will surely noticed you unlikely from others coaching.


  • This institute provides e-education like recorded video lectures and links as study material so that if one misses the class can easily cope up with the curriculum.

  • Faculty of this institute is very cooperative.

  • There is a competitive atmosphere in this academy which make students to work hard.

  • There is equality in this institute as everyone get equal preference in the class.

Fees details:

The fee structure of Motion Academy for XII passed students is Rs.25000/-

Contact details:

Address: 394, Rajeev Gandhi Nagar, Kota (Rajasthan) India – 324005

Phone No.: 1800-212-1799

Email: [email protected]



About Coaching:

Rao IIT Academy is the most successful institute in the Kota. Students fulfill their dreams by this institute. This institute is successful for its academic programs like weekly test, monthly test, quarterly test etc.

This institute also have good understanding and cooperative environment between faculties and students.

Administration of this institute is collaborate with students for solving all problems of students as if you want to get success then at first clear all problems and doubts from your minds.

This institute have all opportunists for those students who want to be get success.


  • This institute is successful for its academic programs like weekly test, monthly test, quarterly test etc.

  • It has interactive sessions which allow students to clear doubt at the moment.

  • Faculty is very supportive as they motivate the students time to time.

  • They provide good study material and also provide daily practice problems.

Fees details:

The fee structure of RAO IIT Academy for XII passed students is Rs.125000/-

Contact details:

Address: Rao IIT Academy, A-113, 1st Floor, Boomerang, Chandivali Farm Road, Near   Chandivali Studio, Chandivali, Andheri(E), Mumbai – 400072
Phone No.: 022-28470045
Email: [email protected]



About Coaching:

Aakash Institute is one of the prestigious college in the top IIT coaching institutes in Kota, India. It believes to become the most well-liked brand name in the field of tutoring.

It help young aspirants and provide education in the field of engineering and medicine.

It adopts high-quality teaching methodology.

The main focus is on staying committed towards its goal. This institute grows on responsibility, hard work, teamwork, truthfulness as well as the student-teacher relationship.


  • Students who skip classes can recompense by opting video classes and taking relevant notes.

  • The teachers of this institute are qualified from best institutes you can ever think of such as IITs and NITs.

  • It provides a library with a wide range of orientation books for the students. The library provides an encouraging environment for students to prepare for their entrance exams.

  • Study material in both, Hindi as well as English are provided to students so that language doesn’t bring a crisis to any student.

  • Regular parent-teacher meetings ensure that parents cooperate with respective teachers and know where how their son or daughter is performing.

Fees details:

The fee structure of Aakash Institute for XII passed students is Rs.128266/-

Contact details:

Address: Plot No.:8, Aakash Tower, Pusa Road, New Delhi – 110005, India

Phone No.: +91-11–47623456, Fax: +91-11–47623472

Email: [email protected]



About Coaching:

Aspire Career Institute, Kota was founded by an IIT graduate with an aim of changing the perspective of career coaching in our country.

The main motto of Aspire Institute is to relate real-life examples with teaching for better learning experiences.

Aspire has successfully combined activity-based learning and technology with the traditional teaching. It aim in making a child self-aware of his/her abilities by inducing confidence, self-belief and determination.


  • This institute specializes in building a strong foundation of students for the IIT examination.

  • It also conducts regular doubt clearing classes for students who want to learn and achieve their goals.

  • It also allows students for free enrolment to JEE Mains and Advanced test series even after course completion.

  • It also takes individual feedback for faculties from all its students for ensuring no lapse in the quality teaching process.

  • Even if Aspire manages to satisfy 99% of its students, it also lays same preference to rest 1% of students with same dedication and commitment to effective academic performance.

Fees details:

The fees for Aspire JEE coaching have been divided in terms of admission into batches. For class XI, the fees come to be Rs.60000 and Rs.69000 respectively for two batches.

For class XII, the fees come to be around Rs.65000 and Rs.75000 respectively for two batches. The course fees for dropper or class XII passed students comes to be Rs.80000 including all the taxes.

Contact details:

Address: 22 & 23, Rajeev Gandhi Nagar, Kota, Rajasthan 324005

Phone No.: 0744 605 0234

E-mail: [email protected]



About Coaching

Sigma Institute is one of the best IIT institute in Kota, Rajasthan. It aims to provide high-quality education and an atmosphere of learning and competition within the students.

 This institute is been successfully started since many years in Delhi.

They provide coaching and tuitions in various courses. This institute consist of team of highly dedicated, experienced and competent faculty who provide proper coaching for the growth of each student.

 Sigma Institute in Kota, Rajasthan has modern classrooms, all equipped with essential study tools and materials.

In order to help the students obtain an outstanding performance at their exams, it regularly hosts lectures and seminars which also prove to be a great push in the personality development of the students.

Students are also trained thoroughly on other important aspects like time management, stress management and career guidance among others.

The teachers themselves carry out brainstorming sessions on a periodic basis so that they can plan their teaching method as well as closely monitor their own performances and improve wherever required.

Regular tests and exams are conducted so that the students can understand the areas wherein they need to improve and work upon.


  • This institute has modern classrooms all equipped with tools and study materials.

  • They host seminars for the personality development of the students.

  • They also organize trainings on aspects like stress management, time management and career guidance.

  • Regular test are held so that students can know the areas where they need to focus more.

  • This institute consist of team of highly dedicated, experienced and competent faculty who provide proper guidance for the growth of each student.

Fees details:

The fee structure of Sigma Institute for XII passed students is 68,000/- + GST

Contact details:

Address: Ambedkar Colony, Sector-B, Talwandi, Kota, Rajasthan 324005

Phone: 094141 89150

Email: [email protected]

top 10 iit coaching in kota


About Coaching

Ables Education is one of the coaching institute for IIT in KOTA. It has got a mentor Mr. Prakash Joy. He has trained IIT-JEE and AIPMT students in KOTA for 22 years.

More than 15000 students had taken his guidance to shape their career. In Kota and other coaching cities good faculties are highly paid.

They cannot be afforded by the normal fees structure and with limited number of students in a city.

Here is the solution, Ables Kota has developed a Satellite and Cloud based Interactive Classroom in which students from more than one location are coached by same faculty from Kota.

When in Ables EDULIVE Classroom one student ask the question all other listen, interact and get benefitted.

Ables Kota manages multiple time slot in multiple Classrooms from morning 7 to evening 9. You can choose better fit time slot as per convenience.


  • They facilitates AC Classrooms for the students.

  • They organize regular mock test for the practice of the topics.

  • It also provides study material for easy learning which is written in simple form.

  • This institute allows direct entrance.

Fees details:

The average fee structure of Sigma Institute is Rs.65300/-.

Contact details:

Address: A-588, Commerce College Road, Talwandi, Kota, Rajasthan 324005

Phone No.: 099828 12345

Email: [email protected]



About Coaching

Turning Point, a leading Institute is the right coaching center for serious aspirants because student intake is limited, the student teacher ratio is low and the faculty are all well-known teachers in their respective fields.

The classes are held regularly and there are doubt clearing sessions followed by mock tests. All this goes a long way in preparing students for the entrance exams and builds their morale and confidence.

This methodology has helped many students to deliver 77% success ratio which remains the highest in the industry.

No other institute can match its level of commitment to their students and this reflects in what their students have to say about us.

This coaching help students to score high in CBSE Board Exams, boosting their confidence and additionally prepares a solid base for IIT-JEE, AIIMS and NEET Examinations.

Their Crash courses are short term boosters for Class 10th and 12th students seeking better scores in CBSE Board Exams and for Class 12th pass students preparing for success in Engineering and Medical Examinations.


  • They have strong academic system since 2010.

  • Experienced Faculty Team Bonded Together for Last 6 Years.

  • Small Batch Size for individual care.

  •  Daily Doubt Classes by HOD’s which help in moving one step more towards their goal.

  • Quarterly Parent Faculty Meeting (PFM) help parents to know how well their children are performing.

  • SWOT & Bio-Metric Test for Analysis

  • Regular Morale Booster Sessions are organized for boosting students.

Fees details:




Service Tax


I Installment

II Installment


X to XI Moving Students IIT-JEE (Main + Advanced)




57,000/- + 8,550/- (S.T.) = 65,550/-

28,000/- + 4,200/- (S.T.) = 32,200/-


XI to XII Moving Students IIT-JEE (Main + Advanced)




60,000/- + 9,000/- (S.T.) = 69,000/-

30,000/- + 4,500/- (S.T.) = 34,500/-


XII Passed Students IIT-JEE (Main + Advanced)




62,000/- + 9,300/- (S.T.) = 71,300/-

30,000/- + 4,500/- (S.T.) = 34,500/-


XII Passed Students IIT-JEE Main (AIEEE)




30,000/- + 4,500/- (S.T.) = 34,500/-

16,000/- +2,400/- (S.T.) = 18,400/-

Contact details:

Address: 320, District Centre, New Jawahar Nagar, Kota, Rajasthan 324005

Phone No.: 098280 93355

Email: [email protected]



About Coaching

Chanakya Coaching Centre is an IIT Coaching in Kota that also teaches for other exams like JEE Advanced, IAS etc.

This institution is very good. Faculties are highly experienced and knowledgeable. When there is any doubt they will explain the concept in much easy way.

They provide interactive notes and organize test series for the students


  • They provide interactive notes to the students.

  • They provides Question bank with over 25000+ questions.

  • Test series are organized on regular basis.

  • Course planner are provided to the students which help them to prepare in a specified manner.

  • The material is efficiently and effectively created by teachers who have been mentoring IIT JEE students for over 20 years.

  • The quality of the lectures are excellent and uniform.

  • You’ll save time on travelling and won’t have to worry about missing out on tutorials when sick.

  • You will also be able to avail of counselling for both academic and non-academic purposes.

  • It covers all the theoretical and application oriented concept, supplemented with ample number of numerical problems along with discussion of their solution.

  • It includes study material covering sufficient number of numerical problems and objectives for practice purpose.

Fees details:

The fee structure for this coaching is more than 1.5 lac each year

Contact details:

Address: 4 P 10 Talwandi Opposite Chai Pani, near Abishek Readymade and Shivanjali, Kota, Rajasthan 324005

Phone No.: 097722 94830

Email: [email protected]



About Coaching

Quantum classes is named QUANTUM because it is derived from Quanta which resembles the smallest or fundamental entity of any physical quantity and the man who put its name quantum believes that if someone wants to improve his ability in physics then he need to work on his fundamentals and basic concepts.

It is very nice coaching institute for the students preparing for Medical, JEE or allied exams. Good faculty and qualified teachers are teaching in this institute. Students can ask doubt from anywhere, faculties are always there to clear the doubts.


  • Small batch size (less than 40 students in a batch)

  • Students can ask doubts from any book (Irodov, Krotov, Resnick Halliday, HCV, Cengage, D.C. Pandey etc.)

  • Students can ask doubts from any sheet or anywhere.

  • SGP (Selection Guarantee Program) in which 100% fees refund if you don’t get selected in IITJEE/NEET.

  • 60 tests in all during the course.

Fees details:

a. Registration Fees: Rs.500. Payable one time. Non Refundable.

b. Coaching Fees: Rs.54000 for the full course payable as Rs.8000 in three quarters. Choose any three subjects from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.

c. Test Series: Rs.3000 for the full course payable as Rs.1000 in three quarters.

Contact details:

Address: 67, DPS Tower, Old, Rajeev Gandhi Nagar, Kota, Rajasthan 324005

Phone No.: 096809 78101

E-mail: [email protected]

iit coaching in kota fees


About Coaching:

Nucleon Chemistry Classes is a leading institute for IIT JEE/ NEET preparations in Kota. It led by the two subject experts NV Sir and VKP Sir having more than 10 years of experience in teaching in Kota.

 VKP sir is one of the best Organic Chemistry teachers in India for JEE preparation. He has a vast experience.

He teaches with clarity and will clear your every doubt no matter how much you ask, he will make you fall in love with organic chemistry.

Also, he is punctual and completes syllabus well before time. NV sir has been a senior faculty in Resonance and Etoos. His teaching style is such that even the most difficult topics like Ionic and thermodynamics can be mastered easily.

He makes complex topics seem easy. There is a facility for video lectures too. And since JEE syllabus is very vast, it is advised to make full use of video lectures and complete the Inorganic part well before time or it becomes a bit of burden at last.


  • Reading Material is available in the easy language.

  • Test Series are hosted time to time for the students.

  • Doubt Clearing Classes are organized so that if one get any doubt so it is cleared timely.

  • Distance Learning Program are also available.

  • IT also facilitates a library which consist of wide variety of books for preparation.

  • Computer Lab facility is also available for the students.

Fees details:

The fees structure of this institute is as follows:

First installment= Rs.98150/-

Second installment= Rs.52850/-

These installments have to be paid within a month (1st Dec. to 31st Dec. 2019)

Contact details:

Address:  A-475, Nucleon Chemistry Classes, Indra Vihar Kota (Raj.) 324005

Phone No.: +91 8047093156

Email:  [email protected]

Do you know most of the candidates used to join coaching centers with a hope that they will provide some short-cuts, tricks to crack the exam? But you know there is no shortcut to success. You have to work hard on your own.

There may be a case where coaching center guides you and gives you proper guidance.

1. Is it necessary to take IIT coaching to crack IIT exam?

list of iit coaching in kota

It totally depends upon you whether you want to take coaching or not.
I have seen many candidates have cracked IIT exam by doing self-study. But if you want to be guided by an expert then you can take coaching for IIT preparation.

If your bench strength is good and you have a confident that you can prepare yourself the. There is no need to take coaching.

But it is better to be guided by an expert. Coaching also helps you to clear some technical difficulties. It also makes you familiar with which types of approach you need to crack IIT exam in early attempts.

2.Things to consider before selecting IIT coaching.

There are several IIT coaching institutes but to find the best one could be the toughest task.
Before choosing coaching to pursue IIT exam preparation we have mentioned a very important point which helps you to select the best coaching for your IIT exam.


Also Read:-

1.Passing track record of the Institute.

The first thing you have to look out is the past tracking record of the Institute. Previous years passing track record help you to understand whether student taking coaching from the particular institute is able to crack the exam or not?

2.Study Material they Provide.

After taking care of passing record of the institute you have to consider the study material they provide for preparation.

Good study material means good knowledge and good knowledge makes you easier to crack IIT exam.

3.The experience of the Teacher.

The first thing you have to check out is that whether the owner himself of coaching is giving the class or professional expertise are hired to teach you.

I have seen various coaching put big names in their brochure but actually, they are only guest teacher or advisory board members. So it is better to check the credentials of the teacher who is going to teach you.

4. The only brand name doesn’t matter.

Yes, the only big brand doesn’t matter friend. There are various Institute which has built a big brand reputation and promote long back past glory. Always check recent years passing record.


Also, check which types of support they are providing to students. Talk to the student who is easy taking coaching. You can also take a few Demo classes before making the final decision.

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