Finding a Good IIT Coaching Institute is not an Easy Task. We Have Compiled the Lists of Best IIT Coaching in Hyderabad With Fees, Review and Contact Details

Sri Mega Study Circle, Hyderabad


SRIMEGA is one of the leading institutes located in Hyderabad, which was established in the year 1987. The students are allowed to study not only for the IIT JEE course but also for courses like BITSAT and AIEEE. Students have been...

Krishna Murthy IIT Academy, Hyderabad


KIA or Krishna Murthy IIT Academy was established as one of the premier institutes when it comes to providing courses for teaching in the field of IITs. The center provided options for students to sign-up for other courses such as BITSAT,...

Nano IIT Academy , Hyderabad


Nano Academy provides the highest academic standards and upholds its key values when it comes to underlining its goals and ambitions for taking IIT JEE preparation to the next level. The institute has been in business for almost two decades now...

Shree SanJEEvani Coaching Centre, Hyderabad


Established in the year 2012, this top IIT coaching in Hyderabad can be said as the hub for all types of competitive courses such as BITSAT, NEET, JEE Mains & Advanced and EAMCET. The center is also responsible for launching Smart...

Sri Gayatri Academy, Hyderabad


Located in the city of Hyderabad, the center is equipped with the best facilities when it comes to providing coaching classes for IIT JEE. The center also provided coaching classes for NEET and CA CPT as well. The institute is best...

Sri Chaitanya, Hyderabad


The institute started its historic journey in the year 1986. The center was responsible for setting up by Dr. B. S. Rao Garu and Dr. Jhansi Lakshmi Bai Garu. During that time, the establishment of such an institute was meant to...

FIIT JEE , Hyderabad


FIITJEE is very much well-known when it comes to understanding the needs of the students, at different stages of their course preparation. Therefore, the teachers can help them accordingly concerning the students' overall capacity and penchant for grasping knowledge. In the...

Narayana Coaching Centre , Hyderabad


Not only in Hyderabad, but Narayana has its brand name all over India when it comes to educational institutions for best IIT jee coaching in Hyderabad. The coaching center has been pretty generous with the asking fee for the two years...

Vision 40 IIT Academy, Hyderabad


The Vision 40 academy started mainly as an institute to help 40 students each year to get IIT JEE ranks. The students that were selected were very bright and meritorious, which helped the institute gain a further name in the...

Page Academy Hyderabad


PAGE is a major service provider in Hyderabad for kids preparing for National Level Entrance Exams. Established in 1988 with GRE/TOEFL/GMAT/MBA/MCA entrance training. Incorporated as a Private Limited Company in 1999. Engineering tutoring was introduced in 2004. In 2004, we pioneered...

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5 Things to consider before joining IIT coaching in Hyderabad

●Faculty experience

When preparing for tough courses like these, students need the help of a teacher who is not only good at teaching concepts but also clearing doubts. Therefore, experienced teachers will be well versed in this type of education
method, which is why the center should have experienced teaching staff. ​

●Course charges

While the fees charged by the centers for best IIT coaching in
Hyderabad will depend on the type and duration of the course the student will be choosing, it's still important to enroll with an institute that charges reasonable fees.

●Distance from home

Even though Hyderabad has a pretty great transport system,
students should still choose the center that is closest to them, without sacrificing the teaching qualities.

Wasting time during commutes is not at all recommended as students will get tired over time. ​

●Study materials

The study materials and the printed notes provided by the teachers and the coaching center is the most important part of a student's preparation.

Any sacrifice in the overall quality will mean that the student will not
be able to grasp the concepts better. The study materials should be easy to read and comprehensive.​


When a student is spending so much amount for obtaining
preparation for IIT JEE, he or she should also see the infrastructure capability of the center as well.

The center should have well-maintained desks, well-lit and aired
rooms, facilities for washrooms and drinking water, and the like.

Frequently Asked Question about IIT Coaching in Hyderabad

Is IIT coaching necessary for cracking the IIT JEE exam?

Yes. When it comes to IIT JEE exam preparation, students need help regarding subjects such as Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. The syllabus is vast and the exam is carried out in the form of MCQs. Therefore students need to learn shortcut methods to be able to complete the questions in the shortest time possible.

How does IIT coaching in Hyderabad help students in preparation?

With the help of IIT coaching classes, students would know how well they’re prepared for the exams and also help in locating their weaknesses. Constant test series exams will help in better time management during the exams and reduce the overall negative marking. Furthermore, concepts can be learned easily and students will have teachers for clearing

What is the course duration of the IIT coaching in Hyderabad?

The course duration is generally two years, but repeaters have to opt for one-year courses.

Is FIITJEE Hyderabad good for IIT exam preparation?

Yes. It’s one of the top and most popular coaching institutes not just in Hyderabad but all over India.


While many students don’t realize the toughness of the IIT exams at first, it should be noted that better the student gets his or her coaching, the better will be the success rate.

Every year lacs and lacs of students appear for the JEE Mains exam and then after only passing the

JEE Mains, they get selected for the JEE Advanced exam. Therefore, right coaching along with study materials is an absolute must.

The students should know his or her strengths and weakness in the main subjects and work towards a better performance. The student should also focus on generating consistency and regularity, which will help in getting the desired results.