Top 10 IELTS Coaching in Delhi

India holds a number of yearly examinations. Most of the exams are competitive. Every year more than lakhs of students sit for these competitive exams.

However, IELTS is a world level exam where English proficiency is measured. One must know the proper curriculum of English for getting admission abroad.

Some people also sit for IELTS for visa purpose. The cracking ratio is still less due to limited seats. 

This is not a native Indian exam. With the help of universities abroad, it is being conducted at the international level. Also, many institutes can teach you about the exam and help you excel in the English language. So, make a promise to yourself and get the exam cleared at any cost.

What is IELTS?

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IELTS is the acronym for the International English Language Testing System. This is a world class language test system for European and Australian countries. One can easily make it to abroad by getting good bands in the exam.

The exam is conducted by joint universities of Canadian, Australia, New Zealand, British, and Irish countries. They hold the right to admit a student for academics based on IELTS.

Now, you can establish your success path through this exam.

The pattern of the exam is general and straightforward. English proficiency is put to the test in this exam. It is the best opportunity as the number of students giving this exam is less, and hence you can quickly get good grades.

The grading system is performed using bands. It starts from group 1 to band 9. There is no eligibility criteria and minimum marks for cracking the exam.

You can readily admit yourself in one of these fantastic coaching centers near you and get good scores in this exam. 

How to enroll for IELTS coaching in Delhi?

ielts coaching in delhi near me

Delhi is a hub of coaching centers for various exams like NEET, IIT, SSC, IELTS, etc. One needs to consider these specific points before opting for a coaching centre in Delhi:

1. Look for a renowned coaching center in Delhi: One may find several coaching centers for the same exam, but the best is only the one. So, focus on the best.

2. The faculty and their experience matter a lot: A better-experienced person is capable of teaching you more with desired examples. So, look for such a center with the best faculty.

3. Try to involve in the environment which is suitable for you: Make yourself involved in the best area in terms of living for better focus on studies.

4. Choose the best from several coaching institutes in Delhi

These are the Best IELTS Coaching in Delhi

  1. Samit’s English Academy

Samit’s Academy is one of the best English coaching hubs in Delhi. The main focus is kept on the PTE, IELTS, and TOEFL exams. At the same time, they will provide you with some extra knowledge on Verbal ability and reasoning comprehension.

Here, you also get an exposure to GMAT and CAT; all at the same academy. A number of students are enrolling for successful career branch at Samit’s.

It ensures to provide the best atmosphere with an adequate study system. 

The faculty members are also engraving for the best results always. This coaching centre divides student into small groups and provides personalized attention to each one of them.

In the weekend, only 6 classes are held. There are flexible timings set for students in the early morning.

One of the best features of this coaching centre is that it provides the study material provided by Cambridge as Cambridge study material.

Some regular mock papers are also solved for better understanding of the subject. The modes available for exam conduction is both offline and online.

In the past few years, Samit’s Academy had come up with outstanding results. The exposure is very good and productive enough to provide mastered knowledge of the subject.

One can enhance himself with better English proficiency after coaching. 

Address: 206, 2nd floor, Vardhaman Dwarkadheesh Plaza, Plot 1, Sector 10 Main Market, Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075.

Contact details:9811999032.


  1. Fateh Education

Fateh Education is one of the oldest and secured coaching center in Delhi. It was established in 2001 and people are trusting it for its brand name.

Various programs are run by the same educational institute in Delhi and one of them includes for IELTS. Yes, many of the ex-students have reported that Fateh education is the best institute for IELTS exam.

It provides a number of experienced faculty members for establishing trust and support in Delhi. The trainees are giving a personal touch to each and every student in order to maximize their performance.

Most of the mock papers are highly qualified and listed well. It can keep track of the smallest change in the exam. There are other various on-site resources for keeping a better track of knowledge for comprehension solving.

The current level of the student can also help in forming customized batches and easy understanding. A team of professional experts is always working to provide better options.

The study material provided is very good and adequate for the students to study. So, it is going to the best educational institute for preparing the IELTS exam.

Fee structure: The regular classes include a fee structure of Rs. 15100 for 8 weeks. It is a total of 50 hours of class. The batch size is up to 20-25 students only.

Address: 6/15, 1st floor, East Patel, Nagar, New Delhi- 110008.

Contact details: +91-11-65447770.

 best ielts coaching in delhi

  1. Plutus Academy

The Plutus Academy is ranked as 3 most top institute for IELTS. This rank is provided with the number of likes for the academy.

The four main skills of English are taught with more focus: Reading, writing, speaking and listening. This can make a student speak fluently.

The improvement is needed by every student who comes for the IELTS exam. This academy will make you teach the best concepts and most needed skills for the exam.

Students get familiar with the requirements of IELTS and try to grab the best knowledge out of it. The positive foundation is lead for the English language by such academy in Delhi.

One can create a good name in a very short time. Compulsory mock tests are going to held by the academy which would make you update for all types of questions been asked. There are some teachers who are hired from the UK and they can really provide some best solving and using skills. One will get to learn about the test format and how to solve it within time. Here, the performance level of the individual is judged. The courses are optimized for test potential and integrity.

Fee structure: The fee structure amounts to Rs. 15100 for 8 weeks i.e. 50 hours class. This is scheduled for both regular and intensive classes.

Address: C-59, Sector 2, Noida, New Delhi.

Contact details: 0120-4308958.


  1. British Council

IELTS is very sincere to ask you about all the relevant skills of the English Language. And the British Council is excellent enough to provide speaking, reading, and writing skills.

This coaching is proved to be very good if you are weak in English. It holds many teaching examination skills and techniques for pursuing the best batch ever.

The faculty members are also from abroad who would like to make a change in the current pattern of teaching. They can provide you some more simplified solutions to the problem.

The common errors and pronunciation can be made effective using daily teaching methodologies. The teachers here are going to provide an extra session for personality development.

Now, this is a plus point that this academy is holding. Not everyone is going to provide you the same. The courses are applied for optimizing the test potential and to judge the potential of the students.

The personalized counseling sessions are also held by the academy for making the student understand the meaning of IELTS.

So, this is one of the top-ranked academies and one can join it for getting a good result in the exam. Try to discover more and more and reach the peak.

Fee structure: The regular classes and intensive classes would charge Rs. 10000 for 8 weeks. This would be exactly for 50 hours of classes.

Address: British High Commission, 17 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi, 110001.

Contact details: [email protected]



  1. Tropical Education and Migration Services (TEAMS)

As the name suggests, TEAMS is one of the tops and renowned coaching centers for IELTS. It is totally dedicated towards the Indian aspirants who wish to crack the exam in simple ways.

The tropical education is generally for education and migration services provide visa facilities for selected students. So, overall it is the combination of the best parts.

One can easily create a good name while studying in renowned academies. The sessions are conducted in both morning and evening classes.

In mastering standard classes, there is a need to focus on the basic part. And this academy is good enough to provide all the relevant material.

The main focus is to be done on IELTS and TOEFL. Students need to prepare with more deep material and this material is provided by TEAMS from a foreign university.

So, they are giving you exposure to learning beyond boundaries. One will love the inner campus and the outside environment of the academy.

 Moreover, personalized sessions are held for keeping the current status of the exam. This academy has also given some exceptional results for IELTS India.

Fee structure: The fee structure for the regular classes is amounting to Rs. 15000 for 8 weeks. This course can be extended with more discount.

Address: 309, 3rd floor, Suneja Tower-1, District Center, Janakpuri West, Delhi- 110058.

Contact details: 011 45503075.

best ielts coaching in delhi with fees

  1. Megamind Consultants

The Megamind Consultants are now approaching with great mindset methodologies and logic. This is helping in making a positive outlook of the students for a better future.

Some of the best education decisions can be made here without any compromise. The studying environment is well-known for creating creative minds.

People start thinking in different ways and terminologies.

The expert team of professionals is good enough to provide and clear all the basic material needed for IELTS.

Lifelong learning is also facilitated by the students studying here. This is because teachers are providing exposure to foreign universities.

The right education with the right conduct is the supreme authority of the institute. One can get life transformed easily when studying for a well-known institute in Delhi.

Career guidance is also provided as the supreme majority and the likelihood of the people. It is also aiming to increase the level of English and provide an adequate solution to every problem.

The quality education is assured by the institute which would lead to the complete existence of IELTS. This exam is having simple concepts to understand and practice.

A student will easily interpret the facility to join the team and get into the environment.

Fee structure: The fee structure for regular classes amounts to Rs. 15100 for 8 weeks. This is in correspondence for 2 months.

Address: Megamind Consultants Pvt. Ltd. South Delhi, E-14,1st Floor, South Extension-1, New Delhi-110049.

Contact details: +91 1146013774.

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  1. Manya Abroad IELTS Institute

Manya IELTS was generally updated in 2002 with Manya Princeton Group. The excellent results by it are proof of getting the topmost students in well-deserved universities of the world.

The countries can be America, Australia, and Europe. Proper diagnosis of every student is done here for better interpretation results.

Every student is prepared with the goal of achieving the best and this goal is provided acceleration by the teachers. The customized support for the student is very important and is achieved here.

Exhaustive test preparation is also advised when the student is not feeling good. Different levels of the test are also tested by the authority here.

Students get complete control over what they are doing and how to perform. The overall marks of the test are itself the result of performance. So, this is going to be a wondrous opportunity for gaining the best from the institute.

The environment is friendly and you will find a source of competition. The institute is specially meant for the purpose of getting IELTS cleared.

The English language may be tuff for some students but it would be easier here. So, get into the place and know the surroundings.

Fee structure: The fee structure for regular classes is Rs. 14,575. This is meant for 6 hours a day. The same is applicable for intensive classes.

Address: B 7/2, Ground floor, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-2, New Delhi- 110020.

Contact details: 1800-102-4646.

ielts coaching in delhi janakpuri

  1. Eduvirt

Eduvirt is one of the professional institutes in Delhi. Their supreme goal lies in students succeeding for IELTS. In the major world of competition, it is good to know about the requirements of the exam. Clear requirements are narrated before letting a student in.

The working environment is best and known because of the nourishing surroundings. It is a less traffic area and students find it easy to get through the institute.

Different students from every part of the country participate in IELTS and the exposure of the same competition is provided here.

Eduvirt is going to provide you a number of opportunities for abroad. The extension to abroad can be made from here itself. The selection in the top universities of abroad is also provided from here after cracking the exam.

Overall, it is providing a complete environment to get the best experience and relevant skills. Different sessions are held for a better understanding of the skills.

And without skills, IELTS is never possible. One can make a good opportunity from here and get a rank in top universities of the world.

The exposure is completely infinite and adequate for a hard-working student. So, enroll in the same institute.

Fee structure: The fee structure for the same is Rs. 13,765/- for 2 months (8 weeks). Special students can also get a discount from here.

Address: Benito Juarez Rd, New Delhi- 110021.

Contact details:011-24102000.


  1. NAM Institute of Professional Studies

NAM Institute is also one of the oldest and finest institutes in Delhi. It has a memorable past behind in achieving the most numbers of students.

Many of them are settled abroad and gaining a massive source of income. This was only possible through IELTS which is conducted everywhere now.

An international standard exam has some international needs. These needs are to be fulfilled at all world level. Your English proficiency should be good enough to get you in a most top university.

Here, regular classes are marked in both morning and evening. A single batch contains about 50 students so it becomes easier to make study easy by the teacher.

At the same time, faculty members are highly enriched enough to provide the best proficiency by imparting their best skills. Total English procedure is followed in the Institute for maintaining the warmth of IELTS.

Students may ask for sheets to solve and so the institute is also providing you the same. Mock papers are latest and held every week.

This makes the student calculate the performance based on skills. So, it is turning out to be fruitful for the freshers. A good environment is expected for students from all over India. So, one can join the same.

Fee structure: The fee structure for regular classes is Rs. 14000/-. This is for 2 months and 6 hours study a day.

Address: H-68, 2nd Floor, South Ex-1, New Delhi- 110049.

Contact details: 011-24626548/49. 


  1. Destination America

Destination America has everything to say in the name itself. It was established in 2002 and reached its peak in 2010. Most of the students enrolled here in 2014 and the results were exceptional from the same year. It is focusing to make your destination finally to America.

This exam can really take you up to great heights. So, as the institute is suggesting. Daily work is done under a proper scheduled here.

And no one is allowed to escape the daily classes. Every single class seems to be different and important.

One should know the importance of IELTS first and then go for it. Every institute is going to provide you the best but only you know how to conduct it.

Proper study material is provided for better furnishing of study on regular classes. Mock papers are held for getting in touch with the latest exam pattern.

So, overall it is creating a better working environment for you. A hardworking student is needed who can really emphasize on the various topics included in the exam.

This would increase the efficiency of the student to study and get good marks. One should enroll in the best study material and environment.

Fee structure: The fee structure amounts to Rs. 15000/- for 2 months. This may change for talented students.

Address: 46, Vinobhapuri, Lajpat Nagar 2, New Delhi- 110024.

Contact details: 011-46540393. 


Frequently Asked Questions about IELTS Coaching in Delhi

Q1. What is the average fee for IELTS coaching?

Ans- When you are talking about the coaching centers then every coaching is going to have different fee structures. They vary according to the facility provided by them. But the average fee for 2 months crash course is Rs. 5000/-. Some of the students also apply for a yearly course in advance which can amount up to Rs. 40,000/-. If you are keeping up with good ranks in the institute then it is good to have discounts on the paid amount. One can also apply for the crash course to be held after every 2 months. So, this was the general fee structure. 

Q2. How do I register for IELTS?

Ans- See, the registration process is very simple for applying. All you can do it first shortlist the best and suitable coaching center for you. Get it goggled and search for the website. Once you are there, the first option will be of course for registration. You can easily sign up with your name and password. This is kept confidential. The details for the registration process will be marked and now you can easily get your registration done. Almost, all the websites are going to host the registration form or you can even visit the premises and get the procedure done. Thus, it was overall a very easy process. 

Q3. How does IELTS help me in my career?

Ans- IELTS is one of the best platforms for the ones who would like to settle abroad and do a better job. For this, IELTS is going to play a major role. This exam is a simple English proficiency testing system for the students to judge their confidence and suitability of the English language. The exam is going to be open gates for many undergraduate and postgraduate students of India. Even, you can enhance your personality with the best speaking and listening skills. So, it has more to say about career options. You have much to do after cracking this exam both in India and abroad. 

Q4. Is it necessary to take IELTS Coaching?

Ans- There is nothing necessary or unnecessary in this world. It depends on your perseverance, confidence, and working methodology. Some of the students are having potential from childhood itself and they no need any kind of coaching. But the majority of the students is still asking for coaching. So, it can confirm that coaching is also necessary for the ones who have the mindset that it is necessary anyhow. At the same time, the coaching centers can provide extra assistance in terms of knowledge. So, a better option can be that students can go for coaching and work hard at the place. Without working, there is never again. 

Q5. How can I pass IELTS?

Ans- IELTS is not categorized under a highly competitive exam in India. It is generally an English testing test held for proper and suitable interest in the language. It may become difficult as it is not our native language. But you can study the basic of the syllabus and try to improve by attending daily classes at the coaching center. The faculty can only teach you but it is only you who can improve for yourself. There is never a miracle for improving your skills. Try to catch YouTube videos and get motivated for the same. You have to govern yourself for this. 

Q6. Is IELTS easy exam?

Ans- Yes, IELTS exam is a very easy and non-competitive exam. There are no eligibility criteria for the same and no minimum marks require for cutoffs. Simply, you can score between a series of the band and apply for abroad educational institutes. Now, these institutes are going to have an option for the criteria. You need to match their criteria and get it done. Thus, IELTS is not going to be tuff for preparation and studies. You need to focus on the simple concepts and prepare yourself for the needed skills. If you are having the potential then you can score very good.

Q7. How much time does it take for IELTS results to come?

Ans- The results totally depend on the official author of the exam. It is conducted by joint universities of abroad and so it may take time. But it is estimated that within 50 days of the exam, the results are most probably declared. 

Q8. Can I prepare for IELTS within a month?

Ans- Yes, you can surely prepare within a month only if you are good in English prior. This is the main topic where one should be neat and clear in relevant knowledge and skills. But if you are a beginner, then you need to cop up with the basic first. Some may take time of about 3 months to catch in English. The verbal and non-verbal techniques are to be covered in the same exam. So, if you are good since your high school then you may find very less problem while solving problems. So, you can prepare for IELTS in a month. 

Conclusion-Final Thoughts

ielts coaching in east delhi

IELTS is an International exam held all over the world. It opens the gate for the awaited and desired abroad universities and their exposure.

It is always a dream for the youth to get top universities of the world and settle a better future. This exam is going to give new knowledge about English and some relevant skills.

If you are not able to get through the exam then also there is no such loss. You would learn how to manage things and speak a good speech.

The personality would try to enhance day by day and suitability for getting in a good company will also increase.

IELTS is one of the most emerging exams among others. , and the chances of getting a top college from here are too high.

Passing this exam will not only get you a good job abroad but will also open the gate for many such opportunities abroad.

The number of coaching centers is limited in Delhi and so applies for the best coaching center. 

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