Top 10 IAS Coaching institute in South Delhi

Have you ever thought about how tough can become easy? Then you have never visited coaching centers. Apart from this, Indian Administrative Services are highly classified and renowned services that are earned by people who really work hard under struggle to reach there.

It is the toughest exam in India which is conducted every year through UPSC. In south Delhi, students can also find some of the best coaching centers for getting exposure and studying for the IAS exam.

To crack this exam is not so easy because of the current platform of competition. The enrollment is high but the seats are very few.

Every year more than 10 Lakh students sit for the same and only 12000 sets are there. So, in this competitive environment, one may need someone to guide for the exam.

For such students, coaching centers were developed to promote the best minds in the country. IAS opens the gate for many city services and posts.

This is a highly respected post for anyone who gains from it. Work hard and dedication are generally required for achieving something big in this world.

 All you need is work and total dedication towards your work. Only this formula will enhance your performance. So, it is better to accomplish this with one of the best coaching centers available in South Delhi. 

How does one select an IAS coaching center in South Delhi?

South Delhi is a place for many coaching centers but one must focus on:

  1. The routine of the institute is necessary to be known i.e. at what time and how the classes are conducted every day.
  2. What was the past result of the center saying? Is there a good percentage of selection from there?
  3. Test whether the coaching center is following the latest pattern or not?
  4. The faculty members at the coaching center should be experienced and highly qualified. This is one of the major points to be known.
  5. The coaching center should also provide regular test and mock interviews for the students.
  6. The coaching center is located from the traffic prone area of South Delhi.

Top 10  IAS/UPSC coaching centers in South Delhi

3.Tarun IAS- Top IAS Coaching Institute in Delhi

Contact Details

Address:F-24, 2nd Floor, Zevar Mahal Building, Metro Pillar No – 88 Preet Vihar, Delhi – 110092

E-Mail: [email protected]
Mobile: +91-7303583400, 9910309088​

Tarun IAS has been set up with the primary goal of providing a life-changing platform for students to prepare for the future in an environment where knowledge is imparted to clear examinations with flying colours while preparing them for the exciting demands of life in the future as an IAS officer.

best ias coaching in delhi

The values for this enterprisehave been inspired by Tarun, Tarit and Tunir Dutta whose lives have taught us the value of Integrity, Community Service and Education.

Since inception we have been contemplating a version of our offering which would make it available to a wider audience. We wanted to leverage technology in a manner that would make our product easily accessible irrespective of availability of consistent high-speed access, have the feel of in-person coaching and high-quality reading materials.

Course Fees

English Medium Fees Structure 1
(Offline/ Online Course)
UPSC Pre Cum Mains Target Batch
(Duration – 1 Year)
Course Fee =100,000/-
Registration fee-10,000/-
3 Equal Installments of 30,000/-
Inclusions–Offline / Online Live Classes + Test Series +Monthly Current Affairs Magazine+Weekly Mentor Class
It will cover pre+mains all GS papers , CSAT, Essay, compulsory paper +interview, Class Handouts Class notes,
Study Material Hard Copy ,TEST SERIES and current Affairs class

English Medium Fees Structure 2
(Offline/Online Course)
UPSC Pre Cum Mains Foundation Batch
(Duration – 3 Year)
Course Fee =120,000/-
Registration fee-20,000/-
4 Equal Installments of 25,000/-
Inclusions – Offline + Online Live Classes + Test Series + Monthly Current Affairs Magazine+Weekly Mentor Class
It will cover pre+mains all GS papers , CSAT, Essay, compulsory paper +interview, Class Handouts
Class notes,Study Material Hard Copy TEST SERIES and current Affairs class

Hindi Medium Fees
(Online Course)
1000+ Hours UPSC Pre Cum Mains Foundation Live Course
Course Fee =50,000/-
Registration fee-5,000/-
3 Equal Installments of 15,000/-
Inclusions –Live Classes + Test Series + Monthly Current Affairs Magazine+Weekly Mentor Class
It will cover pre+mains all GS papers , CSAT, Essay, compulsory paper +interview, Class Handouts Class
notes, Study Material Hard Copy ,TEST SERIES and current Affairs class

Contact Details

Address:F-24, 2nd Floor, Zevar Mahal Building,
Metro Pillar No – 88 Preet Vihar, Delhi – 110092

E-Mail: [email protected]
Mobile: +91-7303583400, 9910309088​

Chanakya IAS Academy

Chanakya IAS Academy is probably the best coaching center for IAS in South Delhi. It is fortunate enough to provide a complete material package for the study purpose.

The faculties here have experience of over 15 years in the same line. Enrollments are beyond 5000 every year, and the selection rate is over 70% from here.

This is the best selection rate from any institute or coaching center in Delhi. The center is known for providing an environment for study and Chanakya IAS Academy is coming out with fruitful results.

The overall selection is good and fees are also moderate. So, aspiring students must surely try for this coaching center and get the best knowledge.


Address: 124, 2nd Floor, Satya Niketan, Next to South Campus Metro St. Gate No.1, New Delhi- 110021.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 995892517, 9971989980.

Fortunate Classes

The top-most classes in South Delhi with the best facilities around. The fortunate classes are getting furnished with quality results every time.

Over 50 students ranked under Top 500 last year and the numbers are going up.

The faculties are also well-known and have experience of over 20 years in the same field. Regular classes are put up with a stream to provide quality education about IAS.

Students may find a good solution for their studies. So, it is going to be the right direction after getting admission in some top most fortunate classes.


Address: No. H-11, Basement, South Extension Part 1, Delhi- 110049.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9134562312.

Universal Educart L.L.P

best AS Coaching institute in South Delhi

The south extension of Delhi is the main center for a number of coaching centers. Universal Educart L.L.P is also known for its commitment to IAS.

With more than 5000 students enrolling every year, it seems to provide the best results in the NCR region. The selection rate is quite high and also the institute handles regular tests every weekend.

This is the best approach where students can judge themselves. Moreover, an experience stream of faculty is a powerful source for providing the best knowledge about the subject.

So, again this can be the best option for students who really will study.


Address: No. E-14, 2nd floor, Bareja Sadan, Mathura Road, Badarpur Border. South Extension Part 1, Delhi- 110049.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 7865424680.

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ICPCA Classes Pvt. Ltd.

UPSC exam is never an easy task but ICPCA is one of the best classes that had changed the results. With a success ratio of 60%, the classes have proved to be very beneficial.

The majority of the students suggest ICPCA classes in the South Delhi region. Moderate classes are held every day and this forum is followed as a routine.

Special classes are also given for hard topics separately.

The training session for mock interviews is also conducted with an aim to provide the complete exposure of sitting in an interview.

Overall, it is a well-setup institute and a perfect environment for students.


Address: D-38, South Extension Part 1, Delhi- 110049.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0985421367.

World Wide Education and Alight Services (WWEAS)

WWEAS is one of the prominent and oldest service providers in South Delhi. The success rate of the same is 67% as per last year.

It provides a complete atmosphere of study for the students as it is away from traffic-prone areas. The classes are provided with AC and Ducts facilities.

The trainee here is well-equipped with experience of over 10 years in every subject. Students are taught with sincerity i.e. clearing each topic of the syllabus.

The teachings are conducted as per the latest syllabus and exam pattern only. So, one can join and also get the best accommodation facility for the students.


Address: 123 Uday Park, South Extension Part 1, Delhi- 110049.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9763456891.

Pajas Infotech India Limited

 Pajas Infotech is also one of the supreme coaching centers for the IAS exam. It is also away from any kind of traffic area which makes a suitable environment.

The center provides education for all students who really aspire to crack the exam. Every day sheets are provided for the students so that they can revise their lessons well and raise doubts.

The faculty is also very interactive here and helps them solve their problems in an easy way. Mock interviews are also a part of their training sessions.

One can really have a good time here while preparing for IAS in this competitive environment.


Address: D-31, South Extension Part 1, Delhi- 110049.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 7864350992.

ISCS Indian School of Comprehensive

ISCS is one of the renowned coaching centers in the south extension of Delhi. The remarkable trust for the students is well-established by the center and it believes to provide exceptional results.

Here, most of the time is dedicated to the betterment of aspirants in terms of providing facilities and a learning environment for the student.

Also, the exams are held daily for measuring the capacity of the students. The faculty treats every student with their experience and makes them understand each topic.

Overall, this coaching center is suitable for a number of students who wish to study under better conditions and environments. 


Address: Shop No. 85, Charan Singh Campus, South Extension Part 1, Delhi- 110049.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9087234612.

Zenith Diksha

Zenith Diksha is providing educational coaching for UPSC exams. Students are getting the best examples from the alumni of the institute. The success rate crosses 50 for the UPSC exam alone.

Students are facilitated with top-class study material which is based on the latest exam pattern. An accommodation facility is provided by the center for both students and faculty.

The classrooms are nourished with ducts with not more than 50 students in a batch. The students from outside region can easily get accommodation facility either here itself or nearby.

So, some of the best opportunities are waiting for the aspirants to get succeeded in Zenith Diksha. 


Address: No. 211, Leelaram Market, South Extension Part 2, Delhi- 110049.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9345278901.

Sehgal Classes

top AS Coaching institute in South Delhi

Sehgal classes have an aim to let students secure good marks in the UPSC exam. It has some of the best techniques for the students to perform well in the exam.

The latest patterns and highly qualified faculty are used for making education simple.

The classrooms are also well-equipped with AC and ducts. Also, it places some classes at the weekend also. It becomes easy for the students to get through simpler ways and test themselves every Sunday.

The hostel facilities for the students from outside are also provided.

So, overall it is going to be a great curriculum while studying under better facilities and services. 


Address: R40, South Extension Part 2, Delhi- 110049.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9012763894.

Sky World

Sky World is one of the most featured institutes in Southern Delhi. It is providing a number of opportunities for competitive exams apart from UPSC.

Students wish to enroll because of the environment it provides. Each subject is focused upon with new techniques and separate revision classes.

Also, extra classes are held for covering previously covered topics. Aspirants can also wish to ask any doubt in separate doubt classes.

In the sky world, one can also look for other competitive exams and so on. So, overall the atmosphere is created for the students and let me know the real meaning of competition. 


Address: No. 70, 3rd Floor, Laxmi Nagar, Defence Colony, Delhi- 110024.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9872317654. 

Is it necessary to take coaching for IAS exam?

It is very necessary to take coaching for an IAS exam in India. This is becoming possible after seeing the current competition and the number of seats available for the same.

There is nothing like easy while going for UPSC without any coaching. The coaching centers are going to provide the best infrastructure and environment to study.

Also, some of them provide better accommodation facilities for students from outside. The problems can be solved here with direct interactions with the faculty members.

The experience of faculties is enough to say everything. So, applying for a coaching center is always the best.


The IAS exam has now become tougher after seeing the number of students enrolling for the exam. It is an open gate for a number of civil services in the country. After clearing the exam, 4-5 interviews are also held for finally passing for the training.

It is coaching centers only which can give you the complete advantage of the syllabus and mock interviews.

Students will know how real people behave and what they do after being an IAS.

The majority of the students are happily applying for their coaching sessions and a well-defined percentage is also getting cleared every year.

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