Top 13 IAS Coaching in Karol Bagh Delhi

Indian Administrative Services is one of the advanced and needed criteria for serving a social cause. In India, all the officers serving for the country are selected through the exam called UPSC.

It is termed the most difficult exam in India with a success ratio of 18% on the first attempt.

Still, people love to serve their nation. It opens the gate for all the civil services that are included in the country.

The finish line of the exam is not so simple. People have to struggle much before getting a respected position. It is all about hard work and dedication that helps in clearing the IAS exam.

The pattern is also recognized hard with some general interviews to clear. Most of the subjects are related to history and geography.

Some of the people try the same exam several times, and they finally make their way. The best way is to go to a coaching institute and achieve the required knowledge for the exam.

The situation can be any and people have to work hard for being an IAS officers. So, IAS is one of the best civil services in the world.

How does one select the best coaching center in Karol Bagh?

ias upsc coaching in karolbagh delhi

The best coaching center is selected based on some of the known properties:

  1. If anyone belongs to nearby Karol Bagh then it is very easy to choose the best institute without any worry about traveling and accommodation.
  2. Choose a better accommodation facility so that easy and simple studies can be conducted nearby the coaching center.
  3. Proper dedication of time is very reliable and so one can choose a coaching center which is very near to travel.
  4. Choose an institute which is having good past results for the IAS aspirants.
  5. Choose an institute which is having renowned faculty or IAS background.
  6. Also, make a choice for the best institute which is having a number of facilities for students in terms of the exam, patterns, sheets, classrooms, and other material.

These are the Best IAS Coaching centers in Karol Bagh

3.Tarun IAS- Top IAS Coaching Institute in Delhi

Contact Details

Address:F-24, 2nd Floor, Zevar Mahal Building, Metro Pillar No – 88 Preet Vihar, Delhi – 110092

E-Mail: [email protected]
Mobile: +91-7303583400, 9910309088​

Tarun IAS has been set up with the primary goal of providing a life-changing platform for students to prepare for the future in an environment where knowledge is imparted to clear examinations with flying colours while preparing them for the exciting demands of life in the future as an IAS officer.

best ias coaching in delhi

The values for this enterprisehave been inspired by Tarun, Tarit and Tunir Dutta whose lives have taught us the value of Integrity, Community Service and Education.

Since inception we have been contemplating a version of our offering which would make it available to a wider audience. We wanted to leverage technology in a manner that would make our product easily accessible irrespective of availability of consistent high-speed access, have the feel of in-person coaching and high-quality reading materials.

Course Fees

English Medium Fees Structure 1
(Offline/ Online Course)
UPSC Pre Cum Mains Target Batch
(Duration – 1 Year)
Course Fee =100,000/-
Registration fee-10,000/-
3 Equal Installments of 30,000/-
Inclusions–Offline / Online Live Classes + Test Series +Monthly Current Affairs Magazine+Weekly Mentor Class
It will cover pre+mains all GS papers , CSAT, Essay, compulsory paper +interview, Class Handouts Class notes,
Study Material Hard Copy ,TEST SERIES and current Affairs class

English Medium Fees Structure 2
(Offline/Online Course)
UPSC Pre Cum Mains Foundation Batch
(Duration – 3 Year)
Course Fee =120,000/-
Registration fee-20,000/-
4 Equal Installments of 25,000/-
Inclusions – Offline + Online Live Classes + Test Series + Monthly Current Affairs Magazine+Weekly Mentor Class
It will cover pre+mains all GS papers , CSAT, Essay, compulsory paper +interview, Class Handouts
Class notes,Study Material Hard Copy TEST SERIES and current Affairs class

Hindi Medium Fees
(Online Course)
1000+ Hours UPSC Pre Cum Mains Foundation Live Course
Course Fee =50,000/-
Registration fee-5,000/-
3 Equal Installments of 15,000/-
Inclusions –Live Classes + Test Series + Monthly Current Affairs Magazine+Weekly Mentor Class
It will cover pre+mains all GS papers , CSAT, Essay, compulsory paper +interview, Class Handouts Class
notes, Study Material Hard Copy ,TEST SERIES and current Affairs class

Contact Details

Address:F-24, 2nd Floor, Zevar Mahal Building,
Metro Pillar No – 88 Preet Vihar, Delhi – 110092

E-Mail: [email protected]
Mobile: +91-7303583400, 9910309088​

Alternative Learning Solution Ltd.

ALS IAS: Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore, UPSC Coaching in Bangalore

ALS coaching seems to be penetrating all other centers situated in Karol Bagh. Here, all the facilities are related to the best environment and curriculum.

In the last year, it has had a remarkable result with 267 students selected in the top 1000 AIR. Overall, the selection was more than 50%. It makes use of advanced and smart learning for the students. Aspirants get their daily solving material in terms of sheets and DPPs.

Also, revision sessions are also held so that the student can revise the material easily. The faculty members are also hired from the top institutes of India who are eligible for IAS coaching.

ALS is known for imparting quality education for the welfare of the nation. Most of the officers have to remain renowned alumni and now serving as an inspiration for all.

So, overall it is a well-structured coaching center.


Address: 20 Pusa Road, Karol Bagh, Delhi- 110005 (Near Karol Bagh Metro Station, Opp. Metro Pillar).

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9152647961.

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Classic IAS Academy

Classic IAS Academy - - Find best preschools, schools,  coaching centers & tutors at near by

As the name suggests, it is one of the classic institutes for IAS coaching. The environment is fully nourished with a number of aspirants.

This also develops a stream of competition between different students. The development is also seen in the overall infrastructure of the academy with the well-developed classrooms.

The results have also been remarkable with 34 students in the top 500 ranks. The alumni of the same academy are very fond of the same and always recommend Classic IAS academy for coaching.

The faculty members enroll a great trust over students by providing them adequate knowledge and weight for the subjects. Each subject is taught in correspondence by the subject expert only.

It will be a good option to join this academy and look for profound results.


Address: UG 33 &34, Ansal Chamber 1, Bhikaji Cama Place, Delhi- 110066.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9152390675.

Vedant IAS Academy

vedanta IAS Academy

Vedant IAS Academy is one of the top academies for IAS coaching in Delhi. It is also serving in Karol Bagh which has more than 5000 students.

The past results of the same had totally furnished all other institutes around and people love to be a part of it. The faculty members are good enough to provide you with the best knowledge and material.

Also, exam patterns and mock interviews are conducted so that the student can become feasible and perfect for the IAS exam.

The classes are well-equipped with AC facilities which become a great source of comfort for all. It is one of the interesting coachings where students will love to share their knowledge.

So, one can choose it for a wonderful opportunity in all the competitive exams.


Address: D 11/156, Rohini Sector 8, Delhi- 110085.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9152303521.

Civil’s IAS

Top Civil Service Coaching Center for Best IAS Preparation: Best IAS  Coaching Center in Bangalore for Civil Services Examination

Civil’s IAS is although a small coaching center in Karol Bagh but its extremes are totally different. The results are proof of a better understanding of the center.

It has one of the highest selections from any center of Delhi. The civil exam has always been tough and how to make it a stream of easiness is well taught by Civil’s IAS.

The aspirants here are very happy to be a part of limited competitors and the best packing material. The classes are generally conducted in morning and evening.

Also, it is not located in any nearby traffic area which facilitates easy learning and focus of students. This coaching center is well-nourished with a number of IAS faculties who had retired from their jobs.


Address: 9/13, Main Market, Old Rajendra Nagar, Delhi- 1100060. (Near Bikaner Sweets).

Phone: 9152569963.

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Eden IAS

best ias coaching in karolbagh delhi

Eden IAS is a known academy for providing the best facilities for students. These facilities are AC classrooms, top batches, best faculties, the best material, etc.

The selection is also wonderful with 56% of the students clearing the exam with their first attempt. It also works to provide mock interviews sessions which are generally held in real after clearing the UPSC exam.

All day classes and weekend classes are included in the structure of the course. Each subject is focused upon by the respective expert of the same.

The classrooms are also provided with visual systems so that students can have a great experience while getting taught.

So, this is also one of the best upright institutes in Karol Bagh with a number of benefits and facilities included.


Address: Shop No. 47, Rajendra Nagar, Delhi- 110060 (Kotak Mahindra Bank).

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9152924709.

Advik IAS Academy

Advik IAS Academy Reviews, Nirman Vihar, Delhi - 48 Ratings - Justdial -  page 3

Advik IAS Academy is located in the main center near Karol Bagh. Interactive sessions are held here with the students to give them the best experience regarding the IAS exam.

Daily revision class is also held for each topic that is being studied. The mock papers are conducted every Sunday for the students to remain in touch with the current syllabus.

Highly qualified and experienced faculty is part of the academy. Some workshops and training sessions are conducted for the extra privilege for the students.

This creates a better environment for the student to carry different techniques. Also, the nearby area is well-equipped with accommodation facility and so it is very easy to stay in touch with the academy.


Address: C-16, 2nd Floor, Gurunanak Pura, Nirman Vihar, Karol Bagh, New Delhi- 110092.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9152865347.

Vajiroa IAS Academy Pvt Ltd.

Best IAS & UPSC Coaching Center in India - Vajirao IAS Academy

Vajiroa is one of the renowned academies in Delhi. It is having a maximum number of students with a total of 12000. Last year, the selection of about 45% with 334 students ranked in the top 1000 AIR.

This was one of the best results by any coaching centers in Karol Bagh. The facilities have much to say regarding the study material, highly qualified IAS faculties, AC classrooms, extra classes, training sessions, etc.

The visual classes provide the best experience for the students in every subject they take over. The weekend classes are also held with better accommodation all around.

Overall, it has a well-setup infrastructure and a proper curriculum maintained. 


Address: E-365, 2nd Floor, Vikas Marg, Nirman Vihar, Delhi- 110092.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9152488640.

GS Score

The 10 Best IAS Coaching in Delhi: Reviews, Course Fees, Offers

 GS score is a better option when you don’t have to worry about accommodation and fees. The accommodation facility is provided by the institute.

The overall fee is also very less for the same and all you have to clear is an entrance exam for the institute.

One can enjoy the best facility here with experts hired from top institutes of India. The training session is held to let aspirant practice for the interviews.

Each subject is focused on extra material and revision classes. Each Sunday, a test is also conducted for reviewing students and updating their batches.

Top batches are having advantages for getting studied with topmost faculties.


Address: Office No. 6 1st floor, Apsara Arcade, Karol Bagh, Delhi- 110005 (Near By Metro Station Gate No. 6).

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9152556506.

Drishti The Vision Foundation

The Vision Foundation in Karol Bagh is completely working in regard to the policies of IAS. The fundamentals are established for the betterment of the country.

High-class facilities are provided at the premises with extra focus on top students. The classrooms maintain the curriculum of the syllabus and suitable environment is formed.

A competitive structure is followed at the institute with every Sunday performed with a test.

The overall setup is such that each student is exposed to better facilities regarding study materials, classroom facilities, and surely faculty facilities.

So, one can join the Institute to enjoy a number of facilities along with quality education for IAS.


Address: 641, 1st Floor, 0, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi- 110009 (Near Batra Cinema).

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9152962458.

Srinivas IAS Academy

Srinivas IAS Academy - YouTube

Srinivas IAS Academy is a developed academy working since 2008. The results have always proved to be remarkable here with best faculties making their effort.

Last year, AIR 56 was from the same institute with a total of 56% of the students qualifying. Moreover, the aspirants can gain knowledge about mock interviews that are held after the exam.

Free sessions are conducted for yoga in the morning. The classroom facilities are normal with working ducts. Also, one can measure the overall quality of the academy with the known faculties in Delhi.

So, this is going to be one of the best destinations to reside for a student preparing for the UPSC exam.


Address: 53/4, 2nd Floor, Old Rajendra Nagar, Delhi- 110060.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9152251932 

Is it necessary to take IAS Coaching?

best ias coaching in karol bagh delhi

Sometimes to crack a tuff, it is very necessary to take coaching. UPSC is the toughest exam that is held in India. With a success ratio of 18% only, students find it difficult to crack it in the first attempt.

The coaching centers can provide the best quality education regarding IAS and confirm the latest syllabus. Also, some of the best faculties can teach with you with their experience and experience is much needed for cracking the exam.

The mock interviews are also conducted at the Institute for giving a complete knowledge and setting up an environment for it.

So, the needed environment is provided at the institute. Overall, it is very beneficial to get into the best coaching center and make for the IAS.


Getting through IAS is not easy and never was. But aspirants try to best to get through this competitive exam and become highly classified officers and serve the nation.

Although there is a need for taking proper coaching classes to get complete exposure and struggle for IAS. This is only possible if you are at the best coaching centers of Karol Bagh.

One can choose any of the top coaching centers mentioned above (as per requirement and accommodation).

This would really help you to get through the exam easily while sitting with a number of competitors in India. So, try to go for the best and achieve big in your life.

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