Top 13 IAS Coaching Institute in Chennai

IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service and it is one of the most coveted services of India. All India Services contains three services in general but IAS holds a very prestigious stature among the three.

These three services get their members recruited directly by the Central Government of India although, their job profiles are extended to both state and center.

The method in which a candidate proves his eligibility for these three services, especially IAS is through the exam conducted under the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) body, and thus clearing the IAS exam is a major criterion.

Through diligent preparation and knowledge of each part of the exam, applicants can increase the likelihood that they will succeed in service with the IAS.

Familiarize yourself with the curriculum of each exam. Read the topics in the syllabus for each part of the preliminary examination.

The general studies document consists of 100 questions and the general capacity test contains 80 questions.

These are The Best IAS Coaching Classes in Chennai

Shankar IAS Academy

Established in 2004, Shankar IAS Academy has created more than 900 IAS, IPS, and other elite service personnel so far. With a team of teachers that is considered one of the best in the country, the academy offers intensive training for Prelims, Mains, and interviews.

The academy also provides online training for the Civil Services exam with 2-way live interaction.

With branches in 3 cities (Chennai, Bangalore, and Trivandrum), the academy also offers 14 optional subjects that include training for the examination of the Forest Services of India.

Based on its results and records, the Shankar IAS Academy has been chosen as the preferred Civil Services training partner by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (Government of India) and Kapu Corporation (Government of Andhra Pradesh). The academy provides one of the most viewed current affairs materials for UPSC through and YouTube channel.

  • Address: Shankar IAS Academy, Door No 18, Old Plot No 109, New Plot No 259, AL Block, 4th Avenue, Shanthi Colony, Annanagar, Chennai ‐ 600040.
  • Contact: 7667766266 | 044 48574957
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: |

Officers IAS Academy

The officers of the IAS Academy were the brains of four principal members who, in turn, had not passed the exams but had also served in civil services.

The founder and director, Israel Jebasingh, in fact, passed the IAS exam twice.

He is accompanied by other principal members, Mr. Rangarajan, Subramhanyan S, Satapathy R and Anandi Israel in the administrative panel.

2Over the years, IAS Academy officials have become a recognized organization in the training of aspiring EEIs and in assuring them an effective preparation to achieve their dream.

The IAS Academy officials boast of having a unique mentoring program.

Led by public officials who were once successful and the IAS exam, their curriculum has been designed to help students enter the mind of the UPSC examiner.

They believe in the precise delivery of a curriculum that is unlike any other institute that focuses on the voluminous curriculum and reading.

They also regulate the preparations with simulated systematic tests and series of tests.

  • Address: Officers IAS Academy, Plot No. 935, 6th Avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai 600040
  • Contact: 044-40483555, +91 9677174226
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

Success IAS Academy

Success IAS Academy was established in 2003 and to date has successfully trained more than 200 applicants to achieve their IAS, IPS and IRS dreams.

Its programs of constructive courses consist of learning based on concepts of basic subjects such as Sociology, Geography, History, Political Science and other important subjects.

Each of his trainings is complemented with notes, periodic tests and an in-depth analysis of the answers.

The academy follows the curriculum with regular series of exams, group discussions, training and personality development classes.

The other significant feature of the training conducted by the IAS Success Academy is its management excellence sessions and social blame speech sessions conducted by foremost members of society.

  • Address: 4F, 13th Block, Jains Green Acres, Dharga Road, Jamin Pallavaram, Chennai – 600 043.
  • Contact : 044-22663382, 09940054689
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Website :

Impact IAS Academy

The impact of the IAS Academy was established in 2006 in Annanagar and is credited with bringing hundreds of IAS aspirants to their dream careers in the civil service of India.

Its motto has been to provide quality and affordable education to many applicants to IAS, regardless of the financial background to which they belong.

They believe in giving their students an additional advantage through their rigorous and all research training programs so that they can perform and exhibit good results on IAS exams.

A meticulously prepared curriculum, interactive training sessions and series of tests conducted on a regular basis help students with their success.

They have been working diligently to optimize student performance over the years.

  • Address : AC 12, 2nd Avenue, Opp. Hotel Saravana , Bhavan, Univercel Show Room Complex, 3rd Floor, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – 600 040.
  • Contact: 044 – 4353 7455, +91-98405 57455
  • Email: [email protected], [email protected]
  • Website:

Manidha Naeyam IAS Academy

Founded in 2006 by humanitarian and social activist, Thiru Saidai Sa Duraisamy, Manidha Naeyam IAS Academy started its first batch with only 28 students and 17 students who had passed the preliminary permit and 9 of these 17 students finally cleaned the Main A exams.

From this impressive initial record, the institute went on to train hundreds of aspiring EEIs and helped them achieve their goals.

 Sadai Duraisamy had initiated Manidha Naeyam with the vision to help economically vulnerable students with free training and help them reach the goal of IAS without the burden of money that hinders their dreams.

The institute offers free training and has successfully helped 2965 aspiring EEIs realize their dreams

  • Address : #28, 1st Main Road, C I T Nagar, Chennai – 600 035
  • Contact : 9025408908 / 9840106162, 044 – 24358373 / 24330095
  • Website :

Smart Leaders IAS Academy

Smart Leaders IAS Academy boasts of having a team that has created successful records when it comes to training successful IAS candidates.

The Smart Leader IAS Academy test team has two main members, Mr.S.Sivarajavel and Mr. M.A.Sadik. The institute was created in 2009 and has been a powerful force in helping students master the IAS curriculum, especially in general studies.

They have been providing efficient guidance for applicant and that is also what makes them dissimilar in their training.

Its motto is to provide students with practical and viable solutions and a preparation structure so they can find it easier to face the changing nature of competitive exams in the country.

They have structured their training methods in a way that helps the candidates get the best out of them.

  • Address : No.5105/1, 15th Main Road, “H” Block, Anna Nagar West, Chennai – 600 040.
  • Contact : 9176787980, 7200010122
  • E-mail : [email protected]
  • Website :

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Indian IAS Academy

Indian IAS Academy was founded by Mrs. N.Sujatha Ramesh, B.Sc. (Agri), MBA with the aim of providing aspiring EEI with the correct address in their preparation for the EEI exam.

She herself has a decade-long experience of being an aspiring public servant and teaching hundreds of students.

Indian IAS Academy has seen 200 of its students recruited for UPSC and 500 students under the TNPSC service.

They provide their students with an interactive training session to make it easier and more efficient for their students.

A regular conduction of exams and doubts sessions assure a regulated monitoring of the student’s progress.

The results-oriented preparation modules help students develop confidence and clarity in their preparations.

  • Address: AB-101,2nd Floor, PKS Complex, 6th Main Road, Shanthi Colony, Opp to Marry Brown Hotel, Anna Nagar, Chennai- 40.
  • Contact: 044 – 2620 3883, 91767 12034 / 70927 29797
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website :

Cracking IAS Academy in Chennai

Cracking IAS Coaching in Chennai is one of the best training institutes for the preparation of UPSC in Chennai. Cracking IAS is number 6 on the list of the best UPSC trainers in Chennai.

Cracking IAS Coaching in Chennai is one of the best training institutes for the preparation of UPSC in Chennai. Cracking IAS is number 6 on the list of the best UPSC trainers in Chennai.

The admission procedure in Cracking IAS academy is through online and offline mode. It is the well-known Coaching for Civil Services.

The IAS Coaching Racking in Chennai was established in 2005 and in this short period of time in which they achieved a glorious history at UPSC.

Periyar IAS Academy in Chennai

Periyar IAS Academy Chennai prides itself on being a unique institution of higher education and excellence in tutoring.

In an associated effort to fulfil the dreams of our Mentor Thanthai Periyar and Annai Maniammaiyar.

In Chennai, this IAS academy is dedicated to its social responsibility to transform students from various parts of the country with their excellent hidden skills.

Important factors: –

* This training has found a rustic and perfect platform for the preparation of the UPSC exam,

* Personal attention to each student,

* Classroom teaching methodology for teaching a product / case study.

* Excellent team of educators,

* The success rate is good,

* Competitive environment,

* Updated study brochures according to the last pattern of the study program.

Periyar IAS Academy Chennai has trained in career-oriented professionals with a bright future. Periyar IAS Academy is ranked seventh in the list of UPSC’s best training institutes in Chennai.

Chinmaya IAS Academy in Chennai

Chinmaya Academy IAS institute is very popular for the UPSC training session in Chennai.

It is very difficult to elaborate your excellent and professional UPSC teaching process in a few words.

The Chinmaya Academy does not speak for itself. The rank of student of the Chinmaya Academy speaks for them. Few students find that this academy is the best for them.

How to achieve your dreams without losing your aplomb, you really want to know, join them today. Chinmaya Academy is ranked ninth in the list of UPSC’s best training institutes in Chennai.

Contact details:-

  • Address:- Plot n. 5063, belly area, Block Z, Anna Nagar West, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040.
  • Contact number:- 098407 01008.
  • Email information: – [email protected]
  • Training website: –

Sathya IAS Academy in Chennai

This institute was founded by our honorary director, Mr. R. Sathya, MA, M.Sc., M.Phil., As a specialized center with a view to establishing a reference institution to achieve excellence in the most difficult competitive examination of the country.

The affiliation of our honorary director Sathya to the IAS exam field for more than ten years, both as an aspiring teacher and as a teacher, has made him understand the nuances of the three IAS exam levels, namely, Preliminary, Mains and Interview.

Being a graduate in Economics and Geography, our director has been able to provide an intuitive guide for this exam.

During this long period, this IAS institute has become a unique fraternity of educators and students who struggle together, year after year, in the pursuit of a single goal.

With a passion to stand out, the Study Circle has become enraged with the dynamism of a river that is constantly renewed and, nevertheless, remains unchanged in its determination to reach its final destination.


No 12, 6th Street, ‘A.F’Block, 11th Main Road, Shanthi Colony Road

Anna Nagar West

Anna Nagar, Chennai, India – 600040

Landmark: Behind Nilgris

Chinmaya IAS Academy

Chinmaya Academy for Civil Services, top civil service coaching centers in Chennai dedicated to provide best IAS training .

Contact Details

Chinmaya IAS Academy
Plot No:5063/A, Z Block, Belly Area,
Anna Nagar West, Anna Nagar, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu 600040
[email protected]

Quick Tips To Prepare For IAS/UPSC Exam?

Understand the competitive nature of the exam. Each year, 5-10 lakh applicants register and take the exam. Less than 1% of the number of applicants is chosen for the IAS.

  • Begin your test preparation early. Check the calendar for the current year for the dates of the preliminary exams. There must be several months of preparation to make sure you are ready for the variety of questions that can be asked.
  • Choose an optional theme for which you have passion and familiarity. You will need to have an intimate knowledge of your optional subject. Start studying this topic early and continue with the information until the end of the main interview.
  • Read the newspaper every day. Stay well-versed regarding present events from the local to the international level activities. Concentrate on the economic and political sections without worrying so much about entertainment news.
  • Study a variety of topics. IAS exams cover a wide range of topics. You need to be well versed in various subjects to be successful. Here are some areas of focus included in the preliminary documents:
  • Geography: both Indian and global geography are important areas.
  • History: get information of key proceedings and social actions is required.
  • Policy: includes the structure of the Indian Constitution, judicial processes and international relations.
  • Economy: micro and macro aspects of the Indian economy must be understood.
  • Environmental science: climate, agricultural problems and pollution must be studied in depth.
  • Art and culture: the historical and contemporary study of Indian music, dance, literature, architecture and painting are covered during the exam.
  • Review the exam questions from previous years. Read the questions from the previous tests and become familiar with the types of questions that are asked. The content and distribution of the questions will change from year to year, but the general format remains largely the same. [3]
  • Polish your language and communication skills. Although the main ones can be taken in several languages, the preliminary works are given in Hindi and English. It is important that applicants be well studied in Hindi and English.
  • Read as many books as you can find. Because IAS exams cover many varied topics, reading books on almost any subject can be useful.
  • Review the lists of previous toppers books.
  • Read classic literature.
  • Study non-fiction books on various topics, such as historical biographies or
  • Take practice exams. Find online practice tests to prepare for the time limits and format of the test. When taking a practice test, try to make the environment like the one you will experience on the day of the exam.
  • Review the answers when you have finished learning from your mistakes.

Tips for choosing the right IAS Coaching Institute in Chennai for the preparation of the UPSC exam

  • Check for student comments: As always, the story tells the truth. You can communicate with students who are already receiving Coaching at that IAS institute. Ask about their experience with the quality of training, faculties and study materials. It gives you a brief idea about the institute.
  • Talk to senior candidates who already belong to the Best IAS coaching institutes in the previous batch. If you cannot find any, you can go to the existing lot and personally discuss at the IAS Training Centers. When you get involved with 3-4 students separately, you will know the truth behind the scenes.
  • Educate yourself about batch times: By understanding how the best IAS training in Delhi controls the attendance system, you can predict the discipline maintained. Make sure that the preparation of your IAS exam is not affected, even if you miss any of the classes. Get information about the times of your lots and how you can compensate for lost classes. Will the class be rescheduled your choice or the decision of the institution? If you want to obtain a regular university degree, be careful with the schedules of the crashes. Join the best coaching for the preparation of the IAS exam, maintain a positive attitude and work hard.
  • The demand for the IAS Coaching demo: Most IAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi promise to provide a couple of demonstration classes for a student to decide the quality of teaching. Go ahead, request a demonstration class, and choose the right time to start. Get the opportunity to sit on the existing lot in progress.
  • On the other hand, you can join the group of new students to take a demonstration class. The type of planned demonstration class will depend on UPSC Coaching in Delhi. A demonstration class illustrates the learning experience you intend to obtain after admissions in the Best IAS Coaching of Delhi.
  • Duration of coaching provided by IAS coaching: Learning about the duration of a program by the Coaching Institute is extremely important. Why? You need it to build a systematic time plan and a qualitative study approach. Keep in mind that without an adequate plan, all your study efforts will be in vain.
  • What is meant by the coaching process? It includes the provision of resource materials, simulated tests and tips to resolve the interview. Does your selected IAS Coaching Institute follow any unique teaching method? If so, find out how they intend to help you in the training beyond the UPSC curriculum.
  • Time management is not the only point of focus. You will also know when to get to the faculty to clear the doubts. Once you talk about the duration, take immediate steps to plan the preparation of your IAS exam.

Role of an IAS Officer

IAS officer being a servant to both the state and central government has a wide range of responsibilities. The most important role of an IAS officer is to play an effective part in framing and shaping policies that matter to the state and Center.

IAS officers are also responsible for overlooking the execution of these policies and making sure that they are implied appropriately.

So to make sure that policies are implemented, the officer is also responsible for supervising and reporting on the areas where the policies are in effect.

Perks of being an IAS Officer

best ias coaching in chennai

No doubt that the position of an IAS is one of the most admired and envied professions in the country. As an IAS officer, Pay grade is the best in the country and along with an attractive pay package, an IAS officer is basically taken care of by the Government in all domains.

From accommodation benefits to security personnel to traveling, an IAS officer gets to reap all the benefits offered by the Government of the country.

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