Top 10 IAS Coaching In Borivali Mumbai

There’s no denying that IAS examinations come under the facade of one of the most competitive exams in India.

Even though all the candidates sitting for the examinations do it with the hope of passing it in the most fantastic ways as possible – but the truth is, only a handful of candidates pass and get selected for the respective posts.

In this article guide, we’ll be mentioning the top IAS coaching centers or institutes present in Borivali, Mumbai.

The IAS exam will demand extreme knowledge across various subjects from the students. Such professional exams are nowhere as easy as the general university examinations that students sit for in their college lives.

As the technique of studying in the exam is different, the candidate also
needs to prepare for the same without any glaring omissions.

Best IAS Coaching In Borivali, Mumbai

1.Dronacharya IAS Academy Borivali

Dronacharya IAS Academy is indeed one of the best IAS coaching centers in Mumbai. The institute has the best support in terms of innovative technology which in-turn helps all the IAS aspirants to prepare for their exams most efficiently as possible.

The coaching center is responsible for completing the entire syllabus of the course which includes the IAS prelims, ethics and exam preparation for CSAT on time too.

Therefore, when the students enroll in this institution, they’ll start to learn about responsibility, leadership and also the power of the mind required to become an IAS officer.

The coaching center is also responsible for providing scholarships to the socially backward and weaker classes of the society, who don’t have sufficient funds to study for the IAS exams.

The study sessions conducted by the institute are already very interactive and the overall infrastructure of the institute is furnished with the required facilities which will be required by the students to complete their preparation for the IAS course.

Address: Ground Floor, Kahan Bhavan, L.T. Road, Borivali West, Mumbai – 400092, Behind Diamond Cinema
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91-8108699090 or +91-8652765050

2. Study Campus.

Students who live in nearby places in Borivali can choose Study Campus for their coaching institute for the IAS exams.

The institute has been well-known for a lot of years, providing not only personal guidance for the exams but also good mentorship as well.

The best part about this coaching center is that the order for building such an institute was directly obtained from the IAS
hub located in Borivali, Mumbai.

Students from numerous nearby areas visit this coaching center for their studies, including Diwa, Mumbra, Kalwa, Mulund and the likes. Students in this area all dream of achieving their goal of being an IAS officer.

Address: Office No 4, D Wing, 3rd Floor, Goragandhi Apartment Near Railway Station,
Chandavarkar Rd, OPP, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092. Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Phone: +91 9892919760, 022 4123 7666

ias coaching in borivali mumbai

4. Royale IAS Academy

If the main criteria of the candidate are to study from good faculty, then the Royale IAS academy will be the perfect fit for the same. One of the good things about this institution is that the faculty helps in personalizing the mentorship practice programs according to the needs of the student.

The coaching center also charges affordable fees as well. The academy was established in the year 2005 and has since been fueling the fire of every IAS aspirant to be an IAS officer.

The main mission of the coaching center is to use various innovative methods and techniques to turn a student into a flawless administrator. The teaching strategy of this institute is on-par with the latest changes in the IAS syllabus.

The center teaches the students not only for the IAS prelims and mains test but also for the Personality Test (interview) as well. The institute has options to select either English or Hindi as a learning medium. The classrooms of the students also contain air-conditioners and LCD projectors too.

Address: 408-B, 4th Floor, Sai Leela Apartment, Opp Moksh Plaza, S.V.Road, Borivali (W) Mumbai – 400092
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91 983 337 4933 and +91 22 6448 1570

5.Success Forum, Borivali

One of the best parts of Success Forum is that the coaching center will work on each student on an individual basis and therefore it helps the students to slowly get integrated along with the IAS course for better results.

The coaching center also helps students to overcome the challenges and
face their fears when it comes to IAS examinations. The students are provided with proper study materials and the test series of the coaching center is thereby made by the experts of the Civil Service Exam.

The test series will act as exam preparation for the students. This is the reason why the forum has tied hands with people who have experience in this field – which can then be passed off to the students.

Address: D-6, D wing, 4th Floor, Goragandhi Apartments Above Goragandhi Restaurant,
Near Borivali Railway Station, SV Rd, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91 8082824200

ias coaching in borivali mumbai

6. Tutor Jar Academy

There’s no doubt that Tutor Jar offers one of the best learned and experienced faculties in Borivali, Mumbai. The coaching sessions provided to the students by the institute are indeed very comprehensive and also well-maintained as well.

The coaching center also conducts various mock tests for the students, so that the candidates can get fully prepared for the main examinations.

The coaching center has been able to develop a unique way of teaching for the students, utilizing methodologies that are based on various key explanations and concepts.

This will help the student develop an analytical understanding of the same. The coaching center also provides various special classes on solving problems by applying numerous shortcut methods. This helps in improving the skills of time management of the student and the same is reflected in the exams too.

Address: 1st Floor, F-3, F-5 Moksh Plaza, S.V Road, Opp Borivali Station, Borivali West,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91 7718822776, 022-28330511

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7. CL Educate

CL Educate can be termed as a very old institute for the preparation of various competitive exams taking place in India. The coaching center was established in the year 1995.

The institute not only provides coaching classes but also attention, schedule session, and monitoring as well. Since every student preparing for the IAS examination stresses more on the preparation part, this is why each student is given attention separately.

The institute is not only perfect in training students for the IAS exams but also for the MBA CAT exams too. The coaching center also arranges a test series before the main exams, so that
students could prepare themselves.

Address: Radheshyam Commercial Complex Datta pada Crossroad, Near Platform No. 1,
Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91 9029004219, 8655052216, 86550552217

Conclusion-Final Thoughts on IAS Coaching in Borivali

With the above extensive list of coaching centers provided for IAS exams, there shouldn’t be any difficulties for the students who are planning to appear for the IAS exams.

If the student is interested in any of these institutions, he or she needs to contact them and get further details regarding the admission procedure and also the overall cost of the coaching session. After obtaining such information, it’s suggested that students make the best decision available to them.

Therefore, without wasting any more time, the students should proceed to enroll as fast as they can – so that they can start their preparation for the IAS exams.

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