Top 5 IAS Coaching In Bangalore

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IAS Coaching In Bangalore


If you’re reading this article then you do know what you are signing up for! The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is considered to be one of the toughest and most prestigious exams in India. To crack it, you need hours of preparations and coaching classes, if required.

Everything that you wish to achieve needs focus and hard work, in order to achieve but IAS requires a lot more than that! The Indian Administrative Service is one of the most respectable jobs in India so be sure about pursuing it.

What is The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Exam?

Formerly known as the Imperial Civil Services (ICS), it is considered as one of the hardest competitive exams in India. This exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission for the recruitment of officers for the All India Administrative Civil Service.

About IAS:

Founded in 1858 as the Imperial Civil Services.

The Indian Administrative Service is the most-elite administrative civil service of the Government of India. The IAS post is among the top post in services like IPS, IFS etc.

It is one of the three All India Services, its cadre can be employed by both the Union Government, the State Governments and public-sector undertakings.

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Roles and Responsibilities

An IAS officer is qualified to represent Government of India at the international level in bilateral and multilateral negotiations. He/she is given the administrative command of an entire district as a District Collector.

Keep in mind, the role of IAS officers is very vulnerable, demands a great deal of responsibility and reverence. It is also important that an officer is physically and mentally fit and healthy to handle the work pressure without giving in.

Implementing policies through supervision and also traveling to the places where the approved policies will be implemented. Implementing policies comprises disbursement of funds through personal supervision. Answerable to the Parliament and State Legislatures for any violation of rules while on duty

Handling affairs of government that involve framing and implementation of policy in consolation with the concerned minister. Functions and responsibilities differ at different levels of career

Initially, IAS officers join the state administration at the sub-divisional level, resuming their services as sub-divisional magistrates, and look after law and order, general administration and development work in the area assigned to them.

The post of the District Officer also known as District Magistrate, District Collector or Deputy Commissioner is the highly respected and responsible post the IAS officers enjoy.

At the district level, an IAS officer deals with district affairs, including implementation of developmental programs. The officers may also be appointed in the State Secretariat or they may serve as Heads of Departments or in Public Sector Undertakings.


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IAS Coaching In Bangalore

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They may serve in different positions from the State to the Centre and vice versa. This happens through deputation.At the Centre, IAS officers serve at the highest position as the Cabinet Secretaries, Secretaries/Additional Secretaries, Joint Secretaries, Directors, Deputy Secretaries and Under Secretaries. They are appointed to these posts based on seniority.

At the Centre, the IAS officers play a key role in formulation and implementation of policies related to a particular area; for instance, finance commerce, etc.

During formulation of a policy and decision making, IAS officers serving at different levels i.e., joint secretary, deputy secretary give their valuable inputs.The policy takes its final shape through a final decision the minister concerned or the cabinet, depending on the seriousness of the situation.

Why are coaching classes important to crack IAS Exam?

Coaching classes are not necessary for all but it’s surely beneficial. Self-study is important, whether you sign up for coaching classes or not but having guidance for an expert will always work to your advantage.

You need to have the strength of working under competition, deadlines and pressure. Once you achieve that, no one can stop you from acing IAS exam in one-go!

Coaching classes really help in building confidence and to cope up with technical difficulties. It also makes you familiar with which types of approach you need to crack IAS exam in early attempts.

Things to keep in mind before opting for the right IAS coaching:In today’s time, you’ll come across many institutes that provide IAS coaching but finding the right and the best one, is a difficult task.

Before choosing coaching to pursue IAS exam preparation we have mentioned a very important point which helps you to select the best coaching for your IAS exam.

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How to Choose Best IAS Coaching_

1. Past records:

Knowing about the past records of any coaching institute is always for the best. It will give you a better vision whether the coaching institute is right for you or not.

2. Study Material:

After taking care of passing record of the institute you have to consider the study material they provide for preparation.

Good study material means good knowledge and good knowledge makes you easier to crack IAS exam.

3. Faculty:

Well, you’re giving your future in their hands so it’s obvious that you should know about them. Are they even experienced professionals or not? Please check everything before signing up.

There are many coaching institutes, who put big names in their brochure but actually, they are only guest teacher or advisory board members. So it is better to check credentials of the teacher who is going to teach you.

4. The brand doesn’t matter

It does not matter whether you have studied for a big and renowned institute or not, you just have to be focused and make the most of your resources!

Best 5 IAS Coaching in Bangalore:

1. Shiksha IAS academy

This academy has the record of producing almost 200+ officers in last 10 years and still gives a promising result. The whole academy is under the supervision of Dr Justice Rama Jois and Mr Pawan K, who are qualified enough to run this academy. The academy lays emphasis on current affairs, time management and also assists individuals personally without any extra charge.

Address –218, 9th main, 6th sector, HSR layout, Bangalore.

2. Achiever’s IAS Academy

The institute believes that becoming an IAS officer is the best career option. They believe in strategic approach, positive thinking, planned studies are the keys to cracking this exam. They prepare students for civil services prelims, main exams, and their expert panel prepares them for interview round as well.

Address- 1360, 2nd floor, Jayanagar, 9th block, Bangalore


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3. Global IAS Academy

It also has the record of being one of the best coaching institutes in the city but what makes it stand out is the fact that they provide focused training. They also provide assistance to each candidate and also boost morale by inviting officers for guest lectures. They also focus on developing the skills required for becoming the best IAS officer.



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4. Victory IAS classes

They guarantee real-time examples, visual learning, group discussions, tips and training from professional and have a record of producing successful officers. They have different methods of teaching from others which include pictures, short notes, providing examples, etc.

Address- 2 Klay Prep Schools, Plot 18b Whitefield, Bangalore

5. Pragya IAS academy

It is very reputed institute in Bangalore and also has its own magazines which have a current affair and also does very well in the market. The people who run this institute have also started the service of recorded sessions of all their classes. They also have a record of producing successful officers.

Address- 1514, first floor, 19th main sector 1 HSR layout, outer ring road, Bangalore

Please do not hesitate in calling up these esteemed institutions for further details. This is your future and if you think, IAS is your calling well then, stay focused and try to get the best training possible. We hope that this article is helpful to you. Do not forget to share it with your friends and all the very best!

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