Top 8 IAS Coaching in Allahabad

best IAS Coaching in Allahabad

When one asks, what is the most prestigious position that one could seek and hope to attain in India, a majority of the populace will instantly point towards being an IAS officer? It is not only a coveted position but one which is highly sought after from all sections of society in India. IAS officers are regarded as the true and primary citizens of India who are a step ahead of the rest in all aspects such as mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

These are the Best IAS Coaching in Allahabad

Vajirao and Reddy Institute

This institute is regarded as not only one of the best in the city of Allahabad but one of the best in a country where IAS aspirants flock to. Started in 1989, Vajirao and Reddy institute for IAS has become one of the household names in the country and is known for their extremely result-oriented academics.

They offer regular classes for both weekday and weekend batches. Weekend batches are highly recommended for those who might be working or studying on weekdays. They also have correspondence courses for those who feel they can give it a shot with less time to prepare but with proper guidance. The institute believes that proper nurturing is what makes winners and they do not try to indulge their students with rote learning during their preparations. Contact Address: 196, Coloneganj, Moti Lal Nehru Road, Katra, Allahabad – 211002, Opp. Anand Bhawan Contact : 0532 324 4924 Email: [email protected] Website:

Chanakya IAS Academy

Anyone who is an IAS aspirant or even has a little knowledge about the UPSC examination, in general, has surely heard about the Chanakya IAS academy franchise. It was founded by Mr. AK Mishra in 1993, with the belief that every person can be successful in their endeavors with a little bit of hard work and patience. The center ensures that aspirants from both English and Hindi mediums are properly and thoroughly guided so they can achieve their IAS dreams and work towards the integrity and development of our nation. The faculty under the Chanakya IAS academy are all highly skilled and experienced teachers from their respective fields including retired IAS officers. Regular workshops and seminars are conducted by subject experts and current servants in the civil service so that students can get an in-depth first-hand experience of how to prepare and what to prepare for. Contact Address: 10B/1, Data Tower, 1st Floor, Patrika Chauraha, Tashkent Marg, Civil Lines, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 211001 Contact : 097213 62333 Email: [email protected] Website:

Dhyeya IAS

Nobody can question the results that Dhyeya IAS academy has produced over the years due to the brilliant and meticulous coaching program they have on offer. Most IAS officers and experienced faculty alike choose this to be the number 1 destination for the average and brilliant students alike who are looking to crack the IAS ranks. A great thing about the Dhyeya IAS academy is that they give a large part of their focus on those students who hail from the lower sections of the society, so they too can stand on their own and become an integral part of our nation. Students here are instructed in groups and also guided individually when needed. Interview sessions are also conducted on the regular with students by experts so that each student gets a complete grasp of how far he or she has come and how much more effort is required to cross the finish line. The great thing that students learn here is not to tackle the hard concepts and problems but to understand the simple ones and take that into easily solving the more difficult problems and thus gain self-confidence in leaps and bounds. Contact Address: IInd & IIIrd Floor, Shri Ram Tower, 17C, Sardar Patel Marg, Civil Lines, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 211001 Contact : 0532 226 0189 Email: [email protected][email protected] Website:

Samarpan IAS

Samarpan IAS is another institute that has attracted students over the years with their excellent faculty and result-oriented programs. Samarpan IAS is not only known for helping students to crack the IAS ranks but also for grooming them to become the innovative and ethically sound bureaucrats that our country is desperately in need for. One can find here a state of the art classrooms with projectors and a library finely tuned to the last book so that any material is not out of reach for the students. Guest lectures are conducted by state level and national level bureaucrats themselves so that the students get an inside look as to what it feels like to actually prepare for and work as an IAS officer. Students are kept on their feet by regular conduction of sessions and tests so that they are always prepared and know what it takes to always be a step ahead of the competition as when needed. Contact Address: Samir Plaza Complex, Manmohan Park, Muir Rd, Old Katra, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 211002 Contact : 094156 21129 Email: [email protected] Website: Also Read:- 11 Best Apps For Competitive Exam Preparation

Nirman IAS

A fairly new IAS coaching center, Nirman IAS was started in 2007 but has come leaps and bounds in terms of results and target-oriented programs offered for the students. They are mainly known for encouraging peer learning among their students. Students here are taught to not only improve their revision and remembrance skills but also their analytical skills with holistic personality development. Their method of teaching and guidance can clearly be seen in their results in the UPSC examinations. The training and tests conducted to make sure that the students remain sharp and can determine their own strengths and weaknesses. A student who is self-sufficient is more than capable enough to recognize their own potential and carry themselves over the finish line. A student will never feel out of place in this institute. Contact Address: 8, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Civil Lines, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 211001 Contact : 099844 74888 Email: [email protected] Website:

Dastak Career Coaching

Started way back in 1988, Dastak Career Coaching was started with the aim of challenging and changing the scenario of how IAS candidates go about in their preparation for the coveted spot in the top ranks of the UPSC examination. One of the primary goals was to bring back the former glory of Allahabad which was recognized back then as the premier hub for producing the best civil servants in the country. Dastak Career Coaching believes that it is a joint effort between the teachers and students in achieving the highest possible results. The faculty consists of highly experienced educators, past and current administrators, and dedicated researchers. Dastak Career Coaching offers not only educational development but also the development of the personality of the students, so they are ready to face the world as an all-rounder human being. Soft skills are also given extreme importance here so that the communicative side of the aspirants are nurtured when they finally crack the top ranks and become the IAS officers they always wanted to be. A lot of students from Dastak Career Coaching have gone on to become highly successful administrators and civil servants. Contact Address: Dastak Career Coaching, 13, Kamla Nehru Road, Allahabad Contact : 0532 -2407428 , 3291384, 3295444 Email: [email protected] Website:

Saket IAS

Saket IAS academy believes in giving their students first and foremost a vision to work towards. It is simply not enough to be able to work hard and smart to achieve one’s goals. Saket IAS strives to produce excellent results for toppers with not only their efficient and quality teaching practices but also with their homely environment. Here, students can expect to not only receive a quality education but also guidance in the form of personality development. Every student brilliant or mediocre is guided with the same love and care and is constantly monitored, so they never fall behind anyone else. Students from diverse backgrounds are taught to be themselves and help each other in moving forward together towards their goals. Saket IAS has one important goal, and that is to contribute towards the success of students but also to contribute towards the development of the nation by nurturing competent and ethically sound civil servants. Contact Address: 13 A Bund Road, (Near University Library in front of Adelphi Girls Hostel), Allahabad Contact : +91-9452141680, +91-9580136205 Email: [email protected] Website:

The Chayan IAS

The Chayan IAS seeks to empower students with knowledge and self-confidence so they can successfully carry themselves over the finish line. The institute is a multidisciplinary institute and because of this students have access to a wide range of study material and other guides. Students can undertake coaching here in both English and in Hindi. Here, the belief is that students must be developed by giving them a helping hand so that they are properly nurtured to become the true citizens of a better India. Contact Address: Near Manmohan Park, Old Katra, Prayag Raj Contact : +91 9795465885, 9170440440 Email: [email protected] Website:

does everyone have what it takes to become an IAS officer?

The position of being an IAS officer is a very difficult responsibility to undertake but the journey to get there is in and of itself an equally difficult task if not more difficult and one must prepare himself or herself to be in the right state of mind. It is important to have a vision otherwise no matter how hardworking and diligent a person is, no amount of perseverance and preparation will lead to success. The first thing one must realize is that preparing to be an IAS requires the sacrifice of one’s social life almost completely if not completely. Many people are mostly scared at this stage as they feel that they will not be able to do without one and be frowned upon by their peers and friends for deciding to submit themselves to such a monotonous daily routine to go after a position. If one cannot fully understand this fact, then it is probably safe to say that he or she will falter somewhere down the line. The second major factor is that it is a risky decision. Just because someone is hardworking and perseverant, it does not mean that he or she will definitely get the seat to be an IAS officer. There are lakhs of aspirants each year, and all of them can be safely deemed to be hardworking and perseverant in their own right. So, it is necessary to understand the risk of starting on this journey first before heading down towards it. If someone is merely preparing to be an IAS officer for prestige, then it is probably safe to say that he or she will not be a good IAS officer and will not be very successful in that line. One must clearly have the ideology to put the nation first before his or her own interests, no matter the cost. Only then can someone be a successful IAS officer as a whole. So, it is absolutely necessary for any aspirant young or old to keep the above things in mind before embarking on their self-journey in their quest to attain that sweet top-tier rank in the UPSC examination to prove why they deserve to be an IAS officer to lead this nation to a better tomorrow. Now, the next big step is whether one should opt for coaching classes in his or her journey towards becoming an IAS officer. Let us continue to the next stage to find out.

Is it necessary to take coaching for IAS preparation?

A question which is probably asked every day of the year by someone or the other in this great nation of ours. Every aspirant thinks about enrolling themselves in a reputed IAS coaching institution at some point of time in their preparation for the UPSC examination. It may be at the beginning, in the middle or maybe even towards the end. But when they go and ask others, especially scholars, experienced faculties and even retired and current civil servants themselves, no one can really give them a clear answer. Now, let us look at it another way. Usain Bolt is regarded as the best sprinter and probably one of the greatest athletes of this generation to ever grace the Olympic stage. It is true that he has some of the best coaches and best facilities to train at, but regardless of all that would he still have been as successful as he is now without his own determination, hard work, and perseverance. Many people will likely say he is God’s gift to earth and that likely may be true. But one cannot deny the fact that he has worked hard on his own as well from a very young age to be where he is now and achieve what he has achieved. So, basically, the general consensus is that coaching classes are not essential for someone to become an IAS officer. If one has proper guidance from those around him or her, then with one’s own hard work, patience and perseverance anyone can crack into the top ranks to become an IAS officer. Sure, for someone who feels that coaching classes could be a stepping stone in the right direction they are highly recommended to go for coaching classes. The worst step any IAS aspirant could take is becoming misguided at the beginning or middle of their preparation, and the right coaching center will definitely take care to not let this happen.

How to select the best IAS coaching center in Allahabad?

Allahabad is one of the prime locations where IAS aspirants from all over the country flock to every year, in hopes to receive the best possible tutorials and guidance to crack the top ranks of the prestigious UPSC examination. But choosing the best institute is something which one must not take lightly. The choice would have been a lot easier had there been one or two good institutions among many others, but Allahabad boasts a dearth of some of the most premier coaching institutions in the country renowned for their guidance and results from past students so it becomes difficult for people to decide which one they should enroll to. If one is a locality of Allahabad then, then it becomes a lot easier for him or her to choose a coaching center. He or she does not have to worry about accommodation or travel issues and can enroll in the best of coaching classes available in Allahabad from the comfort of their homes. Other than that, for any non-locality, the first and foremost worry would be to find suitable and affordable accommodation near the coaching centers of their choice. One should not run after the best coaching institute and find accommodation on the other side of the city, as it would only be a waste of time coming to and from the institution and one would be too tired after coming back to properly revise for the day. One should also consider the various results, teaching methods and faculty offerings of the various institutes. Some coaching centers continually outperform the other centers each and every year, so in those cases, it becomes an easy option to choose one or the other among the top centers who consistently deliver results. Be sure to ask past students both successful and non-successful in the UPSC examination about their opinions of their respective coaching centers and if they would recommend it or not.


In a nutshell, all that can be said is that it is mainly a self-journey to reach the top. Coaching centers are merely stepping stones or guiding hands which will keep someone on the right path. But it is up to every aspirant themselves to never lose sight of their dreams and goals and keep pushing themselves every day from the time they wake in the morning to the time they sleep at night, so they find themselves filled with the confidence to always be a step ahead from the rest.

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