How to Pass NDA Exam-The Ultimate Guide

We all want to build good and successful careers, don’t we? A career in Armed Forces of India is one such glorious, much respected and much sought-after career in India.

Especially the post of a ‘Commissioned Officer’ is being dreamt of by many Indian youngsters! But getting this dream job is not that easy. First of all, the sheer number of aspirants is too high!

Add to that the limited number of seats across various Defense related Academies in India like- NDA (National Defense Academy), IMA (Indian Military Academy), NA (Naval Academy) and AFA (Air Force Academy), you have cut-throat competition for seats as a result!

Like any other premier academic seat in India, to get into the above-mentioned ones and to become an Officer, a candidate has to clear competitive exams!

Here, I will share some tips that’ll help you clear the written examination part associated with NDA and CDS (Combined Defense Services) entrance tests.

There are in total going to be three subjects which need to be focused upon; English, Mathematics and General Awareness. The brief is listed below:


Includes topics that you’ve faced in the 12th standard like- Algebra, Trigonometry, Probability, Permutations and Combinations, Analytical question, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Ratio and proportion etc.


This section is all about testing your English language skills. Expect questions related to mistake spotting, synonyms, antonyms, article writing, grammar-related questions, comprehension etc.


Covers variety of topics ranging from science to current affairs! Some of the topics are- Indian history, World History, and events, Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc.

We have categorized NDA Exam Preparation in 3 Categories i.e Psychological preparation. Physical Preparation and Miscellaneous Preparation which included tips from various segments.

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Psychological Preparation For NDA Exam(Mind make-up)

Psychological Preparation For NDA Exam(

Now that we have gone through the blueprint and the various different sections of the examination, let us focus on the tips and tricks that will help you score the maximum marks.

Here are some basic tips which you must follow:

1. Schedule your study plan smartly.

2. Clear your basics for each subject

3. Focus on General knowledge and English Subject.

4.  Focus more on your weak sections.

5. Hand-written is always better.

6. Solve as many question papers as possible.

7. Take less Stress and focus on health.

 8.  Improve English.

9. Sleep at least 8 hours a day.


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Theory Related Tips To Prepare NDA Exam.

First and the most important tip, if you want to join NDA, is that you must maintain your health.

Know your syllabus: The best way to win a war is know your enemy well, know their strength, weakness etc. Similarly, in an exam, the best way to prepare is to know the syllabus well. If you know the syllabus nicely, know its depth, half the battle is won. If you are aware of the syllabus, you’ll be saved any extra effort for the things not mentioned and you’ll be saved from missing anything of importance.

Make a schedule: It is somewhat difficult to do two things simultaneously, i.e. preparing for your board exams and preparing for your NDA exam, which is a bit on different track due to the involvement of GK in it. So make a schedule and follow it strictly. Divide the time you get in spare from your coaching and 12th studies, give some extra time to NDA preparation. When you divide the time you’ll easily do productive work.

Know your strengths: There are areas which you love to study and areas which you do not want to see. So know what things you like. Then mix up the things you like to study and the things you don’t. For example, you might like polity and hate geography, so study two chapters of geography then study polity to treat yourself.

how to prepare for nda written exam in 1 month

Say hello to the basics: NDA exam is not a very sci-fi complicated exam. If you are in touch with your basics then you can solve a lot of questions. But sadly as we move to higher classes we forget these basics. It is strongly advised to clear up your basics in every subject. Understand the things rather than mugging them up.

Make written notes: The best to learn something is to write it. Notes will help you in not only learning things quickly, they’ll come handy if you want to look up something rather quickly. You can study from different sources and combine everything, sort it out and write down the gist at one place, in this way you’ll get the reference of all the important things related to any subject.

Revise Every day before starting anything new revise the older things. They’ll settle down in your mind like cement.

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Select your books wisely: There are many NDA reference books in the market, it is advisable to first search thoroughly about any book and then buy it. We try to help you by posting the book reviews. Also merely studying from a single reference book will not help that much, read your course books for a better understanding of things. This is because the reference books have ample questions but lack in the detailed study material.

Previous year’s papers: They are an important tool to help you understand the depth of your syllabus. Use them wisely. Also practice as many questions, mock tests as you can.

Consistency: Consistency is very important to get success. This may sound didactic but it’s true. If anybody can help you the best it’s you. Be consistent and do not procrastinate. Every other thing can wait. If you put your 100 percent effort now, your life will change in a much better way after you make it in NDA.


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Which Books To Refer for Preparation of NDA Exam?

Given below is the list of some of the best books to be read before applying for NDA entrance exam

English  Medium Books

1.Manorama Yearbook by Mathew M.

2.Mathematics for NDA and NA- National Defence Academy and Naval Academy by R S Aggarwal.

3.Objective General Knowledge & Current Affairs (Level 1) – Useful for UPSC / State PCS / CSAT / Bank PO / NDA / CDS / MBA (English) by Disha Experts.

4-Pathfinder for NDA & NA Entrance Examination National Defence Academy/Naval Academy Conducted by UPSC.

5-Quantitative aptitude for competitive examinations by R.S. Aggarwal.

Hindi Medium Books

1- Pathfinder NDA Evam NA Pravesh Pariksha Rashtriya Raksha Academy Evam Nausena Academy Conducted by UPSC by Arihant Experts

2- NDA Mathematics by RPH Editorial Board.

3-Adhyaywar-Khandwar Ganit, Angreji, Samanya Yogyata NDA/NA Vigat Varsho ke Prasan Vyakhayatmak Hal Sahit

4-Rashtriya Raksha Akadami Avem Naval Akadami Pariksha Pichle Prashan Patra (Hal Sahit) by Editorial Board

Physical Preparation For NDA Exam

Once you are done with your theoretical preparation then it is time you start preparing your body for the same. Here are 10 exercises which an NDA aspirant must do in order to attain a fitness-level which is apt for cracking the physical test:

Warm up/ Stretching exercises:-These are exercises that simply increase physical activity and prepare you for an intense workout session ahead. Warm up exercises include brisk walking (walking at a rapid pace) or jogging. Stretching exercises can range from standing toe touch and side stretch to cross-border arm stretch.

Running:-This is one activity for which you require no gym, no specific places, and no trainer. Running is the most basic and the best form of exercise one can do. The forces could demand you to run 2 km, 4 km, or even 40 km. So, are you prepared? You could start by sprinting (400 meters or less) and then increase the distance eventually.

Push up:-When it comes to exercises, this holds as much importance as running. At the IMA, for instance, you’re expected to do “as much as you can (minimum 14) under a minute. Beginners can start by doing 3-5 pushups a day and gradually increase it by 5 or 10 reps. Keeping track of your progress is a great method to keep your commitment, or can we say “josh” high.

how to prepare for nda written exam in 15 days

Chin up:-Chin-ups should be on the checklist for every defense aspirant. They not only work your biceps but also focus on the back muscles. This would initially end up in a muscle cramp if you are a beginner but practice makes a man perfect, right! Start by doing 2-4 per day and increasing the rep later.

Planks:-Though there are many variations available, a basic plank for 5 minutes thrice a day could do wonders. The plank is a core strength exercise. Apart from working on your back, arms, shoulder muscles, it also improves your posture and balance. How to: Bend your elbows, assert the weight on your forearms and maintain a straight line from head to toe. Now try keeping the position for a minute or longer.

Mountain Climber:-Upper body strength is the main focus here. Flexibility, Cardiovascular fitness, agility, and coordination are a few benefits to name.

Skipping:-We can call this a throwback to the P.T hours in school. The best part here is: you are already familiar with this since childhood. It could have been a time-pass back then but this works on your footwork, coordination and balance. It also adds up to your endurance and toughness.

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Sit-ups:-Sit-ups are a part of ab workouts. These increase flexibility and improve posture while working on tightening the abdominal muscles.

High Knees:-This is basically on spot running but by raising your knees as high as you can. This works majorly on leg and hip muscles and simulates efficient running. Moreover, it is easier than running and can be done as an intense workout or a warm-up exercise.

Swimming:-As a defence aspirant, you might be well aware that swimming is an inevitable exercise that is done at the academies. Swimming is not only necessary to survive if you land up in water but also has many other benefits. These include muscle toning, strength and endurance, cardiovascular fitness and also plays a part in improving your sleep.

Miscellaneous Preparation

how to clear nda interview

Here are some miscellaneous tips and tricks to help you prepare with the entrance examination:

  1. The candidates must prepare the schedule for their preparation and divide time for both papers accordingly
  2. The candidates must refer to the NCERT books for their preparation
  3. The Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry sections should be prepared from Class 12th books and Biology, Geography, History, Political Science, and Economics should be prepared up to Class 10th level
  4. The candidates must know the basic concepts of mathematics as questions are asked in both forms: to complete the statement or to solve
  5. The candidates must keep a quick revision sheet for important mathematics points and formulae
  6. The English questions under the General Ability test focus on reading comprehension, basic grammar and vocabulary. The candidates must revise the basic grammar rules from a reliable source
  7. The English section for 200 marks is one of the most scoring sections in the NDA examination so it’s important to prepare for it well
  8. The candidates must not wait until the last day and must work on their vocabulary from now. The candidates must work on their reading skills and must try to learn new words every day
  9. Prepare for Part B of Paper II subject wise then revise topic wise also. The questions may not always be classified into the different sections so it’s important you are ready for the questions.
  10. The candidates must understand the Physics topics and concepts and also their practical applications
  11. For Chemistry, the candidates must know the basic concepts and classifications of elements, compounds, and mixtures
  12. The candidates must be aware of the current situations and prepare for Environment Science and General Science
  13. The candidates must have a lot of knowledge of India’s struggle for freedom, Constitution of India and the political scenario of India
  14. Current Affairs is one of the most important sections for the entrance. The candidates must be well aware of the events that took place, at least five years ago
  15. The candidates must practice the sample papers in order to understand the pattern and the format of the question paper.
  16. The candidates can study from the specified NDA preparation books to aid themselves in preparation.

Stay focused on your goal. Every applicant must always keep in mind that it is not necessary to crack NDA exam in the first attempt itself. So, it may not be your lack of hard-work but mere luck that you could not achieve what you wanted to. You must stay away from stress and follow this guide which has in-short all the basic hints and tips which are required to become a militant.

Once you have followed the above-mentioned guides with utmost dedication, you can be called eligible for the NDA test in all sense. We wish all the future militants/present NDA aspirants tons of best wishes for their upcoming future.

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