How to Pass CS Foundation in First Attempt

How to Pass CS Foundation in First Attempt is one of the wells known asked questions among student who want enter in CS Course after passing 12th level or student who is pursuing CS Foundation course also tended to ask how I can pass CS Foundation in first and easily.CS Foundation is entry level exam held twice in a year to enter into Company Secretary Course.

There are Four Subjects in CS Foundation Exam.CS Foundation Exam is Computer Based Examination (CBE).The question paper for an Each CS Foundation subject contains 50 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).You should note that Exams Which are held in MCQ’s Format Requires Special of preparation and there is too much difference with the descriptive examination.

MCQ’s exams desire to recognize a correct answer among a set of choice that includes 3 or 4 wrong answers (called distracters), rather than asking directly student to produce a correct answer entirely from his/ her own mind. You have to be always kept in mind that While preparing for CS Foundation Programme you should study the complete study material thoroughly and concentrate on the concepts rather than mugging the theory.Here I want to give some tips by following which you can able to pass your CS Foundation Exam.

♦⇒Study the Whole Concept rather than doing selective chapters study.

♦⇒in the Exam Read the question very carefully and focus, as they may be very tricky or less tricky, wherein all options seem to be the correct answer. Reading question very carefully may help you in identifying the correct answer.

♦⇒For calculation based MCQs, always try to do calculations and do not select any option only on the basis of assumptions

♦⇒Attempt most familiar and easy questions first. The difficult questions may be answered later.

After General Tips, i would like to Points Out Some Very Useful Subjectwise Tips.

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Paper 1: Business Environment and Entrepreneurship

This subject needs students to obtain introduction about different forms of organization, functions in an organisation, business strategies and environment along with an exposure to elements of business laws and entrepreneurship. This paper has been divided into three parts consisting of fifteen study lessons.

Part-A (Business Environment) has 30 percent weight, Part-B (Business Laws) has 40 percent weight and Part-C (Entrepreneurship) has 30 percent weight. Since business law is a dynamic subject, students are advised to be well versed with the regulatory/ legislative changes covered in the syllabus.

Students may refer to Bare Act, the economic and financial dailies, commercial, legal and management journals, CS Foundation Course eBulletin for improving their performance as well as updating the knowledge.

Paper 2: Business Management, Ethics and Communication

This paper has three parts namely, Part A – Business Management, Part B – Business Ethics and Part C- Business Communication. The paper aims to test the basic understanding of the students about the theoretical and practical aspects of Business Management, Ethics, and Communication. For excellent performance in the examination, students are advised to consider following points:

♦⇒Familiarize yourself with the basic principles of management, ethics and communication.
Have clear conceptual understanding so as to be able to choose the correct answer from the close options.
♦⇒Concentrate on study material provided by the Institute and study other material such as Student Company Secretary, Chartered Secretary, recommended books and other publications on the subjects. Do extended study and avoid selective study.
♦⇒Practice more and more Multiple Choice Questions on all the topics covered in the syllabus.
Practice case studies based on the principles of management and business ethics.

Paper 3: Business Economics

In this subject student should familiarize with basic concepts and theories of economics, elementary statistics, and mathematics. This paper covers Macro Economics and Micro Economics. For Micro Economics, the students should seek MCQs based on figures/facts showing the relationship between different variables.
For Macro Economics, the students are advised to refer the latest data about the Indian economy, Indian agriculture, population, industry etc.

Paper 4: Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing

Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing subject is divided into two parts. Part A comprises of Fundamentals of Accounting (70 marks) and Part B comprises of Fundamentals of Auditing (30 marks). For Part A, students should familiarize and develop an understanding of the basic concepts of accounting and practice solving practical questions to understand the concepts precisely.

Since most of the questions in this part will require solving practical problems, students should practice a lot of MCQs. Students should not rely on the Choice based study and try to focus on all the topics to score good marks. However some of the important topics like Depreciation Accounting, Final accounts for a sole proprietor, Partnership accounts, and Company accounts should be given extra emphasis, especially they are advised to refer to the illustrations available in the study materials.

They should try to solve them on their own, as it will help to increase their analytical and application skills. Part B of this paper contains basics of auditing, types of auditing, tools of auditing and provisions related to appointment, qualification, disqualification of auditors, rights and duties of auditor, audit report etc. as per the Companies Act, 2013.

The students should completely study all the updated provisions. Again fundamental understanding of each topic is needed to answer the questions. For a better understanding of the subject, students should also refer to the reference books as recommended in the study material. For an update on administrative, legislative and academic developments, the student should refer eBulletin for CS Foundation students, Student Company Secretary e-bulletin, and ICSI website.



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Kya foundation me sb students se alag alag questions puche jaate h ya same?

Can only reading the study material, solving mcq and not learning the whole theory help in passing the foundation level??

Cs foundation ke four papers h kya vo four papers alag alag hoge ? Agr vo alag alg hoge toh four papers m kitna kitna gap hoga and Sare papers kitne marks ke aye ge ? Please reply.

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