How TO Pass CS Exam in First Attempt

these days icsi started giving lower results. most of my friends tended to ask a various question just like what is the Best Technic to pass cs executive exam easily? how to prepare for cs executive exam in a sufficient manner? and many more questions.

Today I will tell you how to pass the cs executive exam in the very first attempt.
First, you have to decide whether you are going to attempt both module/groups or single module/groups at a time. its totally depends upon you and your plan.
After deciding the module/group which you want to be prepared its time for you to plan whole things like how many hours you can study a day or how many hours, can you allocate each subject?

after deciding the above things just work out on the points I am going to tell you below:

1.CONFIDENT: Most of the important things in exam like cs executive is CONFIDENT.confident is the foundation upon which you can build your cs executive exam success.basically for passing cs executive you need not be like the super not ever think that only talented student can cs executive in the first be confident that you can pass cs executive in the first attempt and you can do that if you have self-confidence.

2.PLAN: As you already KNOW with effective planning everything is possible.there is no shortcut cut or only one plan for crack cs executive in the first attempt because everybody’s life and time spending manner different from each other, so before the workout, your plan..must consider following things.
#.How many hours you have to study to complete your whole syllabus.?
#.which subject is your strength and which subject is yours weak? (I know most of the cs executive students weak subject is accounts.(he he).but not for all students case.
#.Give more time to your weaker subject and make your weakness as strength.

3. IMPLEMENTATION OF PLAN I know everybody can make hi-fi and hi-top plan..but only a few of them can implement those only make a realistic and feasible plan which you can implement. without implements, the plan is the only the paper king things. you must have to follow your plan at any cost.

4. SET A GOAL: you must have set up the clear-cut goal that you want to pass cs executive exam in the first attempt at any cost. You will face a lot of difficulties while preparing cs executive but remember you will have to cope up all the difficulties and will have to follow the goal of cracking cs executive in the very first attempt.

5.BOOKS: without good and proper book all the above efforts are meaningless. Book selection is very crucial. you have to choose the best book which covers almost all types of questions, books which have understandable language.i will advise you to prefer study module provided by icsi.i know it has some difficult language but module language is best for getting good marks. IF YOU HAVE SUFFICIENT TIME READ BARE cs executive exam sections and case laws are crucial so this is beneficial for you to raise your study standards.use scanner after completing your all syllabus.because percentage of repetition of previously asked questions are bit high numbers.

6.STRATEGY: strategy can be included in the implementation of a plan but here I choose to explain this thing separately. follow a strategic study like you cannot study accounts independent of company law. tax cannot be studied independently of accounting. Thus, these subjects are inter-related. You have to study all the subjects for the examination.but in cs executive exam tax covered in module 1 while accounts are covered in module 2 so if you are giving only one module at the time you cannot study tax and accounts and one time and company law and accounts at one time…choose to study company law and taxation at one time. never hesitate to discuss a topic with your friend for better grip and understanding.

7.REVISION: Revision is one of the most vital steps. always keep revising whatever you can do monthly revision or weekly(Sunday) revision. it totally depends upon you and your lifestyle.but please don’t ignore revision facts.

8.WRITING: Always Practice writing. What you read will prove meaningless if you cannot reproduce it on the exam day. Do write at least 2 test papers of all the subjects before the exam. It will also boost your not think to write directly only on the exam day.if u writing frequently it will increase your speed which is very crucial for cs executive exam where time is the limit.

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If you not able to write what you know and what have you learn in 3 hours of exam time, it’s worthless to have a knowledge.writing speed is the king..more question you covered there is always more chance to get higher marks. always remember the facts 6 average answer is better than 5 good answers.

9.FINAL TIME: Generally, the pressure button is turned on only after the candidate pays the cs executive examination fees. There is a lot of anxiety, nervousness, and tension. If you are well prepared and confident, last minute tension can be avoided. You must have to learn how to handle each subject properly .you must have different planning for theories subject like company law, general and commercial laws, industrial law. and different planning for the calculating subject like cost accounts, company accounts, taxation,

10.CONCLUSION:-after reading detailed above article you already have the scratch in mind how can pass cs executive exam in first attempt easily?.so go for it.always be the positive.good attitude for preparation and last and finally don’t waste your crucial time on WhatsApp Facebook and other irreverent gossips.

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Finally over to you..if you have any suggestion, feedback, or any query please let me know via is heartily welcomed.

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5 replies on “How TO Pass CS Exam in First Attempt”

How can i make a time table for 1 month to study the module 1??plz suggest me ??

why not..just study from icsi study material. and revise it 2 to 3 time. prepare 100% syllabus.

only module knowlegde is not enough. dont forget to practise writing answers so u dont feel lost!.. this exam will be a little different from our regular exams soo.. hope u will be able to give ur best..goodluck!

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