How is UPSC Pathshala helping UPSC Aspirants to achieve their goals?

UPSC Pathshala is today one of the emerging names in the field of online coaching for UPSC Exams. Let us take a look at how this institute has been helping aspirants achieve their goals of clearing UPSC.

Providing Affordable UPSC Coaching

It has been 3 years since UPSC Pathshala has started their UPSC Coaching courses with the mission of making the goal of clearing UPSC available and affordable for every UPSC aspirant irrespective of their geographical location and financial situation.

Since then they have been instrumental in the success of hundreds of students and has become the largest online learning platform for Civil Services.

UPSC Pathshala is one of the frontrunners in creating an online platform for UPSC preparation and has been able to set the standards for the online domain by making UPSC an affordable and available dream for thousands of aspirants.

Being an online platform, it already provides aspirants an equal footing at the chance to crack UPSC along with others who can afford expensive tuitions after relocating to new cities.

Additionally UPSC Pathshala has set the standard of the material that is given to aspirants of online courses. The videos at UPSC Pathshala are not recordings of offline classes or slideshows with voice-overs. These videos are professionally created for the express viewing by an online audience.

The videos are crisply edited and make the viewer feel as if they are sitting face to face with their teacher and taking a one to one class.

This is because there are no interruptions and no repetitions by the teacher for the sake of other students. The aspirant however is always free to rewind and playback any portion that they need to go back to.


Their teaching style

Another thing UPSC Pathshala is very serious about is their teaching style. They make sure that the teaching is not just a download of information, but is a logical and explanatory session on the subject.

Additionally they make sure that they link every current event with the relevant portions of the static syllabus. This makes learning and recall, both, very efficient.

Personal Mentorship

The other very important differentiator at UPSC Pathshala is that they have a unique process of assigning mentors to their students who help the students to stay motivated and stay on schedule.

They have a very rigorous process of choosing mentors. Their mentors are Ex- civil servants or people who have reached at least the interview stage in UPSC. Most of them are from top Institutions like IITs, IIMs and from varied backgrounds like Engineering, Medicine, Humanities, etc.

The mentors are further trained in terms of course content and on guiding students. The mentors are also monitored on the basis of performance to ensure continuing quality mentoring.

One free feature that UPSC Pathshala provides is UPSC Guru. This is a virtual mentor for your UPSC preparation.

UPSC Guru is an app that is a one stop solution to all the queries regarding the preparation, pattern and anything else related to the UPSC Exam.


UPSC Pathshala has a number of courses under its wing and the foremost of them are the Foundation Course and the Inception Course.

The Foundation Course is for the UPSC aspirants who are taking the exam in 2021 or later and those who want to start with the basics of the required skill set for UPSC followed by rigorous preparation.

Whereas, the Inception course is for the aspirants, who have almost a year left for the examination and want to dive into the deep preparation right away. Other than that, the Mains Rank Booster course helps students to help them take their rank among the toppers.

UPSC Hindi, Central Armed Police Forces Exam and 2 courses on Optional Subjects: Sociology and Geography are also offered. UPSC Pathshala also offers 3 test series, Prelims, Mains and Revisions and Mock Tests.

Students have been hugely benefited by availing these courses and these mocks. They have also time and again returned to praise the mentoring program and say how instrumental the mentors had been to their focus and motivation during their preparation.

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Scholarship for UPSC aspirants

The other thing that UPSC Pathshala offers is a Scholarship program for deserving and underprivileged aspirants. This Scholarship is awarded on merit cum means basis and is for the deserving students who cannot afford the course due to financial constraints.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, UPSC Pathshala believes that their success story will be a direct result of the success of their students and thus, they keep innovating and adding to their repository in order to make students perform better and to maximize their potential.

UPSC Pathshala is committed to making online preparation for UPSC as affordable and as accessible as possible, so as to reach every student in every corner of India. They would like to finally see the end of the myth of having to relocate to a city in order to prepare for an examination.

It is this commitment to the best interests of the students that makes UPSC Pathshala stand out among the other online preparation services for UPSC Examination.

By Sourav Pathak

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UPSC PAthshala helped me understand better on many fronts I was not clear of. Their Current Affairs Magazine is a boon!

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