10 Tips to Increase Physics Score in NEET Exam

Securing a good score in Physics NEET is something that every student desires to achieve. Often, physics is considered the most challenging subject. However, this fear takes place due to a lack of preparation. And unfortunately, there are no hacks apart from practicing hard to increase speed and accuracy. 

This guide speaks about 10 tips to increase your physics scores in the NEET exam. Let’s delve into the discussion! 

Understanding the concept

One of the worst mistakes that most aspirants make is mugging up the syllabus without understanding it. Generally, physics involves more of a numerical and practical application than theory. Although the theory part holds significance and you might think it is easy, it is not.

While you appear for the NEET exam, you get dicey regarding what to write and what not to in case you forget one of the lines from the middle of your answer.

To increase your score in Physics, make sure you keep a clear understanding of the theory inside your head. Approaching the theory from several aspects of life can make it quite easy to understand. 

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Leave ZERO chapters

Tips to Increase Physics Score in NEET Exam

Well, you must be knowing that NEET is completely different from the school examinations. While you are thinking of increasing your score in Physics NEET, know that you need to cover all the chapters.

Each chapter of the NEET syllabus holds equal importance. Moreover, the NEET question paper consists of questions that belong to all the chapters equally.

Hence, skipping any of the chapters can put you in trouble. One important tip that you need to put in your head is, don’t consider any of the chapters insignificant.

For instance, You may practice 100 questions from Chapter 1( hard level) but if you leave 2 questions from Chapter 2(easy level), you can be at a disastrous loss. However, below are a few important topics that you need to cover entirely. These include Rotational motion, SHM & Waves, Ray optics, Heat and Thermodynamics, Modern Physics, Electronics .

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Don’t forget the Numerical

Don't forget the Numerical

Physics involves tons of numerical. 80% of the Physics paper consists of numerical. Hence, Make sure you keep practicing numerical on each of the topics in Physics.

Before you skip to the next chapter, complete the previous chapter entirely, which involves the theory as well as numerical. Another excellent tip is, whenever you come across a new formula, try practicing several numerical on it.

This way you remember the formula apart from being crystal clear regarding the concept. Without putting your hands on practicing numerical, you might not be confident applying the formula in the exam.

To be very precise, if you are an average student, things might get difficult for you if you are not acquainted with the nature of problems and sums related to the law and formula. Thus, make sure you get extremely familiar with the numerical part. 

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Follow the accurate books

Don't forget the Numerical

Well well well, NCERT is the perfect guide to crack NEET and JEE. This is because the maximum questions raised in NEET are set from the NCERT textbook of Class11 and 12.

Hence, when you are all set to appear for the exam, make sure you don’t skip giving a thorough read to your 11th and 12th NCERT textbooks. Moreover, one amazing thing that you can do is to start preparing topics from different books written by different authors.

This creates room for you to gain vast knowledge on every chapter. This is an excellent approach to increase your score in Physics NEET. For reference, you can go through refresher books such as Objective NEET physics by DC Pandey or Concepts of HC Verma. 

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Constant Mock Tests

Regular exams are tiring. Isn’t it? Well, appearing for regular mock tests is one of the excellent tips to increase your score in Physics NEET. Not only will it provide you with immense confidence regarding the answer that you write, but it will also kick your exam fever.

In addition to it, sitting for regular mock tests will even provide you with a precise idea regarding all problems you are facing during the examination.

Later, this can be an advantage as you can start working on those areas to resolve them. Getting familiar with the ambiance and question paper will eradicate 70% of your stress and fear. 

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MCQs are the first in the queue

Well, each one of you must be familiar with MCQs as it is one of the most exciting parts of NCERT exams. 

Generally, it is a form of art to choose the correct answer. Why? Well, there are situations when you are unaware of the answer and underconfident. In such cases, you need to determine the best possible option that you think can be the right choice.

As you keep practicing consistently, your power of guessing grows to be stronger each day. Hence, apart from theory and numerical, MCQs are an excellent part that helps you score perfectly if you have the ability to select the correct answer among options. 

Create a list

Tips to Increase Physics Score in NEET

Making a list of all the formulas, problems, peculiar numerical and complex theories is an excellent way to nail the NEET examination. However, make sure you list those problems that you tend to get incorrect most of the time.

Making a list or notes particularly on those problems helps you hugely because you are not required to run your fingers and eyes through your entire book a day before the NEET.

Time is precious, hence understanding the delicate situation, incorporating more in your list helps you to keep a clear and fresh concept of formulas, sums, and other things before the exam.

Moreover, when you sit for your exam, these listed concepts stay fresh inside your brain which eventually saves a lot of your time that is often wasted when you stress hard to recall your answer or formula. 

Revise previous year’s questions

Tips to Increase Physics Score in NEET

Regardless of the exam, trying this method has always been useful. Right from schools to colleges,  you might have often heard of revising and going through the previous year’s questions.

Similarly, NEET asks for the same. Going through questions of the last 10 years is immensely beneficial and it gives a clear idea of what questions are likely to come and whatnot.

For example, While you see a certain question that is repeated in the last 2 years, chances are there, it won’t come this year. When you go through the 10 years, you can rest assured that you will be able to crack 95% of the questions.

Rest might not be the same but can be similar. This trick helps you highly to increase your score in Physics NEET. Being conceptually strong is important. 

Time is precious

Tips to Increase Physics Score in NEET Exam

Time management is everything that you need in NEET. Without good time management, you cannot make efficient use of the time limit given in NEET and crack it even if you have tons of skills and knowledge.

One excellent tip is to divide the time. Split more time from biology and devote more time to physics. Invest most time in solving numerical and not theory. Although as mentioned above, if you understand the theory well, you will not face major problems while writing.

Thinking and memorizing the answers and solutions take loads of your precious 180 minutes. Moreover, if you keep practicing numerically, you will become familiar with it as well.

Hence, the key here is to practice. The more you practice, the faster you solve the paper. Hence, you can manage your time finely without even managing it. 

Stay Calm and Fearless

Stay Calm and Fearless

One of the biggest contributions of failure in NEET is fear. Be fearless. This is the basic tip to perform well in any examination apart from NEET as well. Most students are afraid of Physics because it consists of calculations, notions, laws, and lengthy derivations.

However, it is important to remove that fear completely and get ready to give a thorough revision to the subject straight from its basics. Physics comprises concepts that give rise to calculations and derivations.

Thus, students are required to concentrate more on the concept of physics that is already discussed in the first tip.

You can either watch tutorials, read books, guides, refreshers, discuss with friends, or clear doubts with your teacher to get a clear concept of the entire subject thereby scoring excellently in Physics NEET. 


Stay Calm and Fearless

With this, we come to the end of this guide. Following the 10 tips listed above regularly, will help you immensely and will make sure you score high or even the highest in the batch.

Stay focused and prepared for your exam without panicking. Invest your energy and time in the right direction and put the effort into the important chapters and numerical.

This was a guide that discussed the major 10 tips to increase physics scores in the NEET exam. Starting from today will help you to score excellent results! What are you waiting for? 

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