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Top 20 Home Tutors in Delhi

It’s not easy to find home tutors in this day and age, and that too at a place known as Delhi,which is the current capital of India. .

Delhi is very well-known to harbor massive educational institutes, which is the reason why it’s much more difficult to find good home tutors who will be able to teach students with care and not just professionally – like in the
case of educational institutes.

While educational institutes are great for higher-level courses, students who are coming from a financially constrained background will prefer to opt for home tutors.

This is because of the difference in fees being charged and also better care is taken when taught different subjects.

Moreover, there are also plenty of students out there who don’t like to
study at educational centers and instead want the best home tutors for their studies.

It has been seen over time that best home tutors in Delhi tend to be easily accessible to students rather than the teachers teaching at educational institutes.

Apart from that, home tutors will always be able to teach his or her students in the best possible manner because there will be fewer students to deal with rather than teaching students inside an educational institution.

List of Best Home Tutors in Delhi

Vijay Kumar Gupta

Vijay Gupta is a very proficient teacher in teaching subjects such as Physics, English,Chemistry, Mathematics. He also teaches Accounting for the students of class 11 and 12.

The overall experience carried by the teacher is 23 years, has an M.A. degree and the fees charged by the teacher are 800 INR per hour.

Area: Anand Niketan, Chanakya Puri, Connaught Place, Defence Colony 5 MoreLocation: Delhi, India

Prakash Gupta

Prakash Gupta has been teaching students for the last 14 years and charges an hourly rate of 350 INR. He holds a BSc degree from Delhi University (2013).

He teaches all subjects till class 5 and subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English until class 12.

Prakash Gupta’s teaching methods include planning the lessons the way his students can cope up.

Area: Kalkaji, Paschim Vihar, Rohini, Tilak Nagar 1 More
Location: Delhi, India

Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar passed out from the B.Tech course in the year 2010, with the Bachelor in Electronics degree. He has almost ten years of experience and charges almost 600 INR per hour.

He has been teaching subjects such as Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics to all students until the class of 12. He also provides teaching for competitive exams such as JEE Mains and AIPMT.

Area: Greater Kailash, Greater Kailash I, Greater Kailash Part Ii, Green Park 6 More Location: Delhi, India

Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar holds an MSc degree from IIT Delhi and has passed from the institution in the year 2000. He is responsible for guiding students both in the PMT and IIT JEE category as well.

He also teaches students from all boards including diploma students too. He has an overall experience of almost 17 years and charges an hourly fee of 700 INR.

Area: Dwarka, Janak Puri, Moti Nagar, Rajouri Garden 5 More
Location: Delhi, India

Navin Singh

Navin Singh is an avid engineer, who passed from IIT BHU in the year 2009. He has a B.Tech degree in the field of electronics and has a total teaching experience of almost 10 years.

The hourly rate charged by him is 500 INR and he teaches all subjects until class 12, including competitive exams.

Area: Sector 14, Sector 15a, Sector 16b, Sector 95 7 More
Location: Delhi, India

Vipin Arora

Vipin Arora holds a bachelor’s degree in Arts and is mainly a teacher teaching the English Language. He has an overall experience of almost 12 years and charges an hourly fee of almost 400 INR.

He has a corporate background and is passionate about communicating in

Area: Hauz Khas, Sheikh Sarai, Munirka, Nagar Extension 1 1 More
Location: Delhi, India

Namrata Chawla

Namrata Chawla holds numerous degrees, including B.Ed, B.Com, and Integrated PG. She passed her B.Com degree in the year 1999. Talking about the experience, she has about five years of experience in teaching.

The hourly fees charged by her are 350 INR and she mainly teaches the English subject.

Area: Kalkaji, Kalkaji Extension, Sheikh Sarai, Nagar Extension 1 1 More
Location: Delhi, India

Saurabh Chand

Saurabh Chand has just started in the field of teaching, which is the reason why he is just 12th-passed for now. He hasn’t done his graduation, yet he is very proficient in teaching students for engineering entrance exams such as IIT JEE.

He has a total experience of almost six years and charges 600 INR per hour.

Area: Nagar Extension 1, Chattarpur, Deoli Road, Freedom Fighter Enclave 1 More
Location: Delhi, India


Sharath had passed his B.Tech degree in Electronics from Delhi University, in the year 2012. He mainly teaches all subjects until class 5 and then subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Geography to students till class 12.

He has a total experience of two years and charges an hourly rate of almost 300 INR.

Area: Karol Bagh

Srajan Shrivastava

Srajan Shrivastava had obtained his B.Tech degree in the year 2015, from Jaypee Institute of Technology. He currently holds almost seven years of experience and charges almost 300 INR per hour.

He mainly teaches till class 8 for all subjects and then subjects like
Mathematics, Economics, History, and Geography to class 12. He also provides preparation for competitive banking sector exams.

Area: Patel Nagar South
Location: Delhi, India

Keshav Kedia

Keshav Kedia passed out from Techno India University, located in Kolkata, in the year 2018, with his B.Tech degree. He has a total experience of almost five years and charges an hourly rate of 800 INR.

He teaches subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science . He also provides coaching in various programming languages.

Area: Karol Bagh, Azad Market, Ashok Vihar, Bharat Nagar 1 More
Location: Delhi, India

Madhusudan Nair

Madhusudan Nair had obtained his MA degree from Delhi University, in the year 1992. He has almost 16 years of experience in teaching the English Language subject and charges an hourly rate of almost 300 INR.

He is a certified IELTS specialist from the British Council located in New Delhi. He teaches English subjects only up to class 10.

Area: Mayur Vihar, Mayur Vihar Ph-i, Mayur Vihar Ph-iii
Location: Delhi, India

Chetan Gupta

Chetan Gupta is a BTech degree holder from Kurukshetra University and had passed in the year 2016. He has two years of experience and charges an overall fee of 500 INR per hour.

He teaches subjects such as Mathematics, English, and Science till class 10, while only Chemistry and Mathematics till class 12 (CBSE).

Area: Rohini
Location: Delhi, India

Abhinav Gupta

Abhinav Gupta had passed BTech from Lovely Professional University, located in Punjab, in the year 2016. He has an overall experience of two years and charges 500 INR per hour.

Abhinav has a good command over subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Physics – which he teaches until class 12. He is two times GATE qualified and is also a national chess player as well.

Area: Khanpur
Location: Delhi, India

Harsh Shrivastava

Harsh Shrivastava had passed from Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramoday
Vishwavidyalaya with his B.Tech degree in the year 2017.

He has almost six years of experience in this field and charges 250 INR per hour for all his students. Harsh teaches all subjects till class 8, after which he only teaches Mathematics and Science till class 12.

Area: Akshardham, Geeta Colony, Laxmi Nagar, Mandi House 1 More
Location: Delhi, India

Gopal Jain

Gopal Jain was responsible for passing his BTech degree from Mumbai University, in the year 2007. He charges a fee of almost 1000 INR per hour and teaches only the subject Mathematics till class 10.

He also provides the required teaching classes to succeed at MBA
or even BBA level entrance exams as well.

Area: Chittaranjan Park, Connaught Place, Hauz Khas
Location: Delhi, India

Krishna Kumar Sharma

Krishna Kumar Sharma had graduated from Hindu College in Delhi is currently preparing for his UPSC exams. He has currently one year of experience and charges almost 600 INR per hour as student fees.

When it comes to teaching, he teaches Science and English till
class 10 and Biology, Zoology and Geography till class 12.

Area: Sant Nagar
Location: Delhi, India

Pawan Kumar

Pawan Kumar is currently a BTech degree holder and has almost 17 years of experience under his belt. He charges an hourly rate of almost 400 INR.

The main subjects that he teaches are Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, until class 12. He also provides tuition for entrance exams such as IIT JEE and NEET medical exams as well.

Area: Alakananda, Andrews Ganj, Chittaranjan Park, Jasola Vihar 6 More
Location: Delhi, India

Ashwani Kumar

Ashwani Kumar holds a Ph.D. degree in the Chemistry .He has more than nine years of experience in teaching Chemistry subject to students
until class 12.

He charges an hourly fee of 350 INR and can teach students from all boards and all mediums as well. Tuition for entrance exams is also provided by him.

Area: Dwarka, Green Park, Lajpat Nagar, Rohini 6 More
Location: Delhi, India

Saurav Suman

Saurav Suman holds an MTech degree from Nuva College of Engineering & Technology, located in Nagpur, in the year 2018. He holds an experience of eight years and charges an hourly fee of 400 INR.

He mainly teaches subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Geography, Computer, Hindi – all until class 12, for all boards.

Area: Laxmi Nagar, Nirman Vihar, Patparganj , Preet Vihar
Location: Delhi, India

Average Fees of the Home Tutors in Delhi

While it’s not easy to detect to the average home tutors in Delhi with fees of mostly all the home tutor organizations listed here, we still have managed to get some important information on the same.

There will be variations regarding the amount that is calculated mainly on the following two factors:

●The different subjects provided by the teachers to the students
●The number of subjects that are being taught to each student

Therefore, we have been very cautious regarding the calculation and we have concluded that the amount will be slightly varying because of the above factors. The average fees being charged per subject is around the range of 500 INR to 1000 INR.

On the other hand, if the students take up more than one subject from the same organization, then the amount falls under the category of 1000 INR to 5000 INR. Therefore, the amount is slightly increased because of obvious reasons.

If these two factors are joined together, then the above figure will slightly decrease more and therefore the result will be 250 INR or 500 INR less.

5 Things to Consider Before Hiring Home Tutors in Delhi

  • The overall reputation

This is one of the most important factors that should be kept in mind when planning to hire top home tutors in Delhi from a specific mother organization.

Typically, these organizations help in connecting the right teacher with the right student Therefore, you need to look at the reputation of this mother organization first because that will solely determine the overall result.

If the reputation of the organization doesn’t seem worthy enough, there’s no need to indulge in consultation because ultimately the result will not be satisfactory.

  • The faculty

It’s not at all easy to judge the overall quality of faculty provided by the organization, which is why there is a need to opt for demo classes.

The quality of faculty is very important because at the end of the day if the teacher is not worth the time and money – then there’s no need to indulge in talks with the organization.

  • The study materials provided

The study material that is provided by teachers will differ from organization to organization because these home tutors create their study materials in collaboration with the organization, so that specific needs could be met easily.

The study material should be the ‘decision-maker’ for the students and parents because it will be a clear indication of the quality being provided.

If the quality doesn’t live up to the standards, then there’s no use of contracting with the organization at all.

  • The payment options

Not all home tutors provide the same payment options. There will be tutors who only support payment by cash or by cheque, and there will be home tutor organizations that support payment via UPI and credit cards.

The students should talk with their parents and then decide on a suitable payment mode to be selected. Furthermore, if the organization doesn’t support the student’s suitable payment option, he or she can look into other
options as well.

  • The support

In Delhi, there are many organizations out there that provide 24-hour support for home tutors. This will come in helpful during times of need and therefore can be the decision-maker for the students in selecting the organization as well.

Frequently asked Question about home tutors in delhi

What are the advantages of Home Tutors in Delhi?

●Students will be able to interact one-on-one with the teachers.
●Teachers will be able to fully understand the student’s capabilities and thereby
proceed accordingly.
●There will be better chances of obtaining better results for the students because
there will be zero distractions.
●The cost will be less and affordable.

Which is the better, Home tutoring or Online Classes?

Both are indeed great options to have by your side, but at the end of the day, it’s up to the students themselves. If the student likes to study all on his or her own, then online classes will be the best. But if he or she needs help, then going with a home tutor is the best option.

Q. How can a home tutor help in improving Knowledge and Performance?

Home tutors will easily be able to improve the performance and knowledge of the students by interacting with the student on a one-on-one basis and therefore have a clear understanding of the student’s capabilities.

Where to Hire Best Home Tutors in Delhi?

The best place to hire home tutors in Delhi would be Preet Vihar or Laxmi Nagar.

Do home tutors in Delhi teach All Syllabus?

Yes and no. YES, because most home tutors teach all subjects. While on the other hand, NO. because there are some home tutors who only specially deal in a specific subject, such as Math or English.

Do Home Tutors in Delhi also Conduct Tests in the teaching process?

Yes. Most of the home tutors conduct test series after completing the assignments.

Do Home tutors in Delhi Provide Demo Classes?

Yes. Some home tutor organizations provide demo classes for the students and parents.


While it can be very easy to overlook so many important steps while hiring a home tutor, it’s always imperative to first do the research and then proceeds with the entire method.On the surface, it might look to be easy, but as we have seen, the process is indeed
time-consuming and requires knowledge.

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