Top 30 Highest Paying Jobs in India

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In this current uncertain period, many professionals are looking inward, taking stock of where they are in their careers and what they are doing. While some people are making major career changes, including looking for a new job, others are only re-purposing what they are doing.

When evaluating any career path, several factors will affect the next steps, and salary is one of the most important factors for sure.

Money is a bottom-line factor for many professionals and another reason why we have a comprehensive list of salaries in India, the 2020 Salary Guide, which developed from the professions. 

These are the Highest Paying Job in India

Machine learning

Machine learning

 Machine learning engineers with less than 1 year of experience can earn up to 5 lakhs per year. Early level professionals can expect compensation of 6 lakhs. There are Professional benefits after machine learning with more experience (like 10-19 years), they earn till ₹ 1crore 9 lakhs per year. It is also the highest salary job in India per month if someone is well experienced.

Salesforce Job

Salesforce is one of the most preferred customer relationship management providers and has gained massive popularity among Gen-Z. It is undoubtedly emerging to be one of the most preferred pathways to more extensive and stable career opportunities.

Did you know that a Salesforce professional is ranked under the world’s top 10 best jobs in the technical niche? Yes, you heard that right! A new study from IDC that finds Salesforce and its ecosystem of partners will create 9.3 million new jobs and $1.6 trillion in new business revenues worldwide by 2026. The study also finds that Salesforce is driving immense growth for its partner ecosystem, which will make $6.19 for every $1 Salesforce makes by 2026.

The most important question you must be trying to get an appropriate answer to is how to become a Salesforce Professional. The foremost step to becoming a Salesforce professional in 2022 is to get certified by Salesforce.

There are various ways to learn Salesforce and prepare for a Salesforce job and certification. One of the smartest and most innovative ways to learn Salesforce and get industry-ready without wasting time is by enrolling in Boot camp or crash courses.

The saasguru Job Guarantee Salesforce Bootcamp aims to focus on industry-relevant skills and make the candidate placement-ready. The Boot camp not only aims to impart technical skills but also focuses on resume building, LinkedIn learning, and other soft and communication skills. You will get a chance to learn from accomplished Salesforce professionals and industry experts who will also provide you with personal guidance and mentoring.

You will learn Salesforce skills, and you will also get a chance to work on your own showcase project. To ensure that you are all set to enter the Salesforce ecosystem, the Bootcamp will provide interview preparation through mock interviews. So, learn Salesforce and get placement-ready in as little as 8 weeks.



The highest-paid roles in India and the highest paying jobs in India during 2019 are with the highest responsibility at the top levels of an association. In entire industries, the highest-paid roles are in the C-suite (that is the position of CEO, CFO, COO, CTO), director-level (that is executive director, managing director), and other senior leadership positions such as President or Vice President. These complex, high-pressure jobs are for some of the most knowledgeable, experienced professionals in the market, and candidates can earn anywhere from Rs 3-8 Crore.

Funds Manager

Funds manager

Within finance, professionals with private investment in equity and risk capital have the very best earning potential as they manage high growth, high-value portfolios. A senior-level global fund management director can expect salaries of up to 5 Crore. Good experience and depth of financing can be very much of enhancement for the career. 

IT & Software

IT & Software

The demand for I.T professionals worldwide is tremendous and the need is endless. Outsourcing is mainly their job description and they get paid heavily for doing the job and for the level of expertise they have.

For a fresher who has completed his degree in Information Technology or Software Engineering from leading institutes like IITs, BITS, and some NITs or other popular institute gets a salary package of 12 lakh to 16 lakhs per year and this increases with experience in that particular job title or work field.

For other Tier II institutions, their graduate salary rises to the level when they attain 2 years of experience or above. Those who get a high position in IT and software companies, they get no less than a minimum of 20 to 30 lakhs salary per year.



Consultancy firms are in great demand these days as the broader the scopes, the bigger becomes the confusion. They provide healthcare, law, education, employment, and finance. Due to its vast clientele base, becoming an SAP professional can prove to be very rewarding and their level of expertise is demanded in big companies and firms. And they can also earn well from their own private firms. 

The consultant earns 2-6 lakhs per annum which is the average for many consultants and payroll increases as per work and efficiency. 

Law Professionals

Lawyers who work hard and have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of law and current affairs get established quicker than others. And once they are recognized as good lawyers, they have no shortage of cases to fight.

In each of these cases, they can receive funds ranging from a few lakhs to crores of rupees. Among attorneys, those who become corporate lawyers become the most successful wealthy, as they charge a maximum fee per hearing. There is a very broad classification of the types of lawyers and definitely the salary various with that as well.

Investment Banker 

Investment Banker

Savings and Investments are always important in everyone’s life. There are specially trained and experienced investment bankers. These are the people who help various entities and individuals such as government institutions, private companies, or wealthy businessmen, to invest in profitable securities as a way of managing their finances.

Apart from bonuses and additional perks, a successful investment banker earns around 10 to 12 lakhs per annum. They can also work for their own firm as well along with being a whole-time banker with any organization.

Merchant Navy

merchant navy

More than one of the available career opportunities in the marine sector. One problem which might get solved sooner or later is that the Merchant Navy employs only male candidates for their employment.

Work profiles include ship captain, marine engineer, officer, navigation engineer, technician, and electrical engineer. If you are adventurous you will never regret choosing marine life where you spend even more than six months on a ship at one go some time.

The salary structure varies from city to city, company to company, and work conditions. On average, a business professional earns more than INR 30 thousand per month, and salary increases as rank increases. You can earn more than 2 lakhs per month with promotion and perks are separate from these.

Geologists/Marine Engineer

Oil and natural gas is another sector that makes huge profits and thus gives the highest paid jobs. Some of the well-known professionals in this field are Geologists, Marine Engineers, and even researchers. One can be expected from a person of entry-level in salary.

Apart from 3.5 to 4 lakhs per year initially, which can go up to even around 1.2 lakhs per month. There are various outlets of allowances for the employee. 

Web designer

Web designer

If you are sufficiently passionate and can learn quickly, you can enroll yourself in a diploma course as well if you want you to have a deeper dive into the core of the subject.

As experienced in this field matters strongly, it enables you to get a head start when you have comparatively better knowledge than others. Salary can range from around 1.5 lakh to 6 lakh per month depending on your experience and working ability.

Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew

A diploma program is sufficient to start a career in this field, you can choose the length of the course you want to choose, it ranges from 1-3 years.

This profession needs hard work, dedication, smartness, and outer appearance matters along with the agility of working. Your earnings can start from 3.6 lakh and more than that the airline is associated with you.

The Doctor

The Doctor

highest paid jobs in India in the science field, you become a doctor is like taking care of your patients in every possible way. It is the best thing that women or men may have to do to help others and protect themselves from health problems.

Most parents want their child to be a doctor and so should the younger generation. To become a doctor, one has to pursue their studies in medical science through a good medical college, pay packages of at least INR 6 lakh per year to get a high paying and they are offered a well-respected job during their MBBS because of Working hard.

The need for doctors is increasing as the need for health care will continue to grow.

RBI Positions

RBI Positions

Jobs in the Reserve Bank of India are one of the highest salary paying Govt jobs in India. It is highly demanding when there are job vacancies in the government sector. The Indian Foreign Service also pays well. The basic starting salary is around Rs 67000 / – per month. Apart from this they also get incentives and allowances such as petrol allowance, housing allowance, and many more. To be a professional employer in RBI, one must be highly skilled and trained in the finance sector and must also be required to pass various banking exams.

Management professional

Management professional

It’s not that easy to manage anything like a professional. Everyone can become a management professional, but to become a good management professional one must complete a course from a top business school. For entry-level, salaries for management professionals range from INR  4 lakh to 7 lakh.

The management professional will offer him a job to attend the conference of top companies. Only this requires detailed study, logical knowledge, and internal understanding. It is one of the highest paid jobs in India after MBA and when a student comes from a Science background, they get the priority.



The chef is one of the decently paid jobs in India after the 12th. Those who can cook delicious food can become chefs in top hotels. The salary for the chef is INR 30,000 to 40,000 per month. Depending on the experience, they can earn up to INR 1 lakh per month.

This can be a great opportunity for those who are expecting the highest paid jobs in India after the 12th standard. The basic criteria are very casual that one needs to know the art and skill of cooking, priority will definitely be given to those who have a degree of professionalism and hotel management.



People interested in cybersecurity will be eligible to become ethical hackers. It is one of the top 20 highest paid jobs in India. The salary of a certified ethical hacker is INR 50 to 90 thousand per month.

A computer degree requires a bachelor’s degree, professional experience, and familiarity with a different programming language to become an ethical hacker. It is a very challenging job as the cybersecurity becomes tougher, it becomes more challenging for any ethical hacker to hack any device or system.

Statistical scientist

Statistical scientist

Graduates who are expecting a large-scale package in a short period can become data scientists. Giving the right product or service to the needy at the right time will give the organization incredible sales, the same theory applies to all the need and demand places.

According to current trends, data science plays an important role in every community. It offers a package of INR 4 to 6 lakhs per year for freshers and others too with limited experience. People with 5 to 8 years of experience in data science can get an easy package of INR 30 to 40 lakhs per year. Given the salary package, it is considered to be one of the highest-paid jobs in India.

Freelance Photographer 

This is a great profession anyone can choose after 12th. The average salary for a freelance photographer is ₹ 15,994 per month in India. Freelance photography is the taking of photos as an agreement or independently employed picture taker.

You typically work under agreements explicit to every one of your clients. As a freelance picture taker, you market yourself through expert portfolios, sites, and online media to discover likely clients.



You wanted to make good money at a small level by flying in the sky. Then becoming a pilot may be a great solution for you. Because they are making good money in India. Pay of pilots between INR 3 lakh to 8 lakh per month.

Commercial pilots are getting the highest salaries in India as compared to normal pilots. But becoming a pilot is not so easy. Candidates who qualify for various tests conducted by the Air force Board can only become a pilot.

There are some eligibility details for becoming a general or commercial pilot that a potential pilot needs to go through. This is one of the highest paying jobs in India after the 12th. 



One of those best and most respected jobs present in India, teachers, and instructors have a significant role in expanding the nation in terms of creating skilled and talented professionals.

Teachers also play an effective role in training and schooling students about the different industrial skills and strategies that are in high demand.

A lecturer gets to pay up to 2-3 lakhs per annum, sometimes they visit colleges abroad to give guest lectures and they charge up to INR 1 lakh per lecture.

Government Employees 

Government Employees

The government of India pays a lot of capital and revenue in the form of salaries and incentives for individuals working in various government departments.

There may be employment opportunities in various government sectors such as Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Services (IFS), Indian Revenue Service (IRS), Security and Defense Services, Police Departments, and even Cabinet and Parliament offices.

A government employee gets 2-3 lakh per annum and most of the perquisites and benefits which amounts to even INR 70000 per month.

Developer in Blockchain

It is one of the highest paying jobs in India for fresher. Due to the absence of skilled professionals in the current scenario in India, organizations provide a handsome payoff for the skills and experience required.

The excessive and rising need makes Blockchain developers one of the highest paid jobs in India as experts earn up to 45 Lakhs Per Annum.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The scope of Marketing is increasing day by day which makes it the highest paying jobs in India 2020. Digital marketing means marketing for any website-driven organization or company. It has one of the highest paid jobs in India and worldwide in IT sectors.

People from different backgrounds are increasingly attracted to this lucrative profession.

The online certification course on digital marketing gives an opportunity to venture into this domain. In 2020, it was one of the highest paid jobs in India and still continues to be so. A digital marketer earns up to 4- 5 lakhs per month.

Content writer

Content writer

In the digital era, the high demand of every field is content writer, they pay according to their skills and experience. If you’re developing skills and you know how to sell it then it becomes easy for you to crack the interview.

Also, you can expect a good salary out of it. Thus, a person who can directly affect your salary is you yourself because it a value of your writing skills for a particular group of writing techniques.

Content Writer’s average salary can be expected around INR 40000 per month.

Web Developer

Web Developer

Development is the practice of creating an interactive user interface for a website application. This requires a developer to have knowledge of common JavaScript and other tools required for the process.

Demand for front-end developers is increasing due to the increasing number of businesses worldwide. A developer gets a salary of 5-4 Lakh per annum.

Product Management

Product Management

According to the link, it is one of the highest paid management jobs in India. The fair income of product managers in India is Rs. 14,40,000 Lakh per annum. Fresher’s in this domain with small or no experience is around Rs. 7-8 Lakh per annum, while experienced specialists can earn anywhere between Rs. 17 – 26 Lakh per annum.

The greater range of income is mostly given by companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Ola, to name a few. It is the average salary offered by companies…

Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountant

In the field of commerce, there is a good demand for Chartered Accountant professionals in private and public organizations in India. The salary of CA in India ranges from 6-7 lakh to 30 lakh approx.

The minimum qualification required to pursue the ICAI CA course is Class 12th. Candidates who have passed the 12th standard can take the CPT course.

The Common Proficiency Test (CPT) is the initial stage of starting a career in Chartered Accountancy.

The second stage is IPCC (Intermediate) and the final stage is the CA Final.

Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems

Today almost all professions and organizations rely on computers to handle some aspects of their work. These professionals are sometimes called information technology (IT) managers or IT project managers. 

Almost play a key role in an organization’s computer systems. To find out what computer and IT professionals and organizations want on faculty and supervise those employees, computer and data systems managers handle the planning, installation, performance, upgrade, and security of computer systems and other new technology.

The maximum salary in this field is 75-78 Lakh per annum.

A Profession in Natural Sciences

A Profession in Natural Sciences

Do not think that high-paying management jobs are only in the business world. If science is your calling, then you can use your leadership skills as a natural science manager and become a part of the highest paid jobs in India in the science field.

These professionals manage staff, research projects, and administrative policies.

They collaborate with senior executives of their organization to develop research goals and determine how to achieve those objectives. The average salary in this field is 3-5 Lakh per annum.

Sales manager

Sales manager

If you enjoy the sales challenge and therefore the opportunity to inspire others, a career as a sales manager will allow you to earn a six-figure salary together with your natural salesperson personality. And the correct education and knowledge, of course.

Sales managers establish goals and develop strategies and plan to meet those goals.

When there is a protest, they resolve customer complaints. They employ and train the sales personnel of their organization, enabling them to demonstrate their full potential. The professionals in this file get a fabulous salary of 40-50 lakh per annum.


This article is covered with some of the top 30 highest paid jobs in India. Even more important is that in India, such high-wage jobs are available on the basis of educational qualification and professional requirements.

All jobs will pay you more if you have enough knowledge in the relevant field. Getting the right opportunities will lead to true growth in a short period of time.

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