Why Most of the Students Fail in SSC Exam?

Why Most of the Students Fail in SSC Exam?

There is a massive competition to clear SSC CGL exam as it lends a prestigious government job under various ministries and its departments.

So, preparation for SSC demands studies in a systematic and timely manner. Without good preparation, you can never see success in SSC CGL exam.

And while a single mistake can end your chances of selection in the Staff Selection Commission’s reach.

There are many students like you who study very hard, but fail to make it in the examination hall.

Have you ever bothered about why you or most of the students have failed in SSC CGL Exam?

The number of people who fail in competitive exams is much higher than those who succeed.

Thus, besides learning the lessons about how some students successfully make it to merit list, you should also learn and improve much more by analyzing why most of the students fail.

In this post, we’ll list a few most common mistakes that lead to the failure among students in SSC CGL exam.

Mistake #1. Going through multiple books

Going through multiple books

However, it is necessary to refer to reliable books for knowledge and practice for your exam preparation.

But studying from multiple books or collecting a lot of study material is also of no help and will never let you succeed.

During exam preparation, many students pick up too many books on different subjects.

Apart from that, they also refer to an endless list of study materials like printouts or hand-written study notes, question banks of various publications, or PDFs.

This ultimately leads to time shortage to focus on other topics. You should always remember that you cannot learn everything collectively.

Thus, pick only one reliable book and limited study material.

Mistake #2.Relying too much on short tricks

Relying too much on short tricks

Most of the students believe that shortcut tricks are important to save time and giving correct answers without putting extra efforts.

But, the reality is that learning more shortcut tricks can make you confused in the examination hall and may ruin your decent score.

Also, SSC may be known for the unchanged pattern and even repeating the same questions in certain exams. But, rather than relying only on short tricks you must master yourself in both the basics and shortcut approaches.

This is important because as if there are any variations in the exam pattern, the clarity in basic concepts can easily help you out.

Mistake #3.Avoiding the exam pattern and syllabus

Avoiding the exam pattern and syllabus

Most of the students jump straight into the exam preparation. They just join a coaching institute and only focus on the topics that are covered by the institute.

But, later on when they that they realize that their preparation is not as per the exam pattern and syllabus they are left with the no choice.

Therefore, your preparation should first begin with the knowledge of exam syllabus and cut-offs for previous years.

To get an understanding of how you should start your preparation, try to practice a few previous year question papers and see how well you score in them.

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Mistake #4. Not prioritizing carefully

prioritizing carefully

One of the biggest mistakes most of the aspirants make is that they start preparing for SSC CGL, banking and other exams simultaneously.

What they forget is that each exam has a different criterion to assess the knowledge of aspirants.

Every exam holds different pattern and preparing for multiple exams at once is only going to put you in a mess. Multi-tasking is a myth as it takes one towards stress and confusion.

While some exams are concept oriented, some are practice-oriented, some exams are more analytical. In addition, these examinations are held in multiple tiers or phases.

So, you should prepare for not only the next phase but for the phase after that too as well. To put simply, choose your exam preferences and prioritize carefully.

Mistake #5.Inaccurate allocation of time

allocation of time

The unequal distribution of time for each section is one of the biggest mistakes done by the candidates. It is often seen that candidate’s first begin at a regular speed and then gain speed when only a little time is left.

And by that time, they have lagged behind those potential candidates who have maintained their speed since the beginning.

The distribution of time should be done as per the candidate’s knowledge of types of questions.

Qualitative sections like maths, quantitative aptitude and reasoning questions require more time allocation than other sections such as English, general awareness and knowledge.

Also, as most of the students enter the examination hall without wearing a watch, it results in a late arrival in the examination hall and failing in giving sufficient time for the framed sections.

Please note that it is better not to get into a habit of sticking with a specific section.

Success will come only when you attempt questions of all sections with maximum correct answers.

Mistake #6.Making no notes

Making no notes

A great way to study is to make notes using pen and paper. It will help in increasing your concentration and focus.

It will also help you revise quickly as you’ll have all the important dates, formulas, information, etc. on a single page to get one last look before the exam.

But, if you are writing down the complete book, you are not taking notes.

Especially for subjects such as general studies, it is very crucial to revise the study material regularly.

So, try to make short notes on them for easily revising them regularly and before the exam.

Thus, the only piece of advice here is to take notes smartly.

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Mistake #7.Wrong question paper attempt

Analyze yourself

Candidates often miss attempting enough questions in each of the sections due to an aim of solving the section completely in which they are through with.

However, the rule to qualify exam is to not only score overall passing marks but qualifying in each section as well.

It is, therefore, aspirants must put a focus on solving enough questions in each section to qualify both in all the sections and in the entire paper too.

Mistake #8.Focusing only on strengths

Focusing only on strengths

However, it is necessary to maximize the score in your strong areas; it is equally necessary to make yourself strong in all subjects.

Never fall into the trap of focusing just on your strengths.

The last year cut-off for SSC exam was very high, and each year this is only expected to rise.

So, study each subject thoroughly, as each subject carries equal marks and are potentially very scoring.

Mistake #9.Preparing only offline

Preparing only offline

Some students only study offline and never even try to give a single mock test online.

Starting your initial preparation with pen and paper is good as this will help you in gaining the speed, accuracy and more importantly, confidence.

But, during the second half, it is a must to prepare practicing questions and mock papers through online demo mode.

It’s simple because you cannot win a cycling race if you continue practicing running on foot.

So, you should also practice on a computer to have an idea of the actual time you’ll take to solve the exam in online mode.

The more you do it, the more easily you’ll develop your own strategy to undertake the actual exam, cycle between questions/sections etc. and solving the sequence of questions.

And without doing this, you may go in a panic seeing actual length of un-attempted questions after a few minutes on the online mode.

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Mistake #10. Don’t get stuck on your favorite topic

Don’t get stuck on your favorite topic

Everyone is normally good in their favorite subject. But this can create a big problem during exams.

Like if during the exam, you get a difficult question from your favorite topic, you are more likely to waste your time by remaining stuck on that one question.

So, don’t do this.  Don’t let your emotions and ego come in the middle of your success. Try to take only 30 seconds or less in solving the one question.

And if you cannot solve it in that much time then leave it and attempt the next question.

Final thoughts

During exams preparation, students are often more confident because they are in the comfort of their home.

So, they don’t resist in extending the exact time limit by 10- 15 minutes.

But many times, this flexibility at home adversely affect their performance in the exam and consequently the exam results.

Also, many students spend their lot of time collecting books and study material and daydreaming about success.

The suggestion for them is to understand the strategy they should use to prepare for the exam is actually much more important to get success in the exam.

Candidates should take care of these points in mind and try to avoid them in upcoming exams. Additionally, the students should always reach the exam venue before time.

They should also positively carry all the required documents and stationary with them, especially the admit card and Id-proof. This help will save a lot of time and effort.

If you’ve something else in mind, do share your thoughts and help everyone improve and score well in exams.

Wish you good luck.

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