Finding a Good CS Coaching Institute is not an Easy Task. We Have Compiled the Lists of Best CS Coaching in Pune With Fees, Review and Contact Details

Agrawal Classes Pune


It offers one of the top faculties and study materials for CLAT coaching in Pune and assists students in leading them to high test scores. They also supply pupils with notes and study materials....

Sudhir Kulkarni's Professional Academy, Pune


It was founded by Prof. Sudhir A. Kulkarni in the year 1997 with a vision to achieve meritocracy and excellence among the students. The mission is to inculcate a sense of purpose and a drive towards commitment, innovation, and self-motivation. The finest...

Blivinus Professional Academy of Commerce, Pune


This institute has been providing exemplary company secretary classes to the students for many years now. It is the best when it comes to giving private and individual attention to every student which facilitates good learning and helps them in development. It...

AK Professional Classes, Pune


AK Professional Coaching classes is one of the renowned Professional institutions in Company Secretary coaching classes. Classes are Conducted by Qualified Professionals. Its key purpose is to provide qualitative education to be the knowledgeable, efficient and successful Professional in the modern...

Good Shepherd Professional Academy Pune


The Good Shepherd Professional Academy is a revolutionary academy situated in Pune. It was instituted with the sole aim of offering high-class professional educational services for all kinds of institutions such as schools, colleges, and organizations that require external training. The institute...

 Learning Potato Education Pune


The Learning Potato is an Education Management Company that offers private tutoring to all kinds of students as and when needed. They give the student the utmost importance and create a special curriculum for them specifically. They also offer the special...

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CS Course

Is coaching necessary TO Pass CS Exam?

It is the most commonly asked question by the students. The answer to this question is that no, joining a coaching center is not necessary for your preparation but a mentor/ teacher is a must.

You can clear the examination without joining any coaching if you can do the required self-study and have the discipline & determination to crack the examination. It depends on your efficiency.

A coaching institute provides a practice method that helps you to succeed in your goal.

They provide you with a mentor/ teacher who guides you through your syllabus and exam pattern by a structured and disciplined approach.

Coaching has a thorough understanding of the core concepts and expertise in the domain and thus gives the students an extra edge.

You can obviously clear CS without coaching as it merely helps you but does not guarantee you a rank. Your self-study, consistency, and hard work you put in your preparation during your study routine matter far more than what you in coaching classes.

But with valuable guidance from the experts together with the right approach, a consistent study plan, and correct strategies students can fulfill their goals and attain success.

How to choose the best CS coaching in Pune?

There are lots of coaching available but you must choose the best only in order to get a positive result for your examinations and thus your future.

When you decide to join coaching to prepare for this reputed examination, you should go for the best only.

Proper research should be done about some factors that should be done before getting enrolled in an institute and the points to be properly enquired for that purpose as below:

1. Student Review- You can get the best idea about coaching from the students enrolled there. Contact some seniors and other colleagues to get their reviews about the institute.

2. Teaching Faculty- Inquire about the teaching faculty. Experienced and updated teaching faculty can provide the students with a great deal of information and you can use their expertise to your advantage.

3. Study Material- Good quality of study material can be very profitable in the preparation and can give you an edge over the other students.

So do make sure that good quality synopsis and notes are provided by the institutions as it not only provides you with rich information but also saves your time.

4. Facilities- Infrastructure and the physical condition of the academy should also be properly looked into as a good learning environment is a must for positive results.

5. Success Rate- Check the success rate of the institute in recent years through an authentic source. Never go just for the fame of the institute as sometimes new institutes provide better study and facilities than the well-established brand institutes.

6. Fee Structure- Do make a note to compare the fee structure of different institutes before getting enrolled. Also, make sure that the institute is offering facilities that are equivalent to the fee you are going to pay.

7. Acquaintance with your subjects- This examination has compulsory subjects along with an optional subject. Some institutes and teachers specialize only in some particular subjects.

Thus it is necessary to make sure the availability and proficiency of the institute or teachers in your chosen subjects.

8. Course Pattern- The CS examination requires a very dedicated preparation as you have to complete a huge syllabus. The focus should be on gaining maximum knowledge with regular practice sessions within a given time frame.


Proper time and properly scheduled classes are required to be able to assimilate everything properly. So look for institutes that offer institutions that offer regular courses rather than crash or correspondence courses.

Here we have listed the top CS coaching classes in Pune. Choosing the right coaching center should be done after some research about some factors such as quality of the study material, faculty, past record, review of the past and current students, fee, location, etc.

Before joining any institute, do go through the list and do some research before choosing the right coaching for you.